By Naomi Cindy B.


Mary held tightly to him immediately, kssing him back tenderly.

It was different from their rough ksses, this is gentle and soft, and the taste of his lips kept melting in her mouth.

Rosario couldn’t stop devouring her lips, this gentleness added to the sweetness, he kept eating up her lips while his hand pressed her @ss.


Mary’s hands were parading his body too, it reached his skin already, and his hardness has already formed strongly between his legs.

He suddenly pushed her slowly, and she gave in to it till her back hit the bathroom door.

It opened, and they stepped in, going under the shower.

Rosario put on the shower and the water started wetting them as the kss got wilder, both went crazy over the need to make their lips swell.

Rosa’s heart was thudding gently on his chest, it has always been that way since the first time he set his eyes on her in the church that fateful day.

Mary started unbuttoning his shirt, and when she was done, she slipped it away from his body, and it landed on the wet floor.

She backed the wall, and Rosario started pressing his body on hers, feeling her bbs as she ran her palms on his toned abs.

He suddenly broke the kss, and they both started breathing heavily as they stared at each other.

Rosario’s eyes are full of emotions and desire, immense one.

“You can take your time, I’ll be the only one who says it for now” he whispered, taking away some strands of wet hair from her face.

“I own every part of you Donna, from your pretty face to your deepest core, any man who does as much as touching you will die by my hands” he whispered, slipping down the straps of her singlet.

“You own every f*cking part of me, I’m all yours Ross” she whispered, and he finally slipped the singlet away from her body.

He crashed his lips on hers again, playing with her bbs on his palms.

She clinged tightly to him, getting him harder by rubbing his upper body caressingly, he was already insane over her.

He played with her tips for as long as he wanted, rolling the redness in the middle of his fingers, then he suddenly pulled down her shorts, and once it went down, he t ore away her pa.nts.

There’s something sxy about the way he tears it off, she loves when he does that.

He threw away the destroyed p.ants, and she drew down his p.ants from his waist too, their lips were still on each other as they strlpped.

His p.ants went down, and he immediately carried her, resting her back on the wall, her Iegs went to his waist, so she’s between him and the wall.

Mary got a hold of his ck and inserted it into herself at once, her tight hole adjusted so fast to it, and he started b.anging it fast.

“Like that, yes…. like that” she mo..aned softly, biting her lip as her legs tangled more tightly on his waist.

He had to break the kss so he could svck on her tempting tips.

He held her @ss, moving it up and down his ck, and it entered and reentered easily but fast, her @ss was slamming on his body, and it felt so good as the sI.apping sounds filled their ears.

He captured her lips again, kssing her till her lips started quivering on his own.

His dk was moving so fast that she felt her womb getting stroked immediately, her core started screaming for more, and she couldn’t get enough too.

Rosario took a break from svcking her, and her tips started hardening on her chest, wanting his mouth again.

She started pressing herself, pinching and playing with her bbs knowingly, biting her lip occasionally.

Rosario’s eyes darkened with lvst immediately, and a knowing smirk spread on his lips.

“Keep playing with it” he said, and she kept playing with her bbs, he increased the pace of the knacking.

“Yes yes yes Ross!”


“Fk! Yes!”

“Like that!”

“Like that!”

“Fk me like that!”

“Put it in my mouth” he said, and he leaned in, she held her right bb and guided it into his mouth , still pressing as he svcked like a baby.

It was so sweet that she started grinning, and the way he was fking her so fast, it’s driving her mad.

He felt so big and good inside of her, he filled her up completely, and she could feel her orga$m building,she desperately wanted a release.

“Oh my gawd!”

“Oh my….fk!”

“I’m so close _ please baby!”

He pulled out and placed her down gently.

“Your @ss” he ordered, and she excitedly turned her @ss to him.

She rested her palms on the wall, so her @ss was directly on his dk level.

He held her hips and thrvsted hard into her from behind.

“Ross … Jeez!!!”

He began thrvsting hard in and out, $panking her @ss at every thrvst, making her orga$m boil inside her.


“Harder_ yes_ oh!_ yes!”

“Dmn!, Ross I love your thing!”

“I’m gonna cvm!”

He kept ba..nging her hard, and she kept screaming loudly for a release.

He only yielded to it when he was satisfied, and when his raspy voice finally said “c*m” after the last thrvst, her juice flowed all-over his dk.


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  1. This is already getting complicated
    We already have three preets
    The one in Korea, the one that called Enzo and Mary
    I don’t think this is ending soon
    And Mr Deejay isn’t making this easy for us
    For he’s taking days to post
    I’m already having a bad feeling about Romanio falling for her and the operation they are going to

  2. This is complicated now
    I pray romanio don’t falling in love with her. bcz ,if he does things will get worst between him and rosa and the operation they are going.
    But the author is not making this easy
    He take days before he post next episode and we are getting tired

  3. This is getting complicated I prayed the two brothers should not fight cuz mary and also Rosa should no misunderstood marry 🥺🥺 plssssss author we are tired of the suspense stop starving us thanks. 😥🖤

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