THE BOSS THE MAID: Chapter 11 – The End

THE BOSS THE MAID: Chapter 11 – The End

Chapter 13

I woke up, stretching out my body and looked around the room.

This christabel’s room.

I remembered what happened last night and I smiled, ‘christabel is really good in acting ‘

I stood up and walked closed to where she’s sleeping quietly.

‘I wish I had met you Christabel ‘

I got out of the room and stared at linda’s room

‘I knew she’s coming back for christabel even if she’s out of this place ‘

I sighed and walked to my room, went straight to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and took my bath.

I don’t know if I should go to the office today.

I took my phone after I had took my bath and dialed the general manager’s number.

“Hello emmanuel, how are you ?” I asked.

“Am fine sir, you didn’t come to the company yesterday ”

“Yes, I decided to take a day off ” I answered.

“Oh! and Christabel too? ”

“Yes, and her too, so I called to tell you I won’t be coming to the office till the next monday ” I sighed after saying that.

“okay sir, but why? cause you’ve never take a long day off like this”

“Yeah, I just need to stay home, to solve some personal issues, so am leaving the company in your care” I breathe out.

“Okay sir, I will do that honestly ” he answered and I cut off the call.

‘I trust him in taking care of the company ‘

I wore a light green shirt and a black trouser and walked out of the room.

I got downstairs and saw linda in the kitchen.

‘What’s she doing? she saw me and smiled sheepishly.

“Good morning richard, how was your night? ” she asked and continue cutting the pepper.

“What are you still doing here? and what’s the meaning of this cooking? ” I asked placing my on the counter.

“I heard you speaking with someone that you aren’t coming to the office till the next monday, so I decided to cook for you since your darling girlfriend is still sleeping ” she replied, not facing me.

I scoffed.

“You are such a j.erk linda! so you are still here right after what christabel told you that she mustn’t see you in this house ”

‘She’d better start packing her things coz christabel is really crazy ‘

“She won’t dare! am not leaving this house till you take me back” she stopped whatever she was doing and faced me.

“Don’t you think before you talk, I can’t accept you back now that am having a new girlfriend who is more responsible than you ”

“Responsible you said? How is that one responsible ”

“Oh…. ”

“really, so you’re the one responsible right? of course not, cause if you are, you shouldn’t be in your ex-boyfriend’s house who is now having a new beautiful girlfriend and soon I will be his wife” I turned and saw christabel resting on the kitchen door.

“How long have you been standing there? ” I asked.

“Since you both started the discussion, and honey is it true you aren’t going to the office till next week ” she asked.

“Yes, I had decided to to stay with you till the idiot is gone” I whispered into her ear.

“That’s so sweet of you dear, and less I forget I thought I told you to leave, why are you still here? ” facing linda.

“And what if I don’t? ” she questioned.

“Get ready for a hot slap and get ready to leave cause your things will be out soon”

“What? if you touch my things I will kill you instantly ” she held the knife she was holding tightly and pointed it to christabel.

“Linda please don’t try anything funny here, just do as she said ” I glanced back at Christabel but she wasn’t there.

‘She must have gone to her (linda) room ‘

I left Linda in the kitchen who was staring at me awkwardly, I got to linda’s door and saw it was locked.

‘She had locked it’

Linda came up to join me and tried opening it but was locked.

“Fuck that bch ” she cur$ed under her breath.

THE BOSS THE MAID: Chapter 11 – The End

Christabel’s pov

I began packing both the small and big load she got into her luggage. Even the brush in her bathroom.

if she can’t pack her things then am helping her.

I was through in less than 20minutes, I opened the door and saw linda and richard staring at me.

“Don’t tell me you pack my things to throw out ” linda asked.

“I haven’t throw them out, so it better you take this now and walked out of this house gently without been forced ”

Richard was smiling and gave me a secret thumb up. ‘Anything for my crush’

Linda took the bag forcefully from me “Am coming back for you that is; you will regret having richard “She whispered into my ear.

“Then let the battle begins ” I whispered back and smiled.

she took her things and stormed out of the house, I made sure she’s out of the house.

I turned and saw richard behind me smirking.

“You did a great job christabel ” he stretched his hand for a handshake and I did so.

“Yeah, anything for my cru…. boss ” I nearly expose myself.

“Hmm.. okay, am about doing a small surprise to you ”

“Wha.. t sup..” he carried me up in a bridal style and turned me round before I could complete my words.

I screamed happily, I held his neck so I could balance well.

He stopped and stared into my eyes deeply.

THE BOSS THE MAID: Chapter 11 – The End

Richard’s pov

I stared into her eyes, her cute brown eyes were lovely. I nearly kssed her but she stopped me.

Now I can admit that am in love with her. I dropped her on her feet and we both went in.

She got to the kitchen and I saw her pour the water linda was boiling and started cooking another meal.

I kept stealing glance at her as she was eating joyfully, she saw me and I continue eating my food.

“You look awesome when eating”

“Thanks sir, you ought to pay me for sending that linda out of the house ” Her mouth was full.

“Pay you? okay but am not paying you with money “I smirked.

“You aren’t paying me with money? then what ?” she asked, taking her empty plate to the kitchen and came back.

She stood in an akimbo position, I laughed and stood up.

She kept moving back as I keep moving closer to her, her back touched the wall and she couldn’t move back.

I placed my right hand on the wall and bought my face closer to hers.

“What if I pay you with a kiss? ” I asked sweetly.

‘Richard are you okay? ‘

“Huh? A kss? ” I looked at her lips they were moving diligently.

I couldn’t control the urge to kss her. I crushed my lips on hers, she gasped a little and I was surprised when she responded back.

‘Has she been waiting for this? ‘ I smiled.

THE BOSS THE MAID: Chapter 11 – The End

Christabel’s pov

Somebody should wake me up, I can’t believe am kssing richard right now.

THE BOSS THE MAID: Chapter 11 – The End

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