The Advantages And Disadvantages of Microsoft 365

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Microsoft 365

Microsoft has been around for decades. With the upgrade to Microsoft 365 and Teams, it just got even better. Let’s get to know them more.

What is Microsoft 365?
Here are most of the good stuff that you get when you move to Office 365:

One of the good things about Office 365 is that it is available at a fixed rate. Being able to know how much the subscription costs upfront will allow you to budget your money effectively.

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Microsoft 365. Thingscouplesdo

Easy to use
All the tools in Office 365 are simple and easy to use. There is no need to invest in any training to learn and understand how it works. It’s very intuitive.

Like any cloud-based service, Office 365 can be accessed anywhere at any time. It allows you to always be in the loop on what is going on with your company. Access to emails, tools, documents, and other resources has been made easy through the cloud.

Enhance collaboration
In a company, you will need to work with other cross-functional teams. Communication barriers often affect your team’s productivity. With the many ways that you can collaborate using Office 365, you will surely get past such barriers.

Boost productivity
Office 365 allows you to be flexible and get things done faster. With its wide accessibility feature, you can be productive anywhere you are. Send quick emails during your train ride to work. Or do a quick video call to sort out an urgent matter.

Office 365 is compliant with standards and regulations. You can be sure that security is the topmost priority.

Make business agile
With a lot of shifting trends in technology, you need to be able to keep up with it. When you use a cloud-based service like Office 365, it will be easier for you to scale up or down. Depending on your business needs, you can easily adjust your licenses to fit your current demands.

The apps that you usually get from different vendors are all in Office 365. You can get all the office tools that you need. Such as email management tools, secure storage, collaboration tools, etc.

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Microsoft 365

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Microsoft 365. Thingscouplesdo

Advantages of Microsoft 365

Work anytime and anywhere with internet access
Just as long as you are powered by the internet, you’ll have no problem working on MS 365. Depending on the access settings, you can work on all the company’s files uploaded on the cloud, regardless of your physical location.

Easier and Better Collaboration
MS 365 has co-authoring features that allow multiple users to collaborate on the same file at the same time. Users can also engage and discuss the over the files they are working on. No need for physical meetings to align your next steps on a report.

Automatic Updates
With an MS 365 active subscription, you automatically get to enjoy the new feature of apps like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. No more waiting for the system while it installs updates. This also makes MS 365 cost-efficient. You don’t have to make an extra payment for the new software every time there’s a new release.

Reduced Security risks
Many security features come along with MS 365 subscription. Features that allow you to monitor, control, and protect company data. Your company’s IT staff will also be able to control the MS 365 software on your employee’s mobile phone. This is an extra precaution in case a mobile device with access to your files is stolen.

Not only can you change your plan to increase storage space when needed. You can also increase or decrease the number of plan users as your company grows.

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Microsoft 365

Disadvantages of Microsoft 365

No internet = No access
As a cloud-based system, it’s pretty default that without the internet, you’ll not be able to work on the files uploaded on the cloud. If you’re having connection problems in your company, accessing up-to-date files will be challenging.

Email Quotas
Unlike with on-premise exchange servers, email sending is capped to a certain number in MS 365. This limitation can be easily changed in your plan subscription. So careful study must be done before availing of your MS 365 plan.

Less Flexibility
MS 365 is a built-in cloud service. So, if you’ll be needing a hybrid of cloud and on-prem setup in the future, you might need a third-party provider for your email and other tools.

Doubts on Data Security
As with any cloud-based system, security is always in question. Your data will be stored in the Microsoft cloud instead of an on-premise software that you confidently know resides within your organization. There are security practices and features that you can and should employ on your cloud to keep your data security in place.

Now, let’s talk about Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams is a hub where communication and collaboration within teams are made easier. It is a platform that offers an all-in-one workspace for teams to edit work documents securely. It also allows team members to discuss concerns through chat or a quick call instead of sending that long e-mail. Which often gets lost in a pile of unread emails in someone’s inbox.

It lets you use channels instead of file folders for easy organization. And because it is cloud-based, everyone can access it anytime, anywhere.

It is available through a web browser, a desktop application, or a mobile app. Microsoft Teams is a solution for teams in an organization to become more productive and creative while having fun.

Working together is the key that drives every organization to success. What better way to do this in your organization than through Microsoft Teams.

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Microsoft 365. Thingscouplesdo

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should use Microsoft Teams in your organization:

1. Get fewer emails
How many unread emails do you have in your inbox? How many important emails do you often miss out on? Do away with the old “Reply to All” scenario and structurally move your team conversation.

2. Collaborate and communicate better
You can create documents in Teams, share it, and get it reviewed in an instant. Discuss with your coworkers in just one platform. That’s the beauty of the integration of Office 365.

3. Get meetings organized
Meetings can be such a hassle. Just imagine all the things that you need to do – before, during, and after the meeting. Teams makes meetings a more pleasant experience because it lays out everything you need in one place.

4. Get the most from chats
Using the chat window in Teams gives you so much more than just the basic chat conversation. You can share files, schedule meetings, and have a quick call to discuss with a coworker. All these without leaving the chat window.


5. Never miss out
Now that everything is moving at a very fast pace, you need to stay connected. Be always in the loop with all the updates. You can easily keep track of everything by using the Teams phone app. You will have immediate access to all the conversations, apps, and documents even when you are on the move.