THE EXCHANGE : Episode 31 – The End

THE EXCHANGE Episode 31 The next morning, we reconvened at my late father in-law’s house for the reading of the will. I went with my aunt and one of brother Dipo’s lawyers friend, because brother Dipo was advised to stay away from BabaT because of their last encounter. The meeting was scheduled for 11am and … Read more

THE EXCHANGE : Episode 21 – 30

THE EXCHANGE Episode 21 The doctor said I should have felt better after the first three months, so he recommended that I should not do anything stressful. My Mother-in-law was very helpful…she would always come home to stay with me when Baba T was at work. We had maids and house helps in the house … Read more

THE EXCHANGE : 11 – 20

THE EXCHANGE Episode 11 I told my mum everything, now, I don’t know what to do. I thought she was going to be angry with me since she had warned me severally but to my surprise, she calmly told me to pull myself together. When I had calmed down she called me by the name … Read more

THE EXCHANGE : Episode 1 – 10

THE EXCHANGE Episode 1 I had just graduated from Secondary School; my dream was to be my own boss and start a hairdressing/beauty salon. I was not really the academic type and I knew what I wanted. I wasn’t dull but I just didn’t want post-secondary education. I actually passed my ‘School Cert’ with excellent … Read more