THE GOVERNOR’S SON: Episode 21-30


(? What my heart wants)

By Authoress Naomi

? Episode twenty-one ?

? Stanley ?

It’s indeed my happiest moment, can’t believe she’s also in love with me

That night, I cooked a special delicacy and watched her eat, that way, I don’t even feel hunger though I eventually ate

We retired into our respective bedrooms after a tight hug and a deep goodnight kss

But that doesn’t stop me from chatting her up on WeChat

? Do you know my happiest day?

? No

? Today!, I’m so happy to have you in my life, I mean it’s an achievement on its own

? Really?

? Absolutely yes, I love you

? I love you too boss

? Now that’s not acceptable, call me by my name

? No, you’re still my boss

? You’re my girlfriend and it sounds odd to be addressed as “boss” by your girl

? Shouldn’t I call you that to avoid suspicious

? What suspicions, you’re my girlfriend, not a secret one, I want the whole world to know

? What of your dad?

? He’ll do nothing….trust me

? And Rihana?

? That rotten mango is outta my life so forget about her, and anytime she tries to bully you when I’m not there, please embarrass her

? But I’m scared

? I’m in support of it, just trust me

? Ok……so when are you turning twenty five? She asked

? How did you know I’m twenty four?

? Well, we’re on weChat remember?, You inserted your age but you didn’t upload your birthday

? Well, I’ll be twenty five by 5th of next month (September), what about…….

? Wait, are you joking right now?

? No, I’m telling you the truth

? Whoa!, Same date, I’ll be turning twenty four on that same date! She exclaimed

? Are you for real?

? Of course!

? This is called destiny baby, I’m gonna make that day our most memorable day

? Really?

? Trust me, this month is ending on Sunday….. wait….. automatically, our birthday is next week Friday!

? Oh my!, Why am I so clueless

? We’re actually both clueless

? I can’t wait for that day

? Same here baby, so what’s your best colour?

? Pink

? Mine is white

? Your best food?

? Any food prepared by you

? But you’ve never tasted my food

? Starting from tommorow, you’ll be the one to make my food

? Really?

? I’m serious

? I’m happy……my own best food is….. Pasta!

? Don’t worry, I’m an expert in that……your best Ice cream flavor?

? Vanilla

? Mine is strawberry

? The name you’ll give to our first baby?

? It’ll be a girl so I’ll name her Cindy

? Let’s wait and see, so what’s your favorite fruit?

? Apple

? Mine is strawberry

? Why do you like it so much?

? It’s Tommy’s favorite too

? I see… What do you want in a man?

? Caring, accommodating, loving, r©mantic, not acting before thinking, trust

? I’ll make sure to get all that cos you already have everything I want in a woman

? I just blushed

? I love you

? I love you more, and this conversation is the best I’ve ever had with you, that too on our first hours, please never forget this conversation cos I won’t

? I’ll forever remember too

? I love you

? I love you too…. sweet dreams ?

? Goodnight, stay cute and warm ?

I might have had thousands of nights on Earth, but this night….. tonight is the most peaceful and blissful, I dreamt of a happy future but I hope it’s not a nightmare

? Elvira ?

I woke up from my gentle slumber this morning, feeling refreshed , I picked my phone from the bed stand and saw a good morning message from Tyler

“A beautiful day like this reminds me of only one person, “YOU”, good morning my everything”

It brought a load of smiles to my face, so r©mantic!

I Texted him back

“And the dawn of a chilly day like this makes me want to spend the rest of the day in your warm arms…. enjoy your day my favorite ?”

I went downstairs after brushing my teeth and started feeling Happy, seems something good is about to happen this morning

“Get me some cupcakes from the baker” I said to ivy, one of my maids and she gave them, I munched them happily as my phone beeped again, it’s a message from Stanley

“Congratulate me Elvira, I just made an achievement, Krystal is mine forever!”

My heart skipped a beat after reading the message and I dropped the cupcake in my hand

“Who’s Krystal?” I asked myself as I stared at the message

I need to get to the root of this

I rushed back upstairs and took my bath, I dressed up in a jiffy and I drove to Stan’s mansion

I bursted in and met him seated on the couch watching TV

“Stanley who’s Krystal?” I asked impatiently

He stood up with a knowing grin on his face

“Finally the psyco is here, Krystal!” He called and I saw pinky rushing downstairs

“Hey Elvira!” She hollered and smiled at me radiantly…

“Wait……are you guys playing tricks on me?, Hellen, are you also bearing Krystal?” I asked confusedly

“Yes, that’s my second name” she answered

“You two are….

“I’m his girlfriend now, and he’s mine” pinky interrupted and my eyes glowed with happiness

I rushed to Stanley and hugged him while giving him pats on the back

“I’m so happy, I just had an intuition that something good is gonna happen this morning, you have no idea how scared I was when he told me Krystal is his forever,I never knew he was referring to you” I said happily, hugging pinky too

“Thanks Elvira for always supporting me” pinky said during the hug

“It’s what I should do, I’ve always wanted the two of you to be together cos I just know you’re the perfect ones for each other” I replied and saw her smile

“This calls for a party”

I went to the mini bar to bring a bottle of wine which we toasted after pouring it in a glass cup for each one of us

“Stanley, you must protect my pinky”

“I know, I wouldn’t want you to tear me into pieces” he replied

“So, now that you two are officially dating, are you planning to keep it secret or….

“Secret my foot, I’ll tell it to the whole world that Krystal is my girl!, The newspapers, TV’s, magazines, the press, even our old man and everyone will know that I’m her man!” Stanley shouted

“Are you comfortable with that?” I asked pinky

“Yes I trust him” she answered radiantly

“And you know what, we have the same birthday” Stanley said

“Now that I think about it, you’ll be turning twenty five next week Friday…. wait, you mean, pinky will be turning twenty four on that same day?” I asked surprisingly

“Sure…. and that’s where I’ve decided to burst the speaker” he replied over joyously

“But you’ve never thrown a birthday party, you told me you hate birthday parties” I said

“That was then, but now that I have Krystal, let’s throw a big party next week Friday!” he said happily as we had another sip of wine

“Hooray!, Rihana should get ready to cry when she sees the news, she’ll be Google searching how to stop crying” I said in mockery as we all laughed heartily

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