THE DIAMONDS SEASON 2 – By Faith Lucky: Episode 21 – 30

(He’s Cold – hearted,
but he’s mine?)

Episode 21

By: Faith Lucky

Miquel’s Pov:
There was total darkness; nothing but darkness.

I groaned and felt so heavy as I forced my heavy eyes open.

There was no sound, only faint echoes.

Where was I? And why couldn’t I see a thing? Why was there nothing but darkness even with my eyes opened?

Hold on; the coordinates.

I could remember seeing them. And next, there was bleeding and then, a blackout.

What happened? Did they really succeed?

“He’s awake” I suddenly heard a faint voice say and next, something was taken off my eyes and I realized I’d been blindfolded the whole time.

I could finally see the things around me and….good f**k; I was chained to a bed with the coordinates around me.

The mission….what happened with it?

“Miquel” one of them called and came close.
I could recognize her from the palace.

“How’re you feeling, son?”

“I’m not your son. What am I doing here? Get these chains off me” I gritted angrily and tried standing up.

But there was something strange. I couldn’t feel my powers.

“Don’t stress yourself, Miquel. The chains are suppressing your powers so you don’t use it against us” another said.

“We’re your people, Miquel. We’re one. And we’re here to take you home. Your throne awaits you”.

Mother f**ker.

“I’m not interested in the throne. I have no dealing with it. So, let me go”,I rasped impatiently.

D@mn it! I wish there was a way I could get these chains off my body.

“Stop lying to yourself, Miquel. You’re the eldest son and the heir apparent to the throne. And it’s only right you…”

“Find another King for the throne. I’m not interested in the same throne that led to the death of my parents. Just let me go. I’ve got important things to do”. I interrupted rashly , and a little weakly.

The chains were having its own effect on me.

“We’re sorry, Miquel. But we’re never letting you go” the eldest among them said and signalled on the other to blindfold me again.

“You’re making a mistake” I said feebly, shaking my head.

They lifted the blindfold to my face and finally covered my eyes.



Where’s she? I needed to see her.

I needed to be with her.
Cali’s Pov:
I’d woken up on a cold tied floor, my head feeling so muzzy.

Ouch! Why does it hurt so much?

I struggled to sit up slowly and recall what’d happened.


She was in my room. And….made those guards attack me.

What could this mean? Like….why would she make the guards attack me?

And where was I?

Suddenly, the door opened and two strange boys walked in.

I pinned myself closer to the wall and next, someone else showed up.


Isn’t this…..

Isn’t this Mykel??

The same guy that’d drawn a bridge on my hand???

Of course! He’s the one.

Is he….
Hold on;

Where was I?

No; it can’t be. Its not possible.

“Cali Jenner” he called calmly as he came closer and squatted in front of me.

I stared at him in shock.

“How’re you feeling? Remember me?” He asked and touched the side of my face. But I couldn’t respond.

What am I doing here? And Nina…
Could it be possible she’d helped them?

Oh God! This isn’t possible. Nina….she’d never do such a thing.
She…..she was my friend.

“Hey” the guy in front of me cooed and lifted my cheek.

There was a striking resemblance between him and Miquel.

“What do you want from me?” I asked in a wavering tone.
I was d@mn scared.

“Oh, Cali” he smiled.
“There are so many things I want from you”.

He touched my cheeks and stood up, then turned to the boys beside him.

“Bring her to my room” he ordered them and walked out.


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