THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 91 – 100

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 91 – 100


Chuka who had decided to drop by his neighborhood to flaunt the car in front of Ali and the other guys, as well as pick up his flash drive which he had left behind when moving out, gisted with the guys, oblivious of Prisca who was studying him from the shop where she sat.

“Aunty I thought you were looking for him and Uncle Eric? Is he not your friend?” The teenage girl, Yinka asked when she returned to the shop and noticed that Prisca was making no effort to go and say hello to Chuka.

“No. My friend just texted me now that I’m in the wrong address. The Eric I’m looking for is in the next street. Hope you didn’t tell him anybody is looking for him?” Prisca asked Yinka who quickly shook her head.

“I didn’t even remember. I was too happy to see him.” She said with an embarrassed smile which Prisca returned.

“I see. Anyway, my bolt driver is here. I should be leaving now so I can meet up with my friend at the other street. Take for the malt. You can keep the change.” She said handing the girl a new five hundred naira note as her bolt driver stopped behind the car Chuka had parked.

“Thank you aunty. Bye bye.” The girl waved as Prisca walked briskly to the car and got in so Chuka wouldn’t see her.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 91 – 100

Immediately she was in the car her lips curved in a smile. She was more than glad to know she had been right. So Eric was rich? Just how rich was he? She wondered feeling happy for Kimberly. She couldn’t wait to share the good news with Kimberly. Or maybe she should wait until she found out more? She hadn’t even asked if Eric or his friend was married. They probably were not married. No wealthy married man would leave his wife to come and rent a small apartment in this part of Lagos. What was Eric hiding? Why was he here? Or was it like in the movies where those rich heirs diguise as poor people to look for a wife? Prisca kept wondering until she got to the office.

She decided not to tell Kimberly anything yet until she got her facts right. Once she knew for certain who Eric was and why he was hiding she would tell Kimberly everything. The last thing she wanted was to raise Kimberly’s hopes about Eric and end up finding out she had been misinformed.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 91 – 100

Thankfully Kimberly was still in the office by the time she returned, “Investigator Prisca. You’re back already?” Kimberly asked jocularly when she raised her head to see who was at her door and saw Kimberly.

“Yeah. Guess what I found out?”

“You’re going to tell me anyway.” Kimberly said disinterestedly as she returned her attention to the book she was still reading. After her call with Eric she had felt really guilty about letting Prisca do what she was doing. Eric had a right to keep whatever he was keeping to himself as long as it wasn’t her business and wasn’t going to hurt her.

“Well, apparently your husband isn’t even the owner of that house. He was squatting with a friend.” Prisca said in a gossip and tone.

“I thought as much. The place didn’t look befitting for him.” Kimberly murmured as she kept looking at her phone.

“You’re really not curious about anything else?” Prisca asked as she watched Kimberly closely.

“No I’m not. If the situation was reversed I wouldn’t want him to be doing this behind me, so I don’t think I should be doing it either.” Kimberly said making Prisca sigh.

“Jeez! Sometimes you can act so good that I start looking like a bitch beside you.” Prisca said with a scowl as she stood up.

“Yeah yeah. So please don’t go there anymore or try to find out anything about him, okay? I want to trust Eric. This is just the first week of our marriage… We still have a year to go, and I don’t want to make a mess of things.” Kimberly said, and Prisca nodded.

“Okay. I’ve heard you.” Prisca said before heading for the door.



“I received a call from Amaka… She wants me to help her help a friend plan a surprise engagement.” Kimberly said making Prisca pause by the door.

“You could send one of the girls. You don’t have to do it yourself.” Prisca suggested.

“That’s what I said, but she insisted she would appreciate it if I do it myself since she had really bragged to her friends about me. And then I also felt like it would make me remember those days in University when we helped peopIe plan surprise birthdays.” Kimberly explained making Prisca smile. Of course those days were still gold.

“Hm… I will come with you for the job. Did you ask her where it would be and the time?”

“She said it’s an hotel there in Lekki. Once I confirm the time I will let you know.” Kimberly said with a small smile, happy that Prisca had offered to go with her.

“Okay then. I should see if I have anything on my desk. It’s almost closing hour.” Prisca said as she opened the door to leave, and was startled to see Eric standing there like he was about to knock.

Eric had been about to knock on the door when he heard Amaka’s name, so he had decided to listen to whatever Kimberly had decided to say first before entering the office, “Good afternoon sir.” Prisca greeted with a polite smile before heading for her office leaving Eric staring after her.

Sir? When did Prisca start referring to him as sir? Eric wondered before entering the office, “Hey sugar! How has your day been?” He greeted Kimberly with a grin as he shut the door behind him.

She was already smiling as she stood up and picked up her handbag, “Not bad. Yours?” She asked as she headed for the door but Eric intercepted her and placed a hand on her shoulder so he could look into her face.

“Good. I noticed everyone was staring at me, what’s up with that?” Eric asked curiously.

“You’re married to their boss, remember? And this is the first time you’re coming here since then.” Kimberly said, guessing they knew Eric because of the video clip from the club.

“Oh! I see. Anyway, I was with Tunde and Wumi earlier.”

“Oh! Really? How are they?” Kimberly asked, looking at him curiously.

“They’re okay. Tunde would like to meet with you once more before Prisca takes over from you.”

“Why?” She asked with a concerned frown.

“Don’t worry, Wumi will be there with you both. At least you should have dinner with both siblings since you’re friends with Wumi.” Eric said with a shrug. The outcome of their next meeting would determine whether or not he was going to tell her anything.

“Alright. If you say so.”

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 91 – 100

One would think a company that dealt with mere beauty products wouldn’t have a lot of paperworks, but one look at Ella’s desk and you would think twice about that. She stood up to stretch her back before glancing at her wall clock. She hadn’t realized that it was past 3 PM already. Since she arrived work that morning she had been so busy first with series of meetings, and now with paperworks.

She picked up her phone and checked her WhatsApp messages, wondering why she was yet to hear from Ken. That was so unlike him, since he had made it an habit to always call her or drop by during lunchtime. She dialed his number and waited patiently as it rang for him to pick up.

“Hey baby! Can I call you back? I’m in the middle of something right now.” Ken said and hung up before she could say anything.

“What?” Ella asked herself in disbelief. He should have at least allowed her say something before hanging up, right? He didn’t even know why she had called or if she was stranded or in trouble yet he had hung up. Ella reasoned angrily. What was he so busy with anyway? Should she go over to his office and see what was going on? She asked herself as she reached for her car keys and headed for the door.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 91 – 100

Less than thirty minutes later she parked her car in front of his office and walked inside to meet his secretary, “Good afternoon ma. Please is Femi inside?” She asked with a polite smile.

“Aren’t you the lady that came here last time? His best friend’s sister?” The secretary asked, narrowing her eyes as if she was trying to remember.

“Yes ma.” Ella said with a broad smile. She was going to leave it to Ken to tell his secretary that she was more than that to him now… It wasn’t like Ken had left it to her to tell her own secretary before making the announcement.

“He isn’t in. He left about an hour ago.” She said apologetically.

“An hour ago? Work related or he is done for the day?” Ella asked patiently.

“I don’t think it is work related. He just said he’s done for the day and going out to have fun. You should know how he can be.” She said with an amused smile.

Ella smiled back despite the discomfort she was feeling in the pit of her stomach, before giving her a nod, “Okay then. No need telling him I stopped by. I was just in the neighborhood and wanted to see how he was doing.” She said before walking away.

He had sounded like he was really busy yet he wasn’t even at the office? Where then did he go to? Who was he with? Ella wondered as she got into her car. She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes as she rested her head on the headboard, “Trust Ella, Trust him.” She murmured to herself. It took all her self control to stop herself from dialing his number just to hurl accusations at him.

She had promised him she was going to work on her trust issues, and she really wanted to, but he wasn’t making it easy on her. How could he ignore her all day and end the call without letting her say anything, only for her to come here and find out he wasn’t even at work? Yes he had said being a womanizer was a choice and not an habit, but what if it was already an habit that he didn’t know of? Yes she knew he was possibly being honest with her about loving her, but what about cheating on her? She had even told him she wasn’t going to indulge in premarital sx and he has agreed without fighting about it, wasn’t that possibly because he was going to be getting it from elsewhere? Even men whose partners gives them sx everyday, still cheats, talk more of a man who was used to having many ladies and was now being denied sx by his girlfriend.

Ella shook the thought out of her head. She wasn’t going to let the devil trick her into indulging in premarital sx. Premarital sx was fornication as far as she was concerned, and as a Christian there was no way she was going to lower her standards. Ken had been the one who deflowered her and has been the only one she has slept with, and she wanted to keep it that way until they both get married.

She dragged in a shaky breath before sitting up and turning on her car’s ignition. She was just going to go home since it was almost closing hour already. Not that she needed to keep to time anyway. It was her office and she was free to resume and close at her own convenience. She shook her head in a surprise when she realized that she was actually headed in the direction of Ken’s house instead of her own.

“What is this?” She asked herself with a sigh as she pulled over by the roadside. Did she really want to do this? Why was she going over to his house? To catch him red-handed with another girl or to see if he was doing okay? If she saw him with another girl what would she do? Fight? Cry? She felt like her thoughts were suffocating her and her heart was squeezing painfully in her chest the more she thought about it.

Ella sighed again as she shook her head, “Ella, I know it’s probably stupid, but you’re just going to go back home and wait for his call. You really don’t want to ruin what might be a beautiful relationship with your trust issues.” Ella said to herself in a firm tone as she reversed her car and headed for her house.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 91 – 100

Immediately she drove into her compound she frowned in surprise when she saw Ken’s car parked outside, and she quickly got out of her car. What is he doing here? She wondered and quickly went inside.

The aroma of whatever was cooking in the kitchen welcomed her nostrils first before she saw him standing there with a frown, “Why are you back so early? I wanted to be done before you return.” Ken said, and Ella couldn’t believe the magnitude of relief that flooded her as she rushed over to where he was and embraced him.

“What is it? Are you okay?” Ken asked in a worried tone when she wrapped her arms around him and held him tightly.

She nodded her head without saying anything, and just thanked God that she had chosen to trust him and come home instead of going over to his place. She was going to ask him any other question later, but for now she just wanted to hold him and be held by him.

Ken held her and patted her head softly as he waited for her to get a hold of her emotions and tell him what was wrong. After sometime he held her arm and pulled away gently to look into her face, “Did something happen?” He asked again.

Ella shook her head and cleared her throat, “You didn’t call or check on me so I was worried.” She explained.

“Says who? I was at your office, and your secretary told me you were very busy and I didn’t want to disturb you, so I left. I even called her later to find out if you had eaten but she said no. That was why I left the office early so I could fix you something.” Ken explained making her heart swell with love for him.

“So why did you drop my call like that?” She asked with a frown.

“Because I was in the middle of something. The dodo was getting burnt and I couldn’t talk and do that at the same time.” Ken explained.

“How did you even get my house key? Or is Angela back?”

“Nope. I went to her place of work and took the key from her. Enough of the questions. Since you are here just freshen up while I round up.” Ken suggested.

“No. I will just join you.” Ella said as she took off her wig and her shoes and followed him into the kitchen. She sat down on top of the counter closest to the door and watched as he moved about in the kitchen.

“I could get used to watching you cook.” Ella said as she reached for the bowl where he had kept the fried plantain and picked one.

“Return that.” Ken ordered before she could throw it into her mouth.

“What? Why?” She asked with a frown.

“It is bad habit. What are you going to teach my kids if you’re doing this?” Ken asked, handing her the bowl to drop the plantain.

“Your kids?” Ella asked, trying not to grin at the sound of that as she dropped the plantain back in the bowl.

“Of course. You’re going to be the mother of my kids, are you not?” He asked flippantly.

“We only just started dating. You don’t know yet if I’m the…”

“I’m going to marry you Kemi. I know it with every fiber of my being that you’re my wife. Dating you is just a way of letting you know what you’re getting yourself into, and a way for me to also earn your trust.” Ken said without looking at her as he washed the rice and poured it into the pot of half cooked beans which was still boiling.

Ella felt like something was lodged in her throat, “How can you be so sure?” She asked in tiny voice as he dried his hands and walked over to her.

“How can I not? Look at you… You’re the answer to all my prayers.” Ken said with a smile as he looked directly into her eyes, “I love you Kemi Isabella Howells. So when you’re ready for us to get married, just let me know.”

“What if I say I’m ready now?” She asked in a teasing tone, trying to lighten the atmosphere between them.

Ken smiled wryly, “I know you are not. But I’m serious, once you’ve decided you trust me enough to share your life with me, tell me. Just say ‘I’m ready’ and I will take it from there, okay?” He said, and Ella gave him a nod.
Trust in a relationship or marriage is very important. Don’t give yourself hypertension. Yes, I’m talking to you, you, you of course

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 91 – 100

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