? CHAPTER 11 ?


Emelia was coming back from the hospital with her twins ,when she sighted someone like genevieve ,coming out of a very big expensive car .

huh is this not genevieve or my eyes Is paining me ,she muttered and quickly hide .

she watch as genevieve enter another car and the car drove off.

oooh my goodness what’s she doing here ? don’t tell me she came all the way from London to this mexico to kll me and my kids maybe because of the fact that she is insecure or what , God please help me , Emelia muttered breathlessly .

she stopped a cab and entered she went straight to her apartment Instead of the shop to have some rest with the kids ,

she arrived and drop her stuffs ,she layed the baby and have a cold shower


she took her phone and scroll up checking the only three contacts that’s in her phone donald contact ,maria contact and Fatima’s contact, she dial Maria’s number and it rings.

but she refused to pick the call .

maybe aunty maria is busy or not with her phone she thought and sigh

donald I wonder how he is doing ,I can’t believe I fall in love with that kind of man ,Emelia muttered as tears roll down her eyes ,is almost one month and something I left but he hasn’t called or try to reach me , I know his married but that doesn’t mean he should be treating me like that ,she cried .


****Emelia flashback ******

I walk out of my bathroom with my heavy tommy , I bumped into genevieve .

sorry ,sorry I’m really sorry ,I apologized immediately but that’s an absolute nonsense because I received a sIap immediately from her .

the pain was much that I don’t know when tears roll down my cheeks ,

you stupid slut ,let this be the first and last time your stinky and dirty body would ever touch mine ,she yelled while I bow my head in fear .

nonsense ,I can’t believe a low commoner a stupid and poor miserable thing is brought to this house for me to be stressed but don’t worry ,I will personally deal with you ,she said and push me aside before walking away .

I touched my face and winch ,the sIap really hurts ,I touched my cheeks and realize I was crying ,I sigh and decided to go to the garden ,I don’t want maria to be worried about me ,I thought and went straight to the garden.

I reach and sat down on one of my favorite spots and start thinking about my life ,

don’t worry Emelia it will be fine ,once they have the baby ,you will be rich ,I muttered and sigh sadly ,

Hmmm what are you doing here ? someone said from the back and I flinch .

Donald . I called when I saw the person since he ordered I call him by his name …

you startled me ,I mumbled and face my front while he sit beside me .

is everything alright ,he ask ” noticing my red cheeks I guess,ooh no the tears I haven’t wipe them out yet ,I thought nervously .

is nothing actually I said wiping them with styles for him not to notice.

cut the pretence Emelia ,why are you crying and why is your cheeks red ,he ask ”

I ..I I’m just being too emotional I said and look away ,

look at me ,he ordered ” while I sigh and face him

who hit you ,he glares while I move back because his face is really scary right now ..

nobody hit me ,I feel and hit my face on the ground I mean my face brushed at the wall and I got the injury through that ,I said nervously because honestly I don’t know how to lie .

tell me the truth Emelia you don’t know how to lie ,he said staring at me with angry eyes .

I bumped into genevieve and she slapped me ,I muttered with my head bow ,beside he won’t do anything to her ,he loves her and she is his wife ,I thought and scoff wondering why his all worked up and was like since when did he start to care about me .

what !!!, you mean eve my wife sIapped you ? he ask , staring at me as if I have suddenly gone insane .

yes she sIapped me ,is my fault anyway so is nothing ,I said with a fake smile .

but…but genevieve is my wife and she is not that kind of person ,he said ..

sir please I said is nothing okay please ,I said boiling in anger ,wait why I’m I angry ,I thought

I will be in my room now the baby needs to rest I said , standing to leave.

but he calls me back ,

tell me the truth did my wife hit you ,he ask while I nodded and left.


**** Two days After ******

I was chatting with maria inside the kitchen ,she is the only one that loves me in that house ,

don’t worry I will take care of the baby and send you pictures when he grows up ,maria teased

while I smile and nodded ”

genevieve suddenly walk inside the kitchen .

maria is the food ready ,she ask while maria nodded .

okay then ,since is ready make a cup of hot water for me ,I need to drink warm water ,she requested .

yes ma’am I will do that right away

maria said , and move to the other side to boil the water while genevieve came near me and sat on the chair ,maria was sitting on before .

how are you ? she ask ,which took me by surprise

huh ? I ask looking up to confirm she is talking to me .

huh? are you dumb dear ,she ask and laugh sarcastically ,I ask how are you ?

oooh okay I’m fine ,I answered and smile .

and you ? I ask feeling happy she was talking to me ,

I’m good ,she said ”

how is your baby doing ? she ask staring deeply .

fine ,we are all good ,I answered with a smile

which she return .

okay then ,

here , maria said handing over a cup of hot water to her ,

thank you ,she said with a smile and collected it

I will be in the sitting room right now ,she said standing up ,

I honestly do not know how she did it but the next thing is that I feel hot water on my body ,

arrrrg I scream and cry out .

maria rush to me , and pure cold water on me as I cry and groan non-stop

oooh mine , genevieve scream I’m really sorry , forgive me you will be fine ,she said dropping the cup and left .
maria helped me out and I sat on the chair and raise my cloth ,my tummy red my hand ,shoulder and legs ,

arrrg.i screamed out in pain as maria apply first aid treatment on it .

I know she did that , knowly maria said with anger

arrrg ,I cried out and bursted into tears maria it hurts I said.

I know come let me help you to your room ,maria said

and I went upstairs and lay down on my bed in pains ,later maria served me my lunch and get me some drugs , and I slept off .

when I woke up ,I was hearing some noise downstairs ,but I can’t come down due to the fact that I’m seriously in pain ,we are talking about a very hot water here I thought and sigh ,

the noise continue for atleast twenty minutes, before it suddenly die down

I sigh.

I wonder what is going on ,who is making all this noise ,or maybe genevieve is yelling at her maids or maybe maria .

few minutes later , a knock came on the door ,come in I said thinking is Maria .

hi , donald said immediately while I flinch .

good evening ,I greeted

why didn’t you come downstairs for dinner ,he ask ”

ooh that I …I … I actually you know the baby is making my waist heavy for me to walk , and I need some rest ,I said praying he believe me but that’s too unfortunate because he arleady knows the truth .

why do you always lie ,why didn’t you tell me that , genevieve is treating you bad ,I ask about you when I came back and maria told me what happened , please forgive her , I already cautioned her ,he said sitting close to me holding my hands .

I….okay thank you ,I muttered bowing my head ,now I understand the meaning of that noise I heard earlier ,

come here ,he said giving me a hug

while I give in and relax on his arm ,wow so inviting I thought but stop the thought when I remember that I’m not his wife ,he loves his Wife and that was actually the first time , donald stood up for me , and also hug me too close ,,but that was only because I was pregnant for him which I know was the truth .

**** flash back ends ****


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