Maria was looking around till she got to a big room with couch, projector and many more…they got there by using an elevator

Where are we? Maria asked

My dad’s private chamber…nobody knows of this place except me and Sebastian but you know now…Bryan said

Really…Maria replied looking around

This is a secret chamber…so we can talk freely here without any disturbance…Bryan said looking at Ralph

You told me you have an important information to tell us…so go on…Sebastian added

This would be a shock to you Mr Bryan but you need to know..Ralph paused

What is that? Bryan asked

The incident that took place 25 years ago was not an accident…Ralph said

Bryan and Sebastian was so shocked but they calmed down to hear the whole story

Yes…it was not an accident…and your dad’s autopsy result was manipulated by a pathologist.

I know your dad had an heart issue but it was not the reason for his d.eath. Someone very closed to your dad was giving him a slow poison pills secretly which your dad was unaware of…

The medical examiner in charge of your dad was bribed…so it was stated in the result that he died of heart attack…

In the first place, people said he died in a car accident but your family doctor demanded for autopsy to know the reason for his d.eath, but unknown to him the result was not the original one.

I spoke to your family doctor and he told me everything about your dad illness and he even sent me his medical records…Ralph explained

You mean someone closed to my dad klled him…Bryan asked already in tears

Yes…we are trying our best to catch the culprits but the person is too smart…

I think the person also has a accomplice working for him/her…The pathologist is d.ead now….

They klled him before he could expose the person but his assistant is under our custody in Paris. And he does not know the person.

Our only witness to it was klled, so it would be hard to find the culprits…and the gvnshot issue I think it is linked to the d.eath of your parents…

Can I ask her a question…Ralph said pointing at Maria

Go on…Bryan replied holding Maria’s hand

Did you see the face of the person who tried to kll Bryan because he was the target not you…Ralph asked

No…I just saw a white car with tinted window glass…the window was slightly opened..I did not see the shooter’s face just his hand with black glove..Maria replied

Ok…you have to tighten the security of this mansion…they are still gunning for your life…

We need to be at alert… I brought four of my trusted bodyguards from Paris… They are outside, they will be working for you now…Ralph said and took two wristwatches from his briefcase… You need to always put this on at all times…there is a tracker inside…

Ok Ralph…and thank you…Bryan replied

Your dad has been good to me so I need to find his kller…I have been transferred to Korea because of your case so until I catch the culprit I won’t leave Korea…I need to be on my way now…Ralph responded

Thank you once again…Sebastian replied and escorted him out…Ralph spoke to the bodyguard and left the mansion

Who could it be..Bryan said when he got to his room

Calm down…I know the culprit would be apprehended soon enough…Maria consoled him

I almost lost you too…Bryan replied

But I’m fine…I got sh®t on my chest but I’m still with you so no harm can come to us again…Maria assured


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