“And I’m saying I don’t wanna talk about it” Rosario said, walking ahead of Romanio.

“Why the hell did you take her back to that apartment after she tried to escape!, She made a fool out of you!, You’ve never spared anyone who tried that!” Romanio said.

They’ve been on the issue since daybreak.

“I really don’t want to fight this morning, dude” Rosario replied, and Romanio held him.

“Does it look like we’re in good terms right now?, You even refused to tell me why you brought her!”

“I haven’t figured out why I brought her yet” Rosario replied.

“You’re mad!, Have you forgotten what Mary did?, Stop it Rosa!” Romanio said, lightening a smoke as Hellcat appeared with Clyde and Terrius.

“Let’s hit the road” she said, getting into the black Audi.

Most of the cars in the park is black though.

Romanio looked at Rosario before getting into the car, Rosario got in too, then the rest.

They hit the road immediately, and after an hour drive, they arrived in an old street.

Two minutes drive into it brought them to the front of a building which looks like a temple.

They got down, and Romanio buttoned his suit.

They’re all dressed corporately since they’re here for business anyways.

They walked in and met a lady by the door.

She’s completely bald, giving her head an egg look.

When she smiled, it revealed her sharp teeth.

Her teeth was sharpened to look like a shark’s, or maybe claws.

“Welcome Mr Gambinos” she gestured, leading them in.

“Thanks, Sakura” Rosario said freely.

“It’s nice to see you again Lord Romanio” Sakura said.

Romanio glared at her, but she seemed unaffected by the glare, cos she smiled.

They finally got to a big metal door, and Sakura opened the door slowly.

Inside the room are five men in suits, greed tied tight knots on their faces.

The brothers went in first, then Hellcat followed.

Clyde looked at Terrius, and Terrius smirked at him.

“Bstard” he muttered, going in with him.

The five settled down in front of the five men, though a table is between them, and a briefcase is on the table.

“The bag contains five metric tons of co..caine, I declare a price of 20 white diamonds per ounce” The one who looks like the leader of the men said.

“Isn’t that a little bit pricey?” Romanio said.

“Same view, pricey” Rosario replied.

“It’s the fair price, twenty diamonds is equivalent to 15 million dollars” another man replied.

“I think it’s fair enough” Hellcat said.

“Open up” Rosario said, and the bag was opened.

The co..caine came to view, wrapped in white wraps.

Rosario touched it to confirm its authenticity, and he nodded.

“Deal, Cat pass them the phone” he said.

Hellcat passed the men a mini phone with her gloved hand, and the leader took it.

He entered their account on it and gave it back to Hellcat.

Hellcat passed it back to Terrius and Clyde.

They tapped their buds, connecting to the computer lab.

“Account gotten” Terrius whispered.

“Fingerprint on the phone body” Clyde added.

“Cool!, On it!” Lush’s voice came.


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