Episode 31

(Dean! Please!)

After spending the latter part day with Gianna, Andre decided to go home,
He needed to have a word with Jasmine about this whole pregnancy shit.

But on a second thought he decided to not ask her.
What if Jasmine just said those words to irritate Gianna and get her to leave me?

What if Gianna had gotten a wrong notation?

Instead of talking to her about it,he only went to greet his grandfather but unfortunately she was there with the man.
“Andre you’re back,I thought the meeting ends by next weekend?” The man asked his grandson.

Since he’d retired,he only know bit of what’s going on in the business.
Everything’s left for Andre to handle.

“Yes grandfather but a more urgent work came up,so I’d to hurry back home.” He said.

“A more important work?
Which work is more important than being in Germany?” The man asked.

Andre didn’t reply.

“And Jasmine here told me you haven’t been for home some days now rather you’re spending time with one slutty actress,who’s she?” The man asked.

He frowned.
Jasmine has so brainwash his grandfather that the old man barely thinks of anyone if not her.

“Andre,when will you stop flirting around and settle down with Jasmine?
You both have been engaged for years but yet you still procrastinate the wedding date.
Don’t you think people will begin to talk and rumors will have it she’s just you fiancé by name?”

“Well,I don’t care what people think or say.” Andre retorted.

This is more the reason he loves staying away from home.
To avoid his grandfather’s bickering him on getting married to Jasmine.

“Andre,you should know that your grandpa is well old and advanced,I just have a few years left for me.
My only wish is to see Jasmine be the young mistress of this family and that’s one wish you should grant me…”

“Then why don’t you make her your mistress?” He spat.

Jasmine and the old man frowned.
They never expected Andre to be that vicious.

Seeing them not talking again,he headed for the stairs.

“Andre you should listen to me or else I’ll withdraw you from the family’s wealth.” The old man threatened, he’d never been so angry at Andre before.

He turned to his old man,
“Do you think the business would still stand if you take me out.
Taking me out of the Empire is like waiting for its bankruptcy,
So,I dare you to do it.” Andre was very discreet when it comes to business and what he just said is all true.

The De Marco Empire won’t be able to stand Andres absence.

The old man didn’t even mean his words but seeing Andre challenge him,he felt humiliated.

“You unfilial son,you dare challenge me because of a woman,hmph.”

Jasmine pretended to be nice and consoled the old man.

“Grandfather take it easy,Andre didn’t mean those words.
All this is because of that low life actress,she has casted a spell on him.” She said to him,patting his back.
The man was still ill and shouldn’t be going through stress like this.

“Don’t worry Jas,grandpa will make sure no woman comes in to take your place.
You’re the mistress of this family no one not even Andre can change that.” The old man assured the girl,she nodded.

Gianna can’t take her place cause she has got the backup of the most important person in the family.

Gianna couldn’t go to Denver Tower the next few days because of what happened.
Most of the set instruments were destroyed and Director Selden is still at the hospital for the severe injury he got when he was pushed by Andre,
Secondly,Dean still isn’t feeling well,so everything was put on hold for the main time.

Since she wasn’t going for the shoot,she decided to spend time with Reid and her father.
On several occasions she went out with Andre.

After two weeks of idling around at home and getting laid by Andre,she got a call from the director that everything has been settled.

Unknown to her,Andre had gone. behind and issued that the only reason he was going to allow the movie shoot continue is that there would be no k!ssing scenes for Gianna.

“But President De Marco, this movie is supposed to be a r0mantic movie.” Director Selden had argued/

“There should be no k!ssing scenes of hugging or any int!mate scenes for Gianna.” He repeated.

Since the movie was a very big investment for them and Andre’s support means a lot to them,so they just had to accept his condition.

Since the first scene had involved k!ssing,Director Selden changed the script,instead of k!ssing,they’d to just hold hands and look at each other in the eyes for five minutes straight.

Gianna found it difficult cause she isn’t use to looking at an opposite s*x straight in the eyes.

“Cut! Gianna stay focused,” Director Selden reprimanded her.

“Okay Sir.” She muttered and they ‘redid’ the scene.
This time she did fairly well,since the director found it a bit better than the former.
He decided they go to the next scene after a short break.

During their short break,Dean dragged Gianna into her changing room and shut the door behind him.

“Dean…” She slowly called.

“You’re his woman right?” He asked,she knew what he meant but didn’t have the courage to answer him.

“What so special about him?
Is it money? Fame? Name it Gigi,anything you want,I’ll give it to you…” He said.

“Dean…” He placed his index finger on her lips.

“Gigi,you don’t have to say anything just accept,I’ll love you and I’ll care for you…please.” He pleaded,wanting to claim her lips but she dodged.

“Dean,it’s not as easy as you think.
There’s a lot more to this than you’re seeing…” She didn’t want to tell him the deep connection between herself and Andre.

She wouldn’t want Dean to know about her sons and Andre being their father.

“Dean,I can’t choose you.” She slowly said,he frowned.

“Why?” He asked,

“Cause I just can’t..pleas…..” Dean left her opened the door and walked away from the room.

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