“Mum, I want to pee” a four year old girl whined to her parents

“Sweet heart, please be patient,let your father find a safe place to park the car” Mrs Lawson her mother replied.

My princess, don’t you worry daddy will wait for your sake” Mr Lawson her father assured her

Thank you Daddy,I love you”

I love you too dear”

Lawson is the king of Zamzam and Angela his Queen, they both love having quiet time with their only daughter.


They were just coming back from the beach where they took their daughter with them before tragedy struck them.

Their car pulled over by the road side the girl who had been pressed up jumped out of the car to ease herself while her parents sat inside the car watching her.

Meanwhile a tanker driver has been trying to control the brake of his vehicle but all efforts admistered by the driver to stop the truck prove abbortive so he decided to run into a drainage system (gutter) so that he can end the speed of the truck.

Unfortunately for him, he didn’t see the Lawson’s car on time to avert the danger or even alert them.

The accident scene was a g..ory sight to behold, the tanker ran into the car and it somersaulted three times before it catches fire. The car was burnt beyond recognition. Although people tried to help but there’s little or nothing they could do.

The most painful part was that the little girl had to watch every thing that happened to her parents but being a small child she couldn’t comprehend what happened she started walking aimlessly around calling her parents name.

Mr and Mrs Richard are coming back from the beach as well and they decided to pass along the route the Lawson’s took.

They were suprised to meet the accident, well the sympathizers did not notice the little child crying because Mrs Richard was able to see her . She felt pity on the poor girl, she got down from their car and move closer to the young girl.

” I want my mummy” she cried

Mrs Richard was trying to pacify her when she fainted, the woman was terrified she carried her to the car and inform her husband to drive them to the nearest hospital.
On getting to the hospital the doctors were able to revive her but anytime they were able to revive her she falls back into coma again so the doctor advised that they let her to wake up by herself.

After six months she finally woke up but with an empty memory. The couple decided to adopt her as they didn’t know her parents and no one filed for a missing child. After a month they all travel out of the country.




“Geez does this dmn car have to stop now?” Annabelle whined,”what am I going to do now?” She picked up her phone and called her mum

Mum the dmn car just broke down now and I will be late for the interview” she said to her mum on the other line

“Language Anabelle” ,her mother warned, “sweet, you don’t have to cvrse”

“Sorry mum” she apologized “but what am i gonna do now?”

“Sweet, text me the address of your location I will call the engineer now”

I think am somewhere around lekki phase 11?

“Ok love” , she hangs up

She glanced at her wrist watch, “what? She exclaimed “oh my gosh am late already”

Anabelle was clad in a black office trouser and a cream colored shirt together with a camisole flats, she got inside the car change her flats to a snicker ,pack up her hair,she then pick up her files and check her phone for the direction of the company when she realize that it was not far she started running.

She placed a call to her mom to inform her that she has left the car.

“Sunshine, have left the car there, give the engineer the spare key am off to the company”

“Ok honey , what are you doing now?”

“Trust me sunshine,am running”

“And what did I tell you about this running of a thing, it’s not as if you want to run for the country”

“Sunshine, am late and I can’t help it,love you and catch you later”

Anabelle finally pulled to a stop at the front of MHC, she didn’t spare the building a glance before she rushed in .


Buzz Buzzz


“Max do you want me to kick your ass out of that bed? What the hell is wrong with you? Huh? You have to send that bitch out of your bed”

“Dad? Can’t I live my life again?”

“Indeed you want to live your life, huh who is going to interview the applicants?

“Dad the MD is there to do the job”

Son are you nuts, you are the CEO for God sake” he yelled

“And? Max asked sarcastically

“You won’t question my authority young man, anyway I give you five minutes to get yourself and that bch out of your bed or else, you know me, don’t you?” his father threatened

“Ok dad I give up”

“Bye” he said and hung up

Max turned to the na.ked lady sleeping beside him

” Hey you have to get up now” he said

“No dude, just one more round” the lady replied looking at max seductively.

“If you love your life, you will get your a$s out of the dmn bed” he threatened

“Oops max don’t be harsh” she replied laughing

” Just get your fking self out of my bed” he warned again.

Max was born to the famous Janice and Deborah Anderson one of the most richest couples in Nigeria.

Max was their only son, being the only son he took over the company MAC (Max Anderson and co) when he was twenty four years apart from being the CEO of this company, he’s also the CEO of the famous Lawson’s and shares company.

Max is a chronic play boy, he doesn’t believe in love, but sometimes he’s confused about life, he believes that he’s going to find someone who will love him unconditionally.

Although he doesn’t have any emotional attachment with all the girls he slept with but he do treat them nicely.

Well he has dated many girls but he hasn’t seen the one after his heart, they are either after his money or just for him to have sx with them, well he doesn’t care about all this he still try to make the relationship work but he always end up being the j.erk.

He hurriedly dressed up so that he can beat up time cause he doesn’t know what his dad will do to him, he was already on his way out when he remembered that Celia was still inside his room.

He entered inside his room only to find celia still na.ked on the bed

“Bch” he muttered “celia what’s this for?”

Celia stood up and walked towards him se..ductively ,”Max please just one more round”she whispered softly placing a hand on his shoulder

“Celia please” he begged, “you know what, when I come back we’ll continue from where we stopped” he winks at her.

But Celia didn’t listen,she continues caressing his body,this made him to be irritated.

“You bch, get your filthy hands off me, enough is enough, ok get dressed and get the h’ll out of my house”

” Gosh max, did you just say that to me? It’s unfair” she replied crying.

Though he didn’t give a dmn about the girls he sleeps with but he doesn’t like seeing tears of any of the female gender, he groans inwardly.

No this is not going to work today he thought , ” Celia get your clothes and get out of here now” he yelled but Celia was unfazed.

He took one of his shirt from his closet angrily,wore it on her, took his car keys and shove her out of the house.

“Here is your money,I don’t want to see you here again” he warned.


His car pulled over in front of his company, and he stood at the reception greeting his staff, Although he was late he was unfazed, he knew the interview couldn’t start without him.

He matched slowly to the conference room ,then suddenly something bumped into him,then he heard an angelic voice or was he what he thought?.


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