?The Billionaire’s



By: Kebby NG


Chapter 5


After thinking it through, I decided I escape from the house. The problem is how to do it cause there are guards everywhere.

I went to my wardrobe and picked a black jeans and t-shirt, with a black hoodie. I quickly dressed up in that, I put on my sneakers before walking out of the room.

I saw guards standing in every part of the house. I leisurely walked to the kitchen, pretending I needed a cup of water.

I couldn’t afford to act timid or they’ll get suspicious.

None of the guards were in the kitchen, I moved into the pantry knowing that there was a small window at the back.

I took a deep breath, before climbing up. Minutes Later, I was out… I had to hide behind the flowers to avoid chances of getting caught.

I looked sideways and saw some guards discussing and laughing.. I swallowed. All I needed to do right now is to run over to the other side.

Thank goodness there’s no fence so it wouldn’t be a problem.

Alright June, it’s now or never.

With that thought, I glanced at them again before taking off.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, I got to the other side and hide behind the flower then waited to see if they saw me.

“Hey, did you see that?” One of them asked

“See what?”

“I thought I saw something rush past just now”

His fellow guards laughed”Yeah right, you’ve started seeing things.. anyways”

I breathed out relieved when they went on with their discussion.

I then ran towards the roadside hoping to a lift cause I didn’t have cash on me.

Luckily, I saw a cab coming and stopped it. “Hi sir, please if you could give me a lift…” He didn’t let me finish, he just drove off.

Okay so that’s a no.

Oh God please send me a car before they notice I’m missing.

Suddenly, a black car with tinted glass rolled by and stopped in front of me. I panicked at first thinking it was uncle but the glass rolled down.

I gasp when I saw that guy that helped me yesterday when those boys attacked me.

He flashed me a smile”Need a lift?”

I nodded”Yes please”

I opened the front door and got in”Thank you, I’m heading to 96 Avenue”

He nodded.

I heard the door lock and swallowed. The guy seems like a nice guy, he helped me before so I shouldn’t have any bad thought.

I settled back in the chair, put on my seatbelt and thought of uncle.

Gosh he’ll be so mad when he finds out I’m gone but it’s not like I won’t come back, I just need to check on my store.

I hope he sees the note I wrote so he won’t think I’m in trouble or anything..

I snapped out of my thoughts when I noticed we weren’t heading towards my store.

“Um.. I don’t think you’re heading the right way, you’re supposed to take left” i muttered.

I glanced at him when he didn’t reply”Hey I’m talking to you”

“I know, someone will love to speak with you”

I panicked”What? Do I look like I want to speak with anyone? Stop the car. I said stop the car right now!!!” I yelled.

He stopped the car, I thought he was going to unlock the door but suddenly, he placed a handkerchief on my nose before I could react.

“No.. you’ll.. pay” I said in a drowsy way before blacking out.



I found myself lying on a couch when I woke up. I took in my surroundings and gasp when I saw the highly decorated living room.

The interior is something you’ll only see in movies so nice and modern. I stared in awe with my mouth open.

Where the hell am I?

I remembered that guy drugging me and growled angrily. Damnit!! This is the second time they did that in a week.

I’m not finding it funny anymore, who kidnap me? And why did they do that?

A throat cleared behind me, I turned.

A gasp left my mouth when I saw the most cutest guy in history. Oh.. my.. God.

His black hair was styled and looked shiny. My eyes went to his beautiful face then his pink lips.

Gawd he’s so handsome..

He was putting on a black ripped jeans and an expensive jacket. Everything about him screams money. You’ll be able to tell he’s rich.

In my state of drooling, it occurred to me that he’s someone important, I remembered Kayla said someone came to look for me…

Hold on.. am I staring at”Khalid Black?”

He flashed me a killer smile that got my panties wet instantly”Took you long enough to realize that”



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