It’s been one week already and our plans are going as planned “I’m going with him” Eric says and I sigh

“Eric I think we have already discussed this” I say facing him properly. “But I’m the only one who can get in without anyone seeing me” he says

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“We are talking about an as$assin. He knows his job” I say and Eric looks at the as$assin I have hired.

He is the best as$assin in America so I’m sure he’ll do a great job. Eric just wants to see his family but after this he’ll be seeing them everyday.

Another reason I don’t want him to tag along is that I’m scared he’d change his mind

He finally breathed out heavily. “Okay fine then he can go alone” he says and I smile

“Good boy” I ruffle his hair and he pushes my hand away causing me to chuckle

“You can go Scar” i say and the assassin nods before walking out

“Well I have a complaints about you” I say glaring at Eric playfully

“What did I do now?” he pouts his lips cutely and I chuckle

“Belinda says you are harassing her again” I say and he groans while I laugh

“What did you do to her cause I rememeber telling you to leave her alone “i say while he slump his big body on the couch

“She’s just annoying. Did she tell you she kicked my balls” he says childishly and I couldn’t help but laugh

“Leave the poor girl alone. It’s obvious she isn’t interested in you. You are the only one interested in her’ I say and he frowns

“How do you know that?” he asks in a more serious tone

“Belinda has been my personal maid for the past 2 years and she doesn’t take sht from any guy” i say and he laughs

“You should see the way she shivers when I touch her body. How she m®ans when I kss her and $pank…” I interrupt before he could finish

“Too much information” I say and we both laugh. Josh and I have been pretty close since he came here

I’ve learnt that he is kind of funny and sensitive including being very playful not forgetting smart actually he is a lot of things but he is surely nothing like his father

Josh and Gianna have been sneaking out a lot. Thank god I managed to put a tracker on Gianna. I don’t trust Josh

They usually go to expensive restaurants,parks,cinemas and other places

I just decided to let them be. If they fall in love I’ll let them be and if they break each other’s hearts I’ll be happy

Selena and Belinda went to a spar about few hours ago. I’m sure they are coming back soon. I just hope our plans with Donald don’t go to waste

Eric and I played video games till we heard a car drive in

Selena and Belinda walked in chatting happily “hey guys” They both cheered

“You both seem happy especially Belinda” I say

“That’s because a guy asked her out ” Selena coped sitting on my laps. Selena and I have became really flirty but we are still not a thing

We are just flirty peeps I guess cause we kss a lot and get touchy but we never got intimate. But I think I might have caught some feelings for her

“What did she say ?” Eric asked looking at Belinda and I laughed inwardly

He has fallen for the I don’t care kind of lady “She said yes of course . He looked extremely handsome ” Selena says

I know this tone of hers. It’s totally a lying tone. I can’t believe they planned to torment Eric

“Cuter than me ?” Eric says and I finally realesed the laughter I’ve been holding for a long time

“Oh he is totally jealous” They both did a high five and ran away

Eric stared at me as realisation him really hard. I laughed at him till my stomach started hurting. Belinda now knows he is crushing


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