The Complete Woman!

Episode 3

I devoted the rest of my time trying to make it up to Isaiah. It took some time but we became friends again. This time I allowed whatever I felt to blossom and grow. And before I knew what was happening I had fallen so deep in love with Isaiah.

Now that I finally wanted him to propose again, it seemed like it will never happen. Whenever we were together and I see him all smiles my heart would skip and I would feel that ”yes! This is the time, he would ask me to marry him again” but unfortunately it will be some other thing. I waited and longed for the proposal but it never came, and so I gave up. I wanted to be angry but I told myself it was my fault and so I moved on and accepted our just being friends.

Weeks turned into months and months into years. I had no relationship, no job, nothing. The only thing I had was my singing sprees with Isaiah. I was getting irritated with my life. At 30 no man in my life and there seemed to be no hope. I started getting irritated even at Isaiah.

I stopped all of our show, he tried to convince me to come back but it was to no avail. And so he started taking MARVIS for shows instead and this irritated me even more and finally I stopped the choir. I only go to church on Sundays and when am there I frown all through. I hated seeing Isaiah singing with Marvis but then my pride wouldn’t let me do anything.

One evening I was sitted outside my house reading a novel and then Marvis came happy and all filled with smiles.

Marvis: Sister Dani hi

Me: Marvis what’s up? This one you came visiting am I safe?

She burst out laughing so much.

Marvis: Of course DANI, how are you?

Me: Am good thank you, what brings you here.

Marvis: Nothing much Dani, I only came here to invite you to church this evening by 6.

Me: Invite me to church, my own church. That’s funny.

Marvis: Its not o, it’s not. You’ve not been a very good and active member for sometime now. You stopped ministering as choir and changed from coming to Church. Simply because, I dont know o, maybe someone hurt you.

Me: How do you mean?

Marvis: Like I said I don’t know o, but words have been flying around that a brother broke your heart and that is why you stopped everything.

Me: What? Who said that?Which brother? broke which heart?

Marvis: Like I said I don’t know. Anyway I came to tell you to come to Church this evening. Brother Isaiah has a big announcement to make. (She giggled as she said it)

Me: What big announcement does he have to make?

Marvis: Just come to Church and you will hear it. You know you are my friend, please promise me you will come.

Me: If Israel is making an announcement that doesn’t concern you and why is the announcement so important to you that you want me to be there.

Marvis: Dani relax, you will find out when you get to Church. Just come OK?
(I watched her as she walked away, I wondered what it was that Isaiah wanted to announce in church and why it excites Marvis so much. I made up my mind not to go. But on a second thought, I decided to go. Let me even hear what he has to announce.

That evening I dress casually and went to church, I sat at the extreme end and I saw when Marvis walked in, she was gorgeously dressed like a princess.

When she saw me she put on a wide smile. I watched as she walked stylishly to the front seat and sat on a chair. So many of our choir members were shaking her hand. I still didn’t understand what was happening.

It wasn’t long after the pastor finished his message that he invited Brother Isaiah to the altar. When I saw him my heart skipped, he was looking so cool and handsome. I watched him mount the mic and then that beautiful voice that I have missed broke out of the speakers.

Isaiah: Church of God praise the Lord

I was once again quiet as I heard the church chorus ”halleluyah”

Isaiah cleared his throat and raised a song, he sang for sometime and then he started.

Isaiah: I wanna appreciate God Almighty for keeping me alive to see this day, I also want to appreciate every member of this church, the pastors and leaders of this great church for giving me this opportunity. When I came to this church, I never knew the plans that God had for me, but since I’ve been here God has blessed me beyond my expectations.

(I watched carefully as he spoke waiting to hear the big announcement)

Now I want to move to the next stage of my life, because the Bible clearly stated that it is not good for a man to be alone and by the grace of God I no longer want to be alone, I have found the one with whom I want to spend the rest of my days and by the grace of God also, she is here with us today.

(My heart at this time had started beating fast, I suddenly understood why Marvis had invited me to church, so that I can witness her engagement with Israel, I turned and looked at her and I saw her beaming with smiles. She was stylishly adjusting her clothes and all her friends were sitted with her congratulating her, then I turned to hear Isaiah say it from his mouth)

Isaiah: My wish is that she does not refuse me today, my wish is that she says yes and make me the happiest man on earth. So church I want you all to help me ask the only woman that my heart beats for (he goes on his knees and brings out a sparkling ring. Tears was already falling off my eyes as I picked up my bag to walk out of the church, Marvis stood up excited and giggling)

Isaiah: Sister Daniella, please marry me!

(I didn’t know if I heard right, I was already at the door about to leave) Ella, please say something. Will you be my wife?..

I turned and looked at Marvis, she was filled with shame as she took her seat, her face wore an unexplainable expression. Shock written all over her.

Isaiah: Say something please! (The whole church was looking at me. Sophia the only person whom I can relatively call my friend in the church walked up to me and held my hand. She could see I was shocked at everything, I looked at her as she urged me to say yes.

Me: Yes! Yes! Yes Isaiah I will marry you. (Sophia led me to the front of the church, I saw our pastor and his wife clapping. The entire church was clapping. I also turned and saw Marvis, she was crying silently but she was hiding it. I walked up to Isaiah and stretched my hand to him, he slide in the diamond ring and then he hugged me in front of the entire church. I saw Marvis stand and leave the church. I was still in shock over what just happened, but I couldn’t contain my joy.

The service ended with everyone coming out to congratulate me. My pastor even shook hands with me and told me that Isaiah and I were a perfect couple made from heaven. All this while I was still too very shy and embarrassed to talk with Isaiah.

When everyone had left, I sat waiting for him to come because I didnt know what to do or tell him. And from behind I heard him.

Isaiah: Hello beautiful!

Again I felt shy as I put my hand faced ground. He understood I was shy and laughed out so loud teasing me.

Isaiah: My wife to be is shy o

Me: Am not shy o
(We both burst out laughing but the sound of someone coming made us stop, we raised our head same time and it was Marvis, coming in anger and in tears.

Marvis: (to Isaiah) How could you? (Crying) how could you embarrass me like this.

Isaiah: (confused) Sister Marvis I don’t understand.

Marvis: Don’t you dare call me Sister Marvis, I am not your sister. (turns to me) You chose her right? Its because of this miserable God forsaken old fool you embarrassed me today.

Isaiah: (shouting)/Stop it right now. Don’t you dare insult my wife to be in front of me.

Marvis: (laughing crazily) wife to be? Hahahahaha, sorry o. So you are defending her already. Husband to be hahahahaha. You lying devil. You disgraced me today in front of the whole church. I will deal with you.

Isaiah: I honestly do not know what you are talking about ?

Marvis: Oh don’t give me that crap. You told me to go and invite this DANIELLA, that you had an important announcement to make. You told me I was a true friend and you didnt know what you would do if I was not in your life. You told me you had a surprise for me today and then I went ahead to dress gorgeous just for you. I had even told some friends that you were going to make a special announcement for me only for you to go there and disgrace your head not me. You fooled yourself into believing that you were going to propose to me tonight and then you went to propose to this man who feels she is a lady. Isaiah why? Why?

Isaiah: Honestly Marvis I am confused right now. I have never told you I was interested in you or asked you out. Why on earth would you think I want to propose to you? (Marvis started crying) yes I did say you were a friend but that’s all I see you as nothing else. My friend! Daniella is whom my heart has always yearned for and not you.

Marvis: (she goes on her knees fully crying and holding Israel on the legs.) Isaiah please, don’t disgrace me like this. Let this woman go and chose me please. From the day you started this church I have loved you, please Isaiah chose me please.

Isaiah: (pulling off from her) am sorry Marvis, I truly am, but its Ella I love and its she I want. (he held me by the hand and together we left the church leaving Marvis still crying on her knees.

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