Top 5 ways of making money from Snapchat

Top 5 ways of making money from Snapchat Like App like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, some people are also making cool and legit money on Snapchat. Before we discuss top 5 ways of making money from Snapchat, let’s discuss what is Snapchat?’, and ‘How much can I make on Snapchat’. While you may think Snapchat … Read more


HEALTH BENEFITS OF SODOM APPLE LEAF Other common names of the herb include Sodom apple, stabragh, kapok tree, king’s crown, rubber bush, or rubber tree, Calotropis, auricula tree, cabbage tree, calotrope, camel tree, Dead Sea fruit, desert wick, French cotton, giant milkweed, Indian milkweed, mudar fiber, mudar plant, rooster tree, Sodom’s milkweed and swallow-wort. Genus name … Read more


🍀AMAZING FACT ABOUT PUMPKIN LEAVE JUICE🍀 (Ugu Juice) Have you ever heard about the positive impact of 🍀Ugu vegetable’s leaves on your health? This vegetable has tons of vitamins and minerals, which help your body to stay healthy and skin to remain smooth. But how do you cook beneficial Ugu leaves juice? There are several … Read more


If you don’t know the medicinal capacities of Papaya (Pawpaw leave) beyond being the leaf of a yellow fruit, then you are missing in action. It is strange that till today, many people who have pawpaw trees in their compounds don’t know how powerful the leaf is, as an alternative cure or treatment for many … Read more

THE SCAR: Episode 1 – The End

The Scar: The Kids Are Watching Written by Sonia Okehie Episode 1 They say “history always repeats itself” and to be honest, there’s an atom of truth in that harmless statement. Have you ever wondered why kids that were raised in abusive homes and environment sadly turn out to be abusive as they grow older, … Read more

MONEY LOVE : Episodes 1 – The End

MONEY LOVE 💵♥️ Episode 1 Jovita had been married to Henry for nearly a decade, Henry was a good man, who adored his wife and children and everyday he worked harder to give them a good life. Jovita and Henry LOVE each other so much but the great problem Henry had was that Jovita was … Read more

The Hunted House : Episode 11 – 20

The Hunted House! Written and composed by Excelrhymez Aka Mummy E 08034868617 Episode 11. The next few weeks was hell for Mr Ade as everything seemed to be working against him. Wherever he went to seek for a job they always turned him down that they needed a younger man. Mr Ade didnt understand the … Read more