“Mum” Ann squeaked.

“What? Ann are you a baby” her mum exclaimed.

“Yes mum am a baby, the baby of the house” she replied.

”Baby of the house indeed, am pregnant” her mum stated.

“Huh?” Ann asked shocked with her eyes almost popping out of the socket.

“Ann chill,is pregnancy a disease” her mum laughed.

“No mum” she yelled ” you can’t be pregnant, you are joking an old lady like you pregnant! No”.

“I got you Baby, where’s your sister” her mum asked.

“She is out with her imaginary boyfriend”.

“Anne you are so engrossed with your mom that you didn’t know I was standing here” Richard exclaimed.


“Dad” she screamed and jumped on him.

“Woah easy,am not twenty seven, you don’t jump on me like that,am getting old” he laughed.

“No dad you are strong, wait till I start having children, you will know that you are strong” she stated.

“Says the girl who doesn’t have a boyfriend” Patricia replied.

“Mum what did you bring for me?” She whinned.

“At least let me sit down first” Patricia exclaimed.

“Oh am sorry ma, sit down I will get you a glass of juice, oh no you are old,I will get you a cup of water” she stated dramatically.

“Anna is just too much” Patricia stated.

“You can say that again” Richard replied.

“So mum what did you bring for me” she asked.

” Nothing” she replied.

“Mum, you can’t go to what did you call that place and not bring any of the local stuff” she exclaimed.

“Wait Anna what are local stuff?” Patricia asked raising an eye brow.

“I knew it, I ate Egunsi last week with pounded yam it was so delicious” she laughed.

“Who thought you how to eat Egusi”? Patricia asked.

“Mum I went to a restaurant with my boss and he ordered for it” she explained.

“Your boss?”


“What is his name?”.

“Maxwell Anderson”.

“Oh I know him, his father is a chief in Anambra” Patricia stated “least I forget we are all going to Anambra next month”.

“Yeah” Ann jumped up and started dancing.

“Anna, you are twenty four when will you start acting like one”.

Mum am Happy,at least if you don’t prepare local dish for us then granny would,I will really love to see her”.

“Good for you, your granny is also anxious to meet you too”.

“Ok mummy, I think someone is by the door”.

“Who is there?” She calls, “oh Max good afternoon”.

“Can I come in?”he asked.

“Hum, yeah come in” she replied.

“Mum dad this is the famous Maxwell” she introduced.

“Good afternoon son how are you” Richard greeted.

“Am fine sir” he replied.

“How are your parents?” Patricia asked.

“They are so good,thank you ma” he replied.

“Let us leave you guys to yourselves”.

“Mum we haven’t conclude our discussion” Ann whinned.

“Ok baby attend to your guest”.

“Ok ma” she responded

” Good afternoon max how are you doing”

“Am fine Ann, I was passing through the estate,so I decided to stop by and greet you” he said.

“Oh that’s so sweet of you” she cooed.

“I sense that you are in a good mood” he stated.

“Yeah,am just feeling like the last born in the house” she replied happily.

“Why don’t you let me, take you around Lagos as promised, we can go to club” Max offered.

“Yeah” she exclaimed with excitement lacing in her voice ” you are now talking, gwed have missed clubbing, let me change my cloth”.

“Nope you are good like this” he smirked.

“Lols what type of girl wear this type of dress to a club, make yourself at home I will be right back” she laughed.


*At the club*

“Woah what type of drink do they sell here” she exclaimed excitedly.

“Vodka, Hennessy” Max replied

“Is there Brandy?” She asked.

“Bar man give us Brandy”.

“Max” a guy Ann couldn’t recognized called him.

“My guy how you dey now” Max asked shaking hands with the guy.

“I dey oo,I no expect say I go see you today naw, watin you con do” the guy asked.

“Crazy guy,I con fetch water” he replied.

” Is this your new chick,she fine o” Nelson said.

“Nelson she be my PA naw she no be my new chick, you hear”.

“Dey deceive yourself” Nelson said.

“Babe how are you naw” Nelson asked moving towards Ann.

“You said what?” Ann asked confused.

‘oh this babe hot gan’ he thought.

“Hello beautiful how are you doing?” He asked again.

“Oh am good,is that what you said before?” She smiled

“Yes, am Nelson, you are” .

“Annabella, Ann,” she replied.

“Wow that’s nice”

“Can we dance?” He offered.

“Dance? to what, have never listened to this type of music all my life” she exclaimed.

“Wait a minute, did you just arrived?” Nelson asked.

“Well I lived all my life abroad and I just arrived to Nigeria few months back” Ann replied taking another shot of her drink.

“Wow so you don’t know anywhere in Lagos” he asked.

“Yep Max offered to take me around Lagos and this is our first step” she replied.

“Well it’s nice can I get your contact, you know I can join you guys in the tour” he proposed.

“No problem”

“Wow this is my favorite song”Ann exclaimed “work work work work”.

She got down from her stand,she started dancing and tweaking,she was dancing in a way that it’s so so stupid, Max couldn’t help laughing.

“Woah Max are you sure this babe is not drunk?” Nelson asked laughing.

“Well she just finished one bottle of Brandy, uh uh maybe she’s not the type that loves taking alcohol” Max said

“Just go and take her away from there before she embarrass herself further” Nelson advised.

“Yeah”Ann yelled.

“What?” Max quickly covered her mouth ” shut up you are not in LA, gosh you’re drunk”.

“Shut up id!ot am not drunk, yeah yeah” Ann snapped dancing vigorously.

Max had to drive her forcefully out of the club, he put her into the car and drove to his house.


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