? CHAPTER 21 ?

*** Fatima **”

It has been a four good months now ,still yet Emelia refused to tell me where she is going to ,I don’t want to invade her privacy I respect her decision if she doesn’t want to tell me is fine ,maybe is not yet time .

Trevor and I are now friends ,while Evan I haven’t seen or heard from him since that incident .

Hey watch where you are going I scolded christiana who was crawling on the way .she stare up at me and giggle .

They have being disturbing my life but don’t worry when they grow up I’m going to spank their bvtts.


Fatima ! Trevor is here .Emelia tell ”

really I said happily and rush out but when I come out I didn’t see anyone that look like trevor .

Emelia where is Trevor ? I ask .

oooh that’s my imagination go and get the coffee ready we have a lot of customers don’t come and lazy around here ! Emelia said with a smirk ”

what are you teasing me now ! I ask with a frown .

of course why won’t I tease you ,I know you won’t come out if I didn’t mention Trevor’s name ,so I have no other option don’t blame me too much for that .Emelia said and shift away from me .

lia that’s totally unfair .I cried out while I heard some people laugh I stopped and glare at Emelia before walking back into the shop.

I will deal with her .I muttered and frown deeply .


**** BACK IN LONDON ******


So you trying to tell me that your stay there was useless because you gain nothing ,I think is high time I take it by force .Grandpa biden yell.

I’m really sorry Grandpa I’m sorry I disappointed you . Genevieve pleaded .

You should be sorry for yourself .Grandpa biden yell making GENEVIEVE to flinch back.

where is that son of his ! Grandpa biden ask ”

grandma took him out of the country for four months now I haven’t seen him not grandma. Genevieve explained.

what !!! are you stupid why do you allow her to go out with that baby not even for weeks but months , Genevieve months ! Grandpa biden exclaimed ”

I…. Grandpa what do I do then ! Genevieve ask”

you have to find a way to take that baby away from her ,find out the country she is now ,you have to go there and take your baby .Grandpa yell ”

ok okay . Genevieve bowed and left.

Stupid granddaughter of mine so useless after all this year’s ! Grandpa biden shouted and shift every stuff around him in anger.

bstard !!! he cvrsed ”


**** BACK IN MEXICO ****

** EMELIA **

I’m on my way to the movies industry with Jerry just like we discussed ,the four months is finally over and oooh that lazy ass Fatima is at the shop with my babies.

we are here ‘ Jerry interrupted my thoughts “.

oooh okay I said and sigh ”

are you nervous ? he ask ”

and before I forget Jerry have been a nice guy for a while now and I like him for that .

Yes I won’t lie to you I’m scared you know I didn’t study theatre art I just have passion for acting and I believe I can do it .I muttered .

he look at me and smile ,he look down at my hand and held my hand before staring back into my eyes .

listen Emelia you don’t have to be nervous ,scared or feel like you aren’t good enough. This movie I scripted I want you to put I your best and prove to the world that you can do it .Jerry said “,

thank you so much ,I really appreciate everything you have being doing for me .I said suddenly feeling very emotional.

is nothing .he said and smile

wait let me get the door for you .He said

no no no wait I can do that I said immediately not waiting for his reply I open the door and jump down .

I walk to his side and he also walk out and close the door .

I look at the building we drove into is very big and beautiful. .

wow I can’t believe this !! is so beautiful .I said happily .

While Jerry chuckled ”

come let’s go inside I will introduce you to your colleagues ,he said holding my hand while I smile and walk in with him.

wow so many people are here ,I thought mentally ”

hi guys .Jerry called and they all turn to him .

hi sir ,hello Jerry ,buddy What’s up .These are the greetings he received ”

who is she ? why is she holding your hand ? A girl ask

I quickly disengaged our hand and stand out a bit .

wow she is hot , beautiful and she is kinda exposed what a bitch I thought and roll my eyes inwardly.

she is our new member so welcome her into the movie industry .Jerry said ”

you haven’t answered my questions Jerry I asked who is she ? The girl yell catwalking towards Jerry .

Brenda please don’t disturb my peace okay ! he said ”

so I’m now a peace disturber ,the brenda girl said”

hello I’m caro ,don’t mind this bitch you are welcome a girl said to me with a smile .

thank you ,you are beautiful I said ”

you too make yourself comfortable okay and becareful of some bch. Caro said and glare hard at brenda before walking away.

Hey where do you think you are going to ,! brenda ask dragging caro back .

this is so bad .I thought ”

how dare you touch me you stinking thing ! Caro yell ”

who is are stinking thing and how dare you say that I’m a bch .She is the bch instead see the way she was holding Jerry’s hand ,brenda said angrily ”

not my business ,nor yours is Jerry’s hand leave me alone. Caro yell ”

no I won’t . brenda yell holding caro tightly

how dare you ? caro said and landed a heavy sI.ap on Brenda’s cheeks , Making her to pull back and release caro.

that’s just a lesson ,caro scoff and walk away while the rest inside the room bursted into laughter.

wow that was a whole lot of entertainment ,a girl said ”

that serves her right ! another girl muttered ”

I love you senior colleague Caro .a girl shouted

while brenda on the other hand was still bowing with a sIapped face .

I stare at her and sigh ,I walk close to her .

emmm sorry about that . I said touching but she pushed me off .

Making me to stagger while Jerry rush to my side and hold me.

are you okay ? he ask glaring hard at brenda ”

becareful brenda ,Jerry said angrily ”

don’t I’m fine I said with a smile .,

nonesense ,I hate you all .brenda said with her red face and walk away .

laughter ****

I stare at the actors and actresses their they are all beautiful and handsome ,I don’t know anyone anyways I don’t watch movies . I’m busy struggling to feed .

welcome dear .they chroused ”

thank you .I said with a smile

guys we don’t have much time .the movie is just a high school drama ,

scripted by me but was written by Chidume joy but was sold to me ,so we are going to start with that okay ,Jerry said ”

while they all nodded ”

Let’s get to work .Jerry said to me.

ok I can do this I muttered mentally .



Donald was sitting in a bar with his best friend Calvin.

I let her be of course I sent those guards back since two months ago she just dress up and leave and come the same day at least is better .Donald said ”

hahaha man ,what about your son. ? are you discussing with grandma ? Calvin ask

yeah I talked to them yesternight and trust me baby Chris is so cute , handsome , adorable ,lovely and has added more flesh he looks so healthy .Donald said with a smile.

that’s nice I believe grandma is treating him well with good and healthy food of course .calvin muttered ”

Are you going to take the baby back ? Calvin ask ”

which baby ? donald ask ”

baby Chris of course I mean are you going to tell grandma to bring him back ? Calvin explained ”

no never my son is okay there I can just pay them a visit if I miss him ,Donald snapped ”

okay that’s nice , how’s busy ? Calvin ask ”

good ,I dealing with it’s stress ,Donald said.

while calvin nodded .

okay I want to tell you something ,donald said “.

What’s that ? Calvin ask ”

I think I don’t love Genevieve anymore ,I mean I don’t look at her in that admiring way again ,instead I feel disgusted and irritated and atimes wonder how she turns out to be my wife,Donald explained ”

wait wait wait are you trying to tell me that you don’t love your darling , honey again ? Calvin ask while donald shrugged”

of course I won’t lie to you I’m just telling you how I feel .Donald said ”

hmmmm that’s good anyway I told you Genevieve is not a better person. calvin said .

hmmmm .donald sigh .



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