Title : DAWN

Author : Shantel


Short story of a 16 years old girl from maymack High school and how her life was ruined and her soul ripped away from her .

Extract from the story
He can’t go Scot free, I won’t let this happen, I can’t let this happen.

“That’s just how deep you pierced into my soul and took my life. This isn’t dawn you killed her long ago”

Title : DAWN
Subtitle: Her dawn

Writer : Shantel

Episode 1

I walked through the school’s hall way with my headset over my head listening to a cool sad music trying to avoid the loud noise from the students running on the hall way. Friends giggling, people having fun..

I wasn’t interested in all that. I walked on the long way having no specific direction, people gave way for me to pass, eyes boring into my flesh some mumbling amongst themselves..

everyone wondering on the sudden change, the distance, my ex friends.

I remember how lovely I was and how much everyone wanted to associate with me, I had cool friends and few close ones. I was the school’s best ballerina and also sang melodiously feeling the excitement of my own heart.

Being the leader of the cheerleaders I was cheerful. They ask what happened, they wow on the sudden bridge between me and life, they crave for me but I can’t give what I don’t have.

Did I tell you who I am? or rather who I was? I didn’t and I don’t want to, I remember when I was asked in court.

“Please give us a profile about you” the lawyer asked, his voice echoing in the court room.

“Am Dawn Scott, 16 years old and in my final year in highschool. I attend Maymack High ” I replied with tiny droplets from the corners of my eyes.
..End of flashback..

Can I still bear that name? I feel like I had lost myself. I want to go home and lock myself up in my own lost world just under my warm duvet.

Am slowly dying inside each ticking second but I can’t die alone. I want to climb up to high mountains and scream to the world how I felt my soul piercing, my being breaking apart.

I was killed that very day, Dawn Scott was taken away from me. My body trembling, my legs waggling for help, my voice shouting from inside.. I felt it deeply.

The hot painful tears that fell down my swollen cheeks.. My smile was murdered, my happiness disappeared, I disappeared. What do I want from from all this wailing inside me?

“Dawn please tell this honourable court what you really want from all this? What is it you want? “. I looked down and up back, I closed my eyes and the tears fell.

“What I really want? What I want? I want myself back, I want to wake up and realize it was all a bad dream, I want to forget all this pains I feel”
…End of flashback..

I sat in the classroom receiving lectures I wasn’t accumulating, my desk far from others.

The tutor kept talking but all I heard were echoes in my head, I just stared at the brunette lady giving out every bit of hatred.

I hate them all! The bell rang, I picked my backpack and walked out. I passed through the gate and slowly walked home with my phone on my right hand, earpiece plugged on to my ears.

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