THE HEARTS SEASON 2: Episode 1-10

(He’s her idol?)

Season 2
Episode 1

By: Tofunmi Nikky?

?Amy’s pov?

“I want you to be mine”

I was dumbstruck as he said it,I let go of him

“What are you saying? You’ve hurt yourself”I said and stood up

I need to clean the wound, I took a cotton wool and turned only to see him laying on the floor

I rushed to him,,

“Hey!stop it”I said,I lifted him and his head on my laps

“Be mine, just mine alone”he mumbled and shut his eyes, this time I couldn’t fight back my tears

“Somebody help!! “I cried and tried lifting him up,I leaned closer and whispered to him

“Enough of this joke,I love you Carl”I said though not sure if he heard me,,or did he faint.

“No!”I yelped and rested my head on his chest,you can’t leave me this way,,I’m going with you

?Sandra’s pov?
“I like you”

He winked and I pushed him off me,and he fell on the grass while I stood up

I walked away,,

“Hey!”he called and suddenly came to my front

“You said you’re leaving today”I said hitting his chest

“Ouch!”he yelped and I laughed

“Let’s go inside”he said, I nodded and followed him

I say in a chair and I can’t believe I can be in Jay’s mansion; the popular freak

“I knew you would come,it’s boring alone”he said and sat beside me

“Yeah”I said and something caught my attention; the TV

?Rockboy Carl is currently at the hospital,, he need your prayers?

?What happened to him??

I stood up immediately,

“I need to go,,Carl is at the hospital”i said my eyes fixated at the TV screen

“I’m coming with you”


?Amy’s pov?

I sat down with my palm covering my face,,we rushed him to the hospital,, I just hope he’s fine

“Come on Amy, he will be fine”Max said and I just cried more

“No,,I’m the one who caused this”I said looking at them,,my eyes now puffy

“You’re not the cause if this,,this isn’t the first time”Roy said

“Really?”I asked cleaning my hand with my palm

“Yes,,I’ll tell you”he said and I nodded

“Amy”I heard a voice called and looked up to see Sandra

“How did it happened?”she asked immediately they got to us

“Hi guys”Jay said and they shook hands

Sandra and I went to a corner to talk

“How did it happened?”

“I just don’t know.,he hurt himself and then asked me to be his”

“Wait,,he said that”she asked

“I don’t wanna lose him”I cried and she pulled me closer.

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