Episode 41

When Jeremy got back home, he was very hungry, and hoping that Vivian would have cooked something for him to eat before he got home, but not only was there no food, Vivian and her child were no where in sight.

He was so angry that not only had Vivian become a nag, she couldn’t even perfoem her duties as a woman.

“Which woman let’s her husband stay hungry because they had a slight misunderstanding?” Jeremy complained.

He looked around for her, but couldn’t find her, neither could he get a hint of where she may have gone to.

For all he knew, she had nowhere to go. Her mother would certainly not allow her sleep over, and he knew she had no friend she could have gone to.

HOUSE OF THORNS : EPISODE 41 – 50. Thingscouplesdo

He sat outside his house, thinking about the next step to take. Time ticked, and Vivian didn’t return home.

He felt so bad that she had developed so much wings that she began to do so many things he never imagined she could do.

“I’ll teach her the lesson of her life, when I find her. When she returns home, she’ll tell me exactly when she started stepping out of this house without my permission” he himself before he went in to sleep

Early the next morning, Vivian woke up and went into Mr. Pascal’s kitchen to wash up the dishes she’d used the previous night.

She cleaned up the kitchen as quickly as she could and prepared to leave since she knew Jeremy would be gone a short while later.

When Mr. Pascal woke up the next morning, he had planned to quickly make a meal for the mother and child, at least have them eat something before they set out.

He was shocked to his bones to find her already washing and cleaning, in spite of how she looked.

He stood at the door watching her, and Vivian oblivious of Pascal’s presence continued her work with so much haste and urgency.

“Did you have to wake up so early when you’re hurting all over?” Pascal asked Vivian, making her so shocked that a plate slid out of her hand, shattering on several pieces

“Careful!” Mr Pascal admonished as he ran to her sides. “Don’t move, this may cut you” he told her as he got a trash pan to sweep off the pieces of the plate.

“I’m so sorry Mr. pascal, i wasn’t carefu with the plate, please forgive me.” Vivian begged mr Pascal

“Oh come off it! We should be grateful that you aren’t hurt how would I have felt of you had an extra injury to the ones, that dêmon you call husband had given you” Pascal complained.

A closer look at Vivian, and Pascal couldn’t bring himself to allowing her go, at least not yet.

He asked her if she’d like to stay over in his house covertly, while Jeremy still searched for her.

He promised to be a gentleman around her and assured her he wasn’t doing anything he was doing for her with any strings attached.

Vivian was super pleased that she could stay over in Mr. pascal until she lopked and felt bettwe bwfore she returned to her mother.


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