THE FLOWER BOY : Chapter 1 – 10

Flower Boy

Written by Feathers (Oyebamiji Samuel)

Chapter 1

(I can’t stop Loving you)

Anthony’s POV

I had just woke , sitting on my bed with my chin resting on my right palm like someone lost in thought.

Yes! I’m truly lost in thought. Everyday I wake , the memories of Donna and I springs afresh in me.

Even though, Donna is no more, her memories with me is stuck in my brain. The pain I feel everyday, anytime I remembered the day I met her.

Do I need to think about her smile or our days of going out together, being together, laughing together and crying together.

We started dating when I was 19 years, she was 17 years. Our love grew beyond our expectations and at a time when I never expected, Donna travelled with her family out of the country and on their way coming, they had a plain crashed. Everyone in the plane died including Donna and her family members.

When I heard, I felt the greatest shock of my life. I held the necklace she gave to me as a gift on my 22nd birthday and sunk to my knees, I cried the hell outta me.

I promised myself to keep loving her even though she is no more, I had never seen any girl, nor would I ever see any girl that would replace the love of Donna in my heart.

I put on the necklace she gave to me everyday, it’s my greatest treasure, it’s always on my neck even when I’m sleeping. Anytime I hold the necklace, it’s like I’m holding Donna.

I miss her every morning, I sing songs and play my keyboard in remembrance of her. Anytime I sing and play, the feelings of her love radiates and fills my soul and body.

Who am I?

I’m Anthony Nicholas, the only son of Nicholas.
My father owned the largest music school in New York.
Music had always being my passion, attending the school is never an issue for me.

I and my two closest friends, Brian and Scot are a brand of a artistes called FLOWER BOYS.

My dad created the record label for us, just the three of us in the record label and most songs that we had released hits the whole of America which makes us very popular, even though we are one of the most popular and cute artiste in America, I dislike being on news, I like a private life.

Most ladies in school adore us , they claim we are the most handsome in the school, they say I’m cute, they treat us almost like god and I use that privilege to bully many students.

I dislike ladies , I dislike to see them, my class is filled with boys alone cus I always frustrate and make life hell of a living for any girl that attends my class. They always end up changing classes or leaving the school.

More so, I have the power to expel any student, my dad is the owner of the school. Most ladies who prove stubborn after I must have frustrated them for being in my class, I always end up expelling them from the school. I dislike ladies with passion. I may not see the one I Love but she lives inside of me.

I stood from my bed and went to sit at the extreme edge of my room where my keyboard is. I must confess that I’m very good in playing keyboard. Dad made me learnt it since I was 8 years.

I placed my hands on the keyboard and the memories of Donna kept flashing across my head.

Tears rolled gently from my eyes as I played and sing.

I’ll be loving you forever.

Deep inside my heart you’ll leave me never.

Even if you took my heart.

And tore it apart.

I would love you still

You are the sun.

You are my light

And you’re the last thing on my mind.

Before I go to sleep at night.

You’re always round

When I’m in need

When trouble’s on my mind

You put my soul at ease

There is no one in this world

Who can love me like you do

That is the reason that I
Wanna spend forever with you.

My phone buzzed during the middle of me enjoying the memories of my Love with Donna while singing and playing the keyboard.

With tears filled on my eye, I stood up and went to pick the call.

“Anthony, please don’t come late to the auditioning, we are to meet with the chairmen of Universe record label before the commencement of the show” Brian’s voice sounded softly on the phone

Oh! I’m gonna try to come early” I said and hanged up

One of my closest friend had just called me, yes! I need to prepare for the auditioning today.

My Father’s music school is named “Nicholas High”

We do not admit student based on their intelligence or how good they are in a particular subject, the auditioning is the test we give to those wanting to be admitted in the school, Brian, Scot and I are always the judge.

The auditioning is the time where every one who collects a form of wanting to he accepted to Nicholas high, they come to the stage one after the other to display their musical talent, If two among us agreed that the person’s song is cool, the person has being automatically admitted to the school. And if two amidst us refuses, the person is automatically disqualified

I sighed and dropped my phone on the bed , I went inside the bathroom to dress but the memories of Donna kept flashing across my mind and I kept enjoying it. I came out of the bathroom , dressed and went to Nicholas high for the auctioning.

Nancy’s POV

I heard a knock on my door, I had just finish cleansing my husky face with ordinary water in the bathroom.

I walked towards the door and twisted the knob

“Good morning dad” I greeted my dad

“My beautiful daughter, hope you slept well, I came to tell you to be quick in whatever you are doing so you can get to the school quiet early for the auditioning” My father said with a welcoming smile on his face

I blushed and smiled

“Dad, I’m gonna make my dressings snappy” I said

He nodded and walked away

I watched as he left, I love my dad, my mum divorced him for another man because of infidelity, but I do not think my dad is guilty of such.
Ever since my mom left, I had never seen any lady coming to visit dad. I loved my dad because he is a gentle and caring type. He is very understanding.

I closed the door gently and checked the wall clock, it’s almost an hour for the auditioning to commence.

“I must not get there late, I need to be fast truly” I thought as I quickly went to the bathroom to take my bath

Three days ago.

Flash back


Some weeks ago, I had being searching for jobs seriously , I need a decent job, while I was searching online, I stumbled across many jobs, but there is a particular request that got my attention, it’s a particular woman requesting for a babysitter. Her mobile number was written underneath the request so anyone interested can call her.

I really love the job of a babysitter cus I love to play and stay around children.

I know a baby sitter to be someone who cares for one or more babies or children for a period of time in place of their parents or legal guardians.

I was happy that at least, If I’m able to get the babysitter job, I would be able to gather enough money and support my father in payment of our monthly rent.

We pay rent monthly and my father is not rich, ever since mom divorced him, mom ensured he lost his job and ever since then, he had being struggling for a living, taking a job and helping him will be the best thing I could have done to help him.

I put a call through to the woman who requested for a babysitter, she picked, we discussed and she gave me an address to visit the following day.

I went to the woman’s place and we discussed on the terms and conditions of the job, I gladly accepted.

The girl I’m to be babysitting was introduced to me, her name is Helen, she is five years old, she is smart , a little bit fleshy and beautiful.

“Helen” I called her name and smiled after her mom had introduced us

She smiled at me and hugged me, I carried her instead and pecked her.

I’m happy she likes me already, even on our first day of getting to meet each other.

Her mum smiled

“You can resume work tomorrow” Helen’s mum said and walked away

“Helen, you are really beautiful, I can’t wait to play with you all day tomorrow” I said while smiling.

“Why can’t you stay, I want you to meet brother, he promised to buy me fortune cookie” Helen said

I smiled

“If that’s what you want, I’ll stay till he comes” I said and paced Helen on the chair

I sat beside her and we started playing games together, after few minutes, some people entered behind us.

Helen turned and saw them , she ran towards them and flew on the shoulder of the one in middle

I had stood already , stylishly looking at them since I’m a just stranger

“Anthony, see Nancy, she is my new friend, mum said she is gonna be taking care of me for the time being” Helen said and they walked towards me

That was when I saw them clearly, they are the flower boys, the one in the middle is their leader, his fans call him flower boy

“Omg! I’m your biggest fan, I’ve being crushing on you for long, I can’t believe I’m seeing you, is this a dream, I have your posters all around my room, I have your song as my call ringtone, your picture is my phone wallpaper and also my profile pic on most of my social media account, can someone wake me! I like you, I like you so much, omg! I can’t imagine” I thought crazily, I wish I could say that out but he might just sack me from the job I’d just received

I comported myself and lowered my head slightly

“Who are you?” Anthony asked

“I’m Nancy Ja…” I said but he interrupted

“Enough, I do not need your surname, you are Nancy right?, what are you doing here?” Anthony asked

“Erm… Actually, I’m the new babysitter for Helen” I replied gently

“You can’t work here , you are fired, leave” Anthony said with an expressionless face

“But mom gave me the job and …” Before I could finish the statement, he went to the center table in the sitting room, he took a water bottle and spray the water in it to me

“you are just an ugly ducking , husky face and shameless body structure, Leave, before I do something crazier right now” He said

His friends kept looking at me with an expressionless face

I looked at Helen, she looked at me pathetically. I knew she didn’t like what his brother did, but she can’t help it.

I walked out painfully

Flashback Ends

I dressed and bade my dad good bye, he wished me good luck.

I got to Nicholas high and entered the hall, I went to where the anticipating students stood.

They were calling them in one after the other with their names cus everyone that came had already collected Nicholas high form and registered including me

Many people were entering and performing, some passed, some failed.

I finally heard my name being called, I arched my brow in shock, my heart was beating.

I walked towards the stage and I was surprised to see that the flower boys were the judge

“They hate me, I’ve failed already” I thought painfully

“What song do you wanna sing for us Nancy?” One of them asked

I sighed and swallowed hard
“Ed sheeran, photograph” I replied

They gestured for me to commence

Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes

But it’s the only thing that I know

When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes

It is the only thing makes us feel alive

We keep this love in a photograph

We made these memories for ourselves

Where our eyes are never closing

Hearts are never broken

And time’s forever frozen still

So you can keep me

Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans

Holding me closer ’til our eyes meet

You won’t ever be alone, wait for me to come home.

I sang with all my emotions expressed with my voice, I waited anxiously on the stage ready to hear the result.

“Wow! I like your voice, for me. Yes” the first flower boy said and I almost jumped up happily but I had to wait for one more person to approve.

“No, you have an ugly voice” Anthony said

I said it, he disliked me but I never stopped liking him, I still have a hope, if the last person can say yes, then , I’m qualified

“Well, for me, I’d say you did well, you have an awesome voice, Yes” The last flower boy said and I jumped up for joy.

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