Jailbird Episode 81 HOLLISON RESIDENCE The blinds are drawn. There are no lights on the outside of the incredibly luxurious house. It is pitch black, and there is no indication that there are people in the house. However, deep within the confines of the beautiful house, inside an air-conditioned room, four men are in an … Read more


Jailbird Episode 61 THE BAWA RESIDENCE – LATE EVENING The family is in the living-room having a family discussion. Reverend Brand Bawa, Mrs. Lois Bawa, Diana, Stan and Ruben Essel are present. They are thinking about their next meeting with Chris, a move Stan is strongly opposing. The huge television is on, but the sound … Read more


Jailbird Episode 51 Crankson cannot believe what he has just seen. No, it can’t be possible. No man can do what Chris has just done to Bobo. Bobo Black is an expert, a power freak who also doubles as Mike’s sparring partner. He is strong, he is fast, and he is an expert in many … Read more


Episode 41 She notices that Chris has gotten down from the motorbike and kicked it up on its stand, and has gotten down but he has made no attempt to climb to the veranda to Baaba. Baaba has descended the steps and is standing in front of Chris. Eyram leans on the balustrade of the … Read more


Jailbird Episode 21 Chris does not move away from the wall where he is leaning, and he does not drop his folded arms from across his chest. His eyes are hard glints of suppressed anger as he watches them approach. They stop and as they look at him he can see the shock in their … Read more


Jailbird Episode 11 EFFE’S RESIDENCE As soon as Junior gets down from Steve’s car he runs straight into the building. Steve stares after him, and then he looks over at Effe who is unstrapping her seat-belt. STEVE Seems your son is really fighting for his father, sweetheart. Effe glances at him as she opens her … Read more