The hate you caused

The story is written by Tife.


NOTE:This story is not edited, so be expecting some errors.

Episode 1

Aliyah. my darling daughter .look at how beautiful you have become “am so, happy the marriage was a huge success “Mrs hammed embrace her daughter Warmly.

she was lost in thought massaging the bangles in her hands “no doubt, she look gorgeous. Young, and sound educated ” her education, was just so fast for her age “22.

She finish up at babcock university ,and studied mass communication in a whole “beautiful and educated “every man choice.

Even, with her hyjam “she look extremely gorgeous. She won’t deny, she only put it on in sight of her parent “whenever she visited doing holiday. Her father his a religious man, and never take any kind of shit from anyone ‘

aliyah ,friends mostly described him in a scaring way after he caution them for leaving their headbopen ”

aliyah hates it most time her dad scold her badly for missing her prayers ” she just won’t hear “allaji hammed fired in anger. She never sees all his actions unbearable, not until he forced her on his best friend “allaji faruq. A man old enough, to give birth to her ”

60 years of age. Aliyah, refuse and vow to kill herself.

her mother tears,wont let’s her be in peace ” she accepted. Her father tie her down with the deep words in Quran ” you must not disobey me aliyah. If you want your children to listen to you ” she ran to her room in tears ,and lock the door on herself.

She noticed her mother and ignore ” she cry her eyes, out and couldn’t stop regretting having her father has a dad. ….

aliyah ” this jewelries look gorgeous. Allaji faruq his just so romantic “Mrs hammed kept smiling. Trying it on her neck ” aliyah darling. You finally, going to your husband house. I want you to be the best wife for him. Remember his a widower ” accept him, and his son “I learnt, his grown up, he won’t be a problem ” I promise “mrs hammed patted her shoulder ”

you should pack now, his driver would be here soon “mummy, are you really going to Let me go “aliyah stares at her mum in tears “sweetheart. I thought we have talk about this “mra hammed hold her close.

Mummy. But you know it unfair. Imagine, him touching me ” she bursted to tears “aliyah. Common, your father and i wants the best for you “mr faruq is a better man ”

no. Mum. Dad is only after his happiness. Hey. Don’t talk like that “Mrs hammed covered her mouth staring around ” mummy, I don’t think I can cope. No. Sweetheart, you can. Remember your father, won’t take it likely with you “if he found out you haven’t been doing good with Mr faruq ”

mum. Am scared ” she embraced her mum crying “don’t be, go-ahead and pack ” Mrs hammed peek her and excuse outside hurriedly…….

aliyah heart beat fast when she Came down from the car staring at everywhere ” she was directed in by the guards while the house help rush to get her bags smiling ”

sweetheart. You here “allaji faruq embrace her at the door and ushered her in. hope you heard a nice drive ”

yes.aliyah replied and managed to smile. Everything is set for your arrival “go up and shower, so you can eat ”

aliyah, done as he said and walked gently to the room “the guards ushered her to the master bedroom ” she entered and noticed lots of Mr faruq pic.

Their wedding pic hung on the wall “she sat down pulling her earrings and opened her bag gently “she noticed the knock on the door and opened her eyes widely ”

her heart beat fast ” am coming. She rushed to the door and force a smile ” sweetheart, I just thought I should check on you ” Mr faruq spoke adjusting his glasses ”

sir. Are we going to share the same room “aliyah spoke in stammering voice “of course. We married.

Anyway ,am not here for that “he look serious. I told my son about you, and he really wants to meet ” you hey . He has been on my neck to get married ” he would be at Nigeria soon. Aliyah kept staring “go freshen up” he closed the door gently and smiling ” aliyah sat down holding her forehead “same bedroom. Oh my God. What if am dressing “no. she pick up her phone and told her mother ” she didn’t said a word expect laughter. of course you have to share the same room “she hung up the call ” aliyah excuse to the bathroom and bathed hurriedly peeping to see if Mr faruq is coming….
(later in the night)
aliyah lay down on the bed staring around ” she noticed the door open and noticed Mr faruq ” she sit up hurriedly holding the blanket to herself. hey. I know you must be scared “your father already told you a virgin ” that’s was exactly why I had interest in you “he touch her lap smiling “aliyah shifted to the back. he changed his look looking surprise “aliyah, common. I would be gentle with you ” he came closer “sir . She stood up shivering “what wrong. Mr faruq look serious “am on my period “what! damn. when would you be done “he ask looking serious “a week. I always have it for a week ” no problem. you can sleep ” he stood up staring at her ” I would spend the night at the other room till you done ” he opened the door clearing his voice “aliyah felt relief and managed to lay on the bed “she kept peeping and find it hard to sleep *************

NOTE:This story is not edited, so be expecting some errors.

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