Mary could already feel life slipping out of her when the third sting came.

Her bones and flesh felt like thorns immediately, pricking her heart and other components.

“Christ, please have mercy” she whispered before passing out.

The fourth snake was about to sting her unconscious body when Clyde jumped into the valley.

He threw a knlfe directly at the mouth of that particular one, and it went down flat immediately.

The others started charging towards him, but he covered his nose and threw down a smoke bomb that’s poisonous to their eyes.

They all crawled away fast.

He rushed to her and his eyes widened when he saw three bites on her body.

“Sht, she’s not gonna survive” he said and carried her in his arms.

He ran out of the valley and never stopped running till he got back to the empire buildings.

He made his way to Rosario’s mansion, and met Hellcat just by the door.

“What the fk is this!” She said fast.

“I found her at the snakes valley, she got stung badly” Clyde replied, and her eyes widened.

” Why the h’ll was she there?”

Clyde entered proper, and he dropped her in the middle of the living room.

Hellcat checked her pulse.

“Her pulse is faint already, survival is impossible, she finally died” she said emotionlessly.

Rosario came out and immediately he saw her lying in bI.ood, he rushed to her

“What the h’ll happened?”

“I found her at the valley of snakes” Clyde replied.

” Who the fk took her there! ” Rosario yelled.

” No idea boss” Clyde replied.

Rosario bent beside her body and felt her heartbeats.

When he felt slow beats, he stood and made to go in.

Hellcat stopped him.

“Are you really gonna do what I’m thinking?, I won’t allow that” she said.

Rosario roughly took his hand from her and rushed in.

“What’s he gonna do?” Clyde asked.

Hellcat looked at Mary, folding her fists tightly.

Rosario came out with a bottle of blue liquid, venom accumulator.

Hellcat stormed out of the mansion immediately, not ready to watch him do that for Mary.

Clyde left afterwards.

Rosario took off Mary’s hoodie, and her nakedness stared at him as he poured the blue liquid on the bitten spots.

Mary moved slightly as it penetrated.

Rosario rinsed his mouth with some of the liquid and didn’t wait another minute before covering her bitten shoulder with his mouth.

He scked out the venom since the liquid has made it accumulate.

Immediately it filled his mouth, he spit it away.

He proceeded to scking it out of her leg and arm.

He felt weak immediately, and he stood staggeringly.

He walked into his room and rinsed his mouth with alcohol, then he went into the bathroom and rinsed his face.

He looked at his face in the mirror and sighed.

“What did I just do” he asked himself, his mother’s face appearing in his head.

” I’m surely ¢razy, how could I?” He asked himself, walking out of the bathroom.

He picked a smoke and took a puff after lightening it, but he immediately started coughing.

He threw it down and h!t the wall with his fist, the events of that night flooding through his head.

“Cvrse the day I met you, Mary” he remembered his dad’s last words and pvnched the wall again.

” fk!!!!! ” He yelled angrily.


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