Episode 51

(Taking them away)

After searching the whole first floor, Andre, Gianna, the Butler and the two maids went to the second floor of the house.
Valora now got scared.
If they’re to find the boy, all her plans will fail and the boys would expose her.

She was thinking of a good idea to make everyone stop looking for the boys but she got none.
Gianna and Andre were still relentlessly looking for their boys.
When they moved to the second floor, she hurriedly went to the room in which she locked the boys. She peeped through the keyhole, the boys were asleep on the floor of the room.

She touched her pocket to bring out her cellphone and it dawned to her that she hadn’t collected the phone from the boy when she locked them up.
Now I’m doomed.
She couldn’t call her boss and no one could help her out in this one.

Slowly and steadily, an idea came to her, she’s going to go with the flow and search the whole second floor but makes sure no one searches the room.
When everyone has gone away, she’s going to come back and finish with the boys.
Perfect plan….
But what if the boys wake up before she comes back. It’ll be very difficult handling them when they’re awake……

Valora you’ve to think fast,
Think fast…..
I’m must going to get everyone out, then come back to get the boys.

After searching the whole second floor, Gianna was going to search the room where Valora had locked up the boys, but Valora stopped her immediately.
“Ma’am, I’ve searched the whole place but the boys are no where to be seen.” She said, blocking Gianna from going there in pretence of talking to her.

“I’ve checked this whole place still no sign of the boys.
My gut’s telling me they might have wandered out.” She continued.
Gianna who was worried sick about her sons,turned to Andre.

“What if they’ve gone out again?” She asked him,
“We’ve looked for them here and they’re not here. Let’s go outside and look for them.” She suggested. Andre nodded and they all went downstairs and trailed outside to look for the boys.

While everyone was engrossed with the search faraway from the house, Valora snuck back to the house and went to the second floor and opened the door.
Both boys were still asleep and from the looks on their face.
They were hungry.

She slowly carried Justin up.
The boy was a deep sleeper, so didn’t noticed the lady carry his chubby body from the cold tiled floor.
She slowly took the boy outside but couldn’t lock the room because her hands were glued to the boy’s chubby body.

Taking him downstairs, she carried him out through the back door and headed to the other side of the sea to possibly drown the boy there.

Meanwhile, Reid who though was a light sleeper woke up when he noticed that Justin’s arm that was wrapped around him had been taken away. He was so tired weak and hungry, so he couldn’t wake up.

But when he heard the faint sound of the door creak, he slowly and groggily opened his his sleepy eyes. He saw a figure walking out of the room, then closing the door. Reid couldn’t stand up from the cold floor because his body seemed to have stiffened from having lying on the bare floor for a long time now.

When he was sure the figure had left, he gathered all the strength he could and slowly got up. With his eyes cleared a bit, he looked around the room but Justin wasn’t there.

Where’d he gone to?
And why did he leave without him? He stood up from the floor he was sitting on and went to the door. It was locked but when he pulled the knob, it opened.

When did Valora open the door?
Maybe she’d taken Justin away and was coming for him.
With these thoughts, he ran to the first floor and straight to his parent’s room. The door was open, so he dashed in, the room was empty.
Daddy.” He called softly to avoid Valora hearing him but no answer.

Where’d they gone to?
Had they gone out without me and big brother?
He came out of the room and tiptoed downstairs to the kitchen but the Butler wasn’t there.
Where’s everyone?

Looking through the kitchen window, he saw Valora taking sleeping Justin out of the house.
Where’s she taking big brother to? He wanted to follow her and stop her but he knew he wasn’t strong like his big brother.
Valora might outrun him if he tries to confront her. So first, he’d to go look for their parents, then have them confront Valora.

Reid ran as his frail legs could carry him. The first place he ran to was the bushes but he saw no one there, so he decided to check the seaside.
On getting there, he caught sight of the Butler from far but before he could run to him.
Something hit him from behind.

Not wanting to look back and therefore lose balance, he began to run while someone who he believed was Valora chased him.
Running a few meters, it seems like the seaside was still miles away from him and Valora was gaining on him.

He was tired and his heart beat were beginning to hyperventilation but he didn’t want to stop. His life, his mommy’s and brother’s lives were all in his hands now and he’d to save them no matter what.

“Mom……” He wanted to call again but his heart couldn’t let him. He was running short of oxygen but still didn’t want to stop.
He’d to save big brother and mommy first.
Instead of calling out to his parents who were by the seaside calling out to him and his brother, he decided to take the risk and run up to them.

When he was sure he was close enough, he called to them,
Gianna who was worried and still searching heard the boy’s cry.
While Valora who was still chasing the kid, picked up a small rock and threw it at the boy.

Reid felt the impact of the rock on his back but that didn’t stop him. When he saw his mommy running towards him, he ran even faster to get to her before Valora get to him.
“Reid!” Gianna called seeing the boy running towards her, she saw another figure running after the boy.

Was Reid being chased?
Where’s Justin?
She accelerated her speed and in no time, the boy was in her arms. Trying to catch his breathe.
“Andre!” She cried loudly to attract the other peoples attention.
“Mom……my……Jus…..tin…..Save…” Immediately he said that,she shushed him up.
“Reid don’t say any word please,
You’re going to be alright.” She continued to rub the boy’s palms while Andre and the rest surrounded them.

“Gianna what happened to Reid?
Where’s Justin?” Andre asked taking the boy from her grip.
“Jus..tin…Va…lo..ra…save..” He slurred his words as his eyes moved to the direction to the other side of the sea.

“Andre, he’s trying to tell us something.” Gianna cried,
“Andre,Justin isn’t here and he’s saying,” she looked at the boy’s lip that was moving incoherently,
“Valley?” She guessed,
She was trying yo guess his words through the movement of his lips.

He moved his lips again,
And this time she…
“Valora!” She said.
Then it dawned to them, Valora wasn’t with them.

Andre stood up from beside the boy and looked around, Valora isn’t there and so was Justin.
If his hunches are right,
Valora is with Justin.
And if that’s correct, he’s going to kill her and feed her body to the fishes of the sea.
He won’t spare anyone that hurt his woman or his sons.

He raised his head up to the direction his son was looking at,
“Anna, you guys should take Reid aside and attend to his medical needs. I’m going to get Justin.”
With anger that he hadn’t possessed before.

When he went to the seaside, he didn’t see Justin neither did he see Valora. He moved around for sometime before he heard muffles by the bushy path. Slowly he walked to the direction of the muffling sound.

Lo and behold, it was Justin.
The little boy was wet and cold.
His face had some blood stains on his cheeks and his hands.
Andre ran to the boy and scooped him up.
“Daddy.” The boy whispered in between sobs and muffles.
“Justin you’re alright.” He said, caressing the boy’s hair.
“Daddy, she pushed little brother and wanted to hurt mommy too.” The boy said.

Andre looked around but saw no sign of Valora.
“Where’s she?” He asked the boy.
He pointed to the water.
Andre didn’t know what to do and what to say to the boy.
“Don’t tell your mommy about this.” He said,
The boy who was sobbing quietly nodded. “If she asks you, tell her that Valora escaped in a boat okay.” He said.
While the boy looked at the man with a surprised but scared expression.

He’d just killed the woman and his father’s telling him not to tell his mommy. Asking him to lie to her that the bad person escape.
“Daddy I killed her..” He said, more like a confession.
He hugged the boy closer,
“No you didn’t son, she tried to kill your mommy and brother,
So you defended yourself.” He said.

“She fell into the water cause I pushed her.” He said.
“She was going to push me in but I swayed away from her grip and pushed her instead.” He explained.
The thought of him being a killer at a young age scared him like hell. His little brother is going to be scared of him when he finds out what he’d done.
His mommy’s going to hate him too.

“You aren’t a killer son, you were just trying to protect yourself and your family.”
He assured the boy.
“And make sure your mommy don’t find about this.” He added.
The boy nodded and rested his head on his father’s shoulder as the man took him towards the Beach House.

When they got home, Gianna had just finished giving Reid his medication and the boy was lying in her arms. Though he wasn’t asleep.
“Big brother!” He called out immediately he saw his father enter the house with his older brother in his arms.

Justin who was resting in his father’s arms, raised his head the moment he heard Reid called.
Gianna looked up from her thought and saw Andre with Justin.

She stood up and went go take the boy from Andre.
“Big brother.” Reid called his brother.
The boy gave him a weak smile,
“I’m so sorry, Mommy was so careless and she couldn’t look after your brother very well.” She said. Hugging both son together.

“Mommy don’t be sad okay, I and little brother are deeply sorry for making you very worried.” The boy apologized on his behalf and his younger brother.
“No son you don’t have to be,
Mommy is sorry and from now, mommy won’t leave you and your brother alone.” She k!ssed both boys’ forehead.

Andre stood by the side and closely watch the boys and their mother go through their emotional stage.
But deep within, he was worried,
who would have sent Valora to hurt Gianna and Reid?
Was it Jasmine?
Or one of those actresses that hate Gianna?
But they don’t know that she has a son. So it’ll difficult to say they’re responsible for this.
That leaves him with Jasmine.

Would Jasmine stoop so low to hurt Reid too?
And how did she find out that they were in this newly purchased Beach House.
No one had know about this house. He sure made it a top secret to everyone and his family too.

If the person who’d sent Valora knew about this Island,
Then the person sure do know a lot and is up to no good.
He can’t believe someone had planned to hurt Gianna and Reid.
Now he has to tread carefully with them.
He’d to do something to stop anyone targeting them to get him. He can take anything but either one of the three getting hurt.

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