THE MASKED SINGERS: Episode 51 To 60

The Masked Singers 💘

💙 Korean High School Love Story 💜

Episode 51

By Anita øgheneyole

And the best student of the year goes to jenice rumudo the principal voice boom through the microphone .

I smiled within myself,I was nervous as hell,I was sitting beside Becky and Katherine.

Go get it bae Becky said urging me to go forward.

Jenice can you please come out the principal said.

You can do it,just go Becky said.

I walked out nervously,I could see the way the parents where starring at me I know am pregnant.

You are best student of the year and on behalf of the school we are presenting this award to you the principal said giving me a gold medal and took photos with me .

Thank ma I said smiling.

You are welcome sweetheart,thanks for being the best despite your Condition she said.

i smiled as I walked back to my seat.

Hours later .

I already got home from the graduation,my luggage where already set and I had also brought back my sibblings from school.

I couldn’t see Ian at school so I had sent a text message to him to meet at the bridge,I hope he does .

Sissy are we leaving tie asked as I arranged the clothes .

It’s for the best I said.

So where are we going Troy asked .

Don’t worry,I think we should leave this place because I don’t like how uncle had being following us teddy said.

What do you mean following I asked shocked .

Don’t worry sissy after all we are leaving he said.

You don’t dare keep anything away from me I said and they nodded .

Hey babe what’s going on here why are you packing Becky said entering the house with Katherine.

Well am arranging my things I lied not wanting to let them know .

Jenice stop the pretence are you traveling Becky yelled .

No am not i lied .

Then what’s up with all the goods stuff Katerine yelled .

Ok fine am living this country for good i said.

Wait where are you going Becky asked.

Do you think I felt comfortable here,the one person I had ever loved is treating me like trash,if I keep staying here and he keeps rejecting me I think I would die of depression and don’t try talking me out of it my mind is already made up I said.

Jenice .

No jenice Becky the only option I have is even he accepts me but If he dosen’t am leaving for good .

So where are you going Becky asked .

I sent a text message to him to meet me at the bridge I hope he comes you guys take care of my sibblings I said walking out .

Bye sissy my sibblings yelled behind me .


I had sat down at the bridge for almost three hours and he hasn’t showed up .

The train I boarded was to leave by 6 and it’s already 5pm.

I sat down for the next 20 minutes and he didn’t show up and I had told him to be here by three .

Ian I think this is where we say goodbye I said pulling the ring he gave to me in the Parris trip and threw it inside the water .

Goodbye Ian I said cleaning the tears in my eyes .

I stopped a cab and with one last look I entered.


Did he forgive you,what did he say,are you leaving Katrine asked as I got home .

He didn’t even showed up I said.

So you are leaving Becky asked .

Yes get out luggages,the train is almost leaving I said.


Jenice I would miss you Becky said crying.

I would miss you too I said hugging her tightly.

Sis did you really have to go Katrine said crying .

Jenice Please contact us and tell us everything i said.

The train is almost leaving a guy yelled from inside the bus .

Bye I would give you update I said rushing inside the train .

Thanks I said to the guy but he didn’t even raise his head.

I held my siblings tightly to myself I hope my journey makes a good turn .


Everyone fasten your seat belt the conductor of the train yelled.

I could see everywhere was in choas .

My siblings were awake and shinning their eyes.

Suddenly smoke filled the train and I stared coughing.

Everybody go out they kept screaming that was the last thing I remembered I passed out .

Ian .

I say down quitely In the living room with the rest of the crew .

I kept starring at the message jenice sent me .

I saw her entering the car but I didn’t make any attempt to stop her since I was late .

No matter how hard I tried to keep her away from my mind she keeps coming back and I think am madly in love with this girl I don’t care the offence she had committed but am taking her back .

Jeremy did you have to change it to news channel I heard carrim yelled and that brought r out of my thoughts .

A train had caught fire at exactly 10pm this evening and all the passagers that entered died I heard the reporter say and that caught my attention.

That’s so bad jeremy said.

The picture of the decease would be presented the reporter said and went off and immidiately their faces came up .

Ian isn’t that jenice and her sibblings carrim yelled standing up .

And what do you mean by that I asked angrily even though I was scared .

Ian that’s jenice dethro said standing up .

I raised my head and looked at the pictures and lo and behold it was jenice and her sibblings.

No this can’t be true I yelled standing up and grabbing my car keys .

Wait let me call Katerine she’s her sister carrim said and place a call to her.

📞Hello Katerine said from the other side of the line .

📞Where is jenice carrim asked .

📞Actually jenice and her sibblings just left the country this evening through a train am gonna call her soon she said.

What we all screamed at once .

No no this can’t be true I yelled rushing out of the house with tears already coming out of my eyes.

Ian wait I heard Jeremy yelled behind me but I didn’t listen to him I drove out of the house roughly .

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