THE HEARTS SEASON 2: Episode 11-The End

(He’s her idol)

Season 2
Episode 11

By Tofunmi Nikky?

?Amy’s pov?

I didn’t even bother to look at them,I just ran out, I looked around.

That band and the women I dreamt of is kinda connected, who are they?

I started walking back inside, when something glittered on my wrist

I almost froze, how did it get to my wrist

“D@mn”I said and struggled to get it off,but no. I couldn’t

“Don’t be stubborn, that band will only be removed when you’re happy about it,then you can remove or put it on anytime”

“Who are you!”I said loudly,my eyes shut as I covered my eyes, I didn’t hear anything

I opened my eyes,damn.I headed inside and looked at them

Wait, they were looking at me since

“Amy”Carl called,staring at can I get out of this mess

“Um,,is not what you think”I replied shaking my head the whole time

“You were speaking with someone or…”Roy said and paused

“Trust me guys,it nothing.just forget”I said,putting on a sly smile

“Really?”Carl asked, oh God;don’t let them ask any more questions

“Yes,come on”I said and started walking, they make way for me and I went in,Geez!

?Jenna’s pov?

?She’s cute

?Look at her hair

They just went on screaming, we entered the car while Rose and Sara sat at the backseat

I put on the ignition and zoomed out of the school compound

“So what’s your plan”Rosa asked and I smiled,,

“You’ll know,I have to get anyone hindering me from getting Carl out”I said

“Hey!”Someone yelled and I turned to see that girl-Patsy

I looked away and drive more faster,she also did. I looked at her and she winked

“You know what?you’re just like your sis”I said and focused on the road

“Whatever”she rolled her eyes

“Why is she here?”Rose groaned

“I don’t f**king know”I replied and increased the speed.

In seconds she was at my front driving at a cr@zy speed.

Is she competing or what???.

“Come on Jen”Rosa yelled and I drove faster, I smiled as I finally overtake her,,

“We did it!”they shouted and I smiled, but it soon faded away

“Not yet”I said and raced faster, but no!,,she parked her car and blocked my way

I stepped down to see her sitting on her car booth

“You’re right,am just like my sister”

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