SELENA THE MONEY LOVER : Episode 1 – The End



“I’m out, Princess! Please come out and lock the door. I don’t know what you are doing inside there!” Selena shouted as she took up her bag.

Princess came out looking dull and weak. She was just waking up. “I wonder when I’m going to have my rest in this house without hearing my name. What is it again?” Princess asked, dropping into a sofa.

Selena eyed her. “Lock the door and make sure you wash those clothes on my bed. Please and please, don’t use the washing machine.” Selena said and zoomed out.

“God!” Princess sighed and fell into another round of sleep.

She woke up about an hour later and went into the kitchen to make something.

She is Selena’s cousin who is three years older than her. Selena is twenty six while she is twenty three.

Their mothers were twin sisters. Selena was already through with her service and was still looking for a job though she was not so serious about it.

Princess on her own part was still in her final year.

Her school had a long term strike and she had been living with her cousin for about three months now.

Princess was amazed at the type of life Selena lives. She was always after the loaded guys.

Like a song, she would sing it out that she would never marry a middle class man talkless of a poor man.

“I was born to be served not the other way round.” She would say.

Princess realized there were no much food stuffs in the house and dialled Selena’s line.

“Hello, Selena. Where are you? Party? Which party?

See, na you sabii. I want to cook now and noticed the kitchen is almost empty. Yes na. Okay, I’m waiting.” Princess said and cut the line before going to her room to have a change of clothe.

Twenty minutes after the call, Selena arrived and they both went out.

They went to a super mart and bought all what they needed in the kitchen.

About an hour later, after having few drinks at the bar, they walked out chatting happily as they waited for a cab to take them back home.

They were still waiting when a brand new Corvette stopped in front of them.

“Oh my gosh!” Selena sighed starring at the car. She immediately fell in love with the man inside it.

“Hello.” said the driver as he whined down the glass.

“Hi!!” Selena said sweetly. Princess eyed her and cleared her throat.

“Seems you girls are waiting for a cab.” The driver said again.

Selena’s breath was quickly taken away as she stared at the young handsome face of the driver.

“Aaahh…yes… actually it has not been easy. We’ve been standing like an hour now…”

“Selena!” Princess snapped, amazed. She hissed and turned to face the driver.

“Thanks sir, but don’t worry about us. We will soon get a cab.” Princess said and the driver smiled.

“You don’t need to be scared. Just wanna help, that’s all.” The driver said again.

Selena was already opening the passanger’s seat in front.

“If you like stay there.” Selena said to princess before hopping in.

Princess shook her head before opening the back door.

“Wow. Oh my God! The AC is wow. Okay play us some music please!” Selena said, rocking her chair.

The driver laughed and put on a music.

“So what’s your name?’ the driver asked, already liking the lively lady.

“I’m Selena and sitting at the back is Princess. And what’s yours?” Selena asked, smiling happily. Wow, this guy must be loaded. Selena thought looking around.

“I’m Benny. Can we exchange numbers..”

“Oh sure! Sure! Sure!” Selena cried, bringing out her phone already.

Princess stared on at Selena and shook her head again for the second time.

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