FLOWER BOY : Episode 41 – The End

Flower Boy Episode 41 © Samuel Oyebamiji (Who is Sir Jeffrey?) Anthony’s POV I sincerely do not know what to say. I’m freaked out by all this drama that Brandon had created already. I walked out of them and went to my room Does that really meant that I k!ssed Nancy cus I’m having feelings … Read more

FLOWER BOY : Episode 31 – 40

Flower Boy Episode 31 © Samuel Oyebamiji (Fate of Bob) Anthony’s POV I rushed towards Brian and pushed him slightly away from Nancy “Brian, what’s wrong with you? Has this girl finally seduced you? This is exactly what I’m talking about. She is good at seducing people, be smart ” I said to Brian “Sorry! … Read more

FLOWER BOY : Episodes 21 – 30

Flower Boy Episode 21 © Samuel Oyebamiji (Karen wins Anthony’s heart) Nancy’s POV I was finding it hard to comprehend all that is happening. Firstly, I was hijacked and carried roughly from my room to a car after which those that are about to kidnap me started falling one after the other. Those that kidnapped … Read more

FLOWER BOY : Episodes 11 – 20

Flower Boy Episode 11 © Samuel Oyebamiji (They heard me) Nancy’s POV “Beauty” I heard a familiar voice called behind me I turned and I saw Larry, I watched him anticipating for what he wanted to stay “Dr. Nicholas said you should come to his office” He reported “Oh!” i thought for a while and … Read more

THE FLOWER BOY : Chapter 1 – 10

Flower Boy Written by Feathers (Oyebamiji Samuel) Chapter 1 (I can’t stop Loving you) Anthony’s POV I had just woke , sitting on my bed with my chin resting on my right palm like someone lost in thought. Yes! I’m truly lost in thought. Everyday I wake , the memories of Donna and I springs … Read more