By Samuel Favour


Nyx lothario

“Huh” was what came out of my mouth

Then he stood up from the couch that he was sitting on.


“One thing I hate the most in my life is repeating myself” he said as he took a step forward.

Every step he took made my bI.ood run cold.

As he was almost close to me I took a step back and that angered him.

“Take one more step and you’ll have your finger removed”.

I just stood not moving as my body was shivering in fear.

This is the worst nightmare ever.

I pinched myself to make sure this wasn’t a dream even if I was praying it was.

“Now str!p” his voice brought me back.

Tears started to make my eyes.

“Please” I managed to say while choking on my own tears.

He grabbed my hair harshly making me look at his cold blue eyes.

“What did I say, I fking hate repeating myself”.

I shaked my head pleading with my eyes but all he did was laugh darkly.

He let go of my hair as he walked towards the fire opposite the bed.

He brought out something that I couldn’t see.

But as he turned to me my eyes widened.

I rushed to the door to open it but it was locked.

I continued to banged the door, hardly crying but I was dragged harshly, making me fall to the floor.

He was going to brand me.

He lifted my top as he was on top me

Then I felt the hurt iron by my abdomen at the right.

I screamed in pain.

But all I could hear was his laugh.

It hurts, it fking hurt .

I’ve never felt this type of pain before.

He continued to press it more as I screamed .

He finally let go .

This pain was much worse than the one my parents inflicted on me.

I laid on the floor unable to breath well. I looked at Eric who was sitting back on the couch with a smirk on his face.

That was the last thing I saw before I passed out.

I woke up as I felt so much pain in my stomach.

I managed to stand up but then I noticed I was not in the same room, this room was different.

It was bigger and larger than the other with a king size bed.

I felt another pain in my stomach as I raised my top and last night memories began to rush one by one.

I let out a soft cry.

Eric branded me.

It was bodly written there “ERIC’S PROPERTY”

I walked to the mirror in the room staring at my reflection.

The light I once had was fading away.

If someone tells me that my parents are the most cruel person on Earth I’ll sI.ap that person.

Eric was the worst.

I raised my hand and that’s when I noticed something around my wrist.

A chain.

I didn’t know I was chained to the bed but the chain was long enough that I could move around the room.

This was pure to..rture.

I decided to take my bath,

I walked into the beautiful bathroom as I took my bath.

I was looking for my suitcase, walking to the wardrobe I saw it was neatly unpacked.

I brought out a baggy hoodie and a black jeans.

I just sat on the floor scared that if I sit on the bed Eric will come in any moment from now.

How much can I take?

After my parents, now I’m given to someone that’s more cruel.

This is just the beginning of my misery because I’m with him forever.

I was given to him as my parents debt and he has branded me there’s no escape.

I’m stuck here for the rest of my life.

I should have killed myself a long time ago rather than giving up the idea of commiting svicide.


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