THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 91 – 100

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 91 – 100


Pete couldn’t hear a word that was being said at the conference table as all his thoughts were centered on Kathleen. A smile played on his lips as he remembered how jealous she had sounded when he had told her Clara had been in his hotel room hence she received his call.

He really couldn’t wait for the conference to be over so he could go back home. He wanted to see her and watch her talk. He also wanted to get her drunk again and record whatever she would have to say. He didn’t realize he had chuckled until the person seated next to him elbowed him and he raised his head to see over fifteen pairs of eyes looking at him curiously.

“Are you following?” Their Chairman asked, looking unamused by Pete’s obvious distraction.

“Yes. Sorry.” He said with a polite bow. Looking very embarrassed at having drawn attention to himself. He tried not to think about Kathleen for the rest of the meeting until he returned to his hotel suite. After he freshened up, he checked the time and noticed it was almost closing hour at the office so he dialed Kathleen’s number.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 91 – 100

Kathleen who had just finished all she had been assigned for the day, smiled when her phone started ringing and she noticed it was Pete. She quickly took his call and cleared her throat, trying to sound indifferent, “Good evening sir.” She greeted politely.

“Where is the sir coming from again? It’s like you’re possessed with marine spirit.” Pete said in annoyance making her laugh out loud before she could stop herself.

“You’re finding it funny abi?” Pete asked with a smile as he listened to her laughter.

“What is wrong with greeting my boss ‘sir’?” Kathleen asked, loud enough for the others in the office to hear her. Since his mother and sister were now aware of what was happening between her and Pete, and they were okay with it, she didn’t care about whatever her colleagues had to say.

“A boss that likes kissing you?” Pete asked, making her snap her mouth shut, “I can guess I just made you speechless.” Pete said with a satisfied smirk.

Kathleen cleared her throat, “You’re done for the day?” She asked, changing the subject.

“Yeah. You almost put me in trouble today.” Pete said with a tired yawn.

“Me? How?” She asked in confusion.

“You were in my head all day. I was thinking about you during the conference and got distracted.” Pete explained, making Kathleen smile. She liked the idea of being in his head since he was also in hers.

“As long as it’s not a life threatening trouble, it’s fine.” Kathleen said dismissively making Pete pull the phone back just to be sure he was still speaking with Kathleen.

“You better maintain this same energy by the time I get back.” He warned.

“Or what?” She asked in a challenging tone which actually sounded flirty to both Pete and her colleagues who were listening to her.

“Are you flirting with me right now?” Pete asked in amusement.

“I don’t know, am I?” She asked again making Pete laugh out.

“I love this part of you. Keep it up.” Pete said making her giggle, “Call me when you get back from Church, okay?”

“Sure. Take care… And keep your room locked.” She added before hanging up. Pete grinned since he could tell what she meant by that. It seemed his Kathleen was going to be a very jealous and possessive lover. He was looking forward to meeting every other part of her she kept hidden underneath her Christian sister behaviour.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 91 – 100


“Are you comfortable with your husband being just outside the door during your sessions?” Kimberly’s therapist asked after they were done with the pleasantries.

Kimberly couldn’t guess what it was about the therapist of his office that made her relax. It was probably the colors or the overall decor of the office, since being an interior designer she knew the power of colors and tones… Or maybe it was just the knowledge that Eric was sitting just outside the door and waiting for her.

“I’m actually very comfortable. I don’t mind him being in here either.” Kimberly said with a small smile.

“You don’t? That is a new one.” He said with a surprised smile when she gave him a curt nod.

“Well, I like to follow an unorthodox approach when interacting with my friends… We are friends, right?” He asked with a disarming smile.

“I suppose since I’m going to be confiding in you about a lot of things we could say that.” Kimberly said with a shrug.

“Right! So you understand the logic behind calling you my friend instead of calling you my patient or client. Having established our friendship, we should start with private sessions, and if in the course of our session you feel you need him in here with you for moral support, then I can invite him over. Is that okay by you?” He suggested and Kimberly nodded once again.

“Let’s start with a detailed introduction. What can you tell me about yourself? How would you describe yourself in three words?” He asked, as Kimberly paused her lips as she thought about it.

“Beautiful, intelligent and successful.” Kimberly said.

“That’s good. And how would you describe your life on a scale of one to five? One being very dissatisfying, and five being very satisfying.”

Kimberly sighed, “Three. I’m not very okay with some certain areas doesn’t mean my life is all that bad. And I’m okay with other areas doesn’t mean it is all that good either.” She explained.

“Interesting. So what are those areas you are not okay with?” He asked as he jotted down everything she had just said.

Kimberly couldn’t help wondering why he was asking her that since they had already discussed why she needed therapy during her first meeting with him. Was it that he wanted her to repeat the words or what?

“Go on, I’m listening.” He said with an encouraging smile.

Kimberly swallowed. It was one thing to think it, another thing to be referred to that way by others, and an entirely different thing to use your mouth to say so about yourself, “I’m promiscuous.”

“I see. And how does that make you feel?”

Kimberly didn’t need to think about this particular answer, “Ashamed. Embarrassed. Digusted. Despicable. Filthy, etc.” She said, and he nodded thoughtfully.

“How long has it been?” He asked as he kept jotting down all she was saying.

“Since I was a child. Even before I was ten years old.” Kimberly said with a sigh.

“You met your husband in the midst of all this?” He asked, looking at her.


“And he married you despite knowing that about you?” He asked again, and Kimberly hesitated. She should probably tell him the truth, right?

“Mrs King?” He called softly.

“Yes. He knew what he was getting into before he married me.” She said with a nod.

“Good. So tell me something else I need to know.” He said as he scribbled down some more.

“Sometimes I’ve felt so frustrated I wanted to take my life.” Kimberly confessed, and then he paused what he was writing and looked directly into her eyes.

“So why didn’t you?”

Kimberly gave a short bark of humorless laughter, “I don’t know. I was scared. I considered everything I could use to take my life. Poison? Nope. Didn’t want to feel any pain while dying. Gunshot to the head? That would be painful and I don’t like injuries, jumping into the lagoon? I fear drowning. Slashing my wrists was scary…” The therapist couldn’t control the bubble of laughter that erupted at her words.

“So at the end of the day you were too scared of pain and death to take your life.” He concluded, and she nodded.

“Well, I’m glad you didn’t. I would have been short of one friend had you done that.” He said, and then stood up from his seat with a sigh. He unbuttoned the left sleeve of his shirt and rolled it up as he moved closer to her.

“Since we are friends I should tell you a secret. Take a look at this.” He said as he showed her the scars on his wrist. The looked like incisions made using a razor blade.

“I also attempted to take my life several times just like you. Can you guess why?” He asked Kimberly whose eyes remained on the scars.

She shook her head as she looked up at him, “Why?”

“It’s funny. I used to bedwet.” He said with a small smile and took the seat next to hers so there was nothing between them, “I mean as an adult. I could just doze off even during the day and next thing I know my trousers is soaked. Do you have any idea how embarrassing that was?” He asked making her cringe at the thought.

“Everyone was laughing at me. No one wanted to be associated with me. In fact my coursemates then gave me a nickname ‘sprinkler’.”

“You faced that even in the university?” Kimberly asked in surprise.

“Now you can understand how embarrassing it was. I was so frustrated I just wanted to die. Even lecturers were irritated by my presence.” He said with a sigh, “But thankfully Everytime I attempted to take my life, I didn’t succeed. The one time I slashed my wrist my wife saved me.”

“You were married when you attempted sulcide?” Kimberly asked in confusion and he shook his head.

“No. She was a coursemate who I’ve never even talked to or noticed until that fateful day. Her mother is a medical doctor, so she told her mother about me when she visited her, and God led them to pay me a visit that day. They met me bIeeding.” He said making Kimberly’s eyes glisten with tears.

“It must have been difficult.” Kimberly said unable to imagine how hard it must have been on him.

“Yes it was. And though my parents kept insisting it was a spiritual problem, but it wasn’t until her mother took me for several medical tests that we found out the actual cause and then we tackled it. Imagine what would have happened had I died before they arrived? I won’t be here today counselling hundreds of peopIe like you. I won’t be married to the best woman in the world with three absolutely amazing children. Do you have any idea how many people I’ve helped to heal from psychological traumas? What if I had died? What would have happened to those whose destinies were tied to mine?” He asked looking directly into her eyes.

“I guess we would never know.” Kimberly said after a while.

“I’m sharing my story with you just so you know people all over the world are struggling with different things. So you’re not alone. Do you know my experience actually gave me my purpose? I dropped out of studying political science and went for psychology instead. Maybe God is letting you go through this so you can find your purpose. So let’s understand your problem together and work on getting a long lasting solution. Thankfully you’ve been blessed already with a very supportive and loving partner regardless of this, who knows? Maybe God also made you turn out this way so you could meet someone that would love you unconditionally like him.”

Kimberly couldn’t help wishing it was true. Unfortunately she knew what he didn’t know, and that was the fact that Eric was with her because they had a deal.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 91 – 100

***1hr later***

“How did the session go? What do you think about him?” Eric asked an hour later as he drove her back home.

Initially she had felt he wasn’t professional because of the way he kept talking about God while talking to her, she had wondered how he would attend to atheist and Muslim ‘friends’ if he couldn’t separate religion from his therapy, and so she had asked him. Then he had told her he addressed each person specifically based on whatever religion they put down in their form. That was a different level professionalism entirely.

“He is good. Really good and worth every Kobo.” Kimberly said as she rested her back in her seat.

“I’m glad you think so.”

“So what were you doing while waiting? It must have been boring.” Kimberly said, looking at him curiously.

“I just played games on my phone. I overheard you saying you were meeting your step mom tomorrow?” He asked, since that had been what was on his mind the whole time he had been waiting for her.

“Yes. She wants me to help out a friend of hers who is planning a surprise engagement for his fiancee. Although it’s not for free.” Kimberly said with a smile that told Eric she was excited about the job.

“That reminds me, did you later speak to my dad?” She asked as she sat up in her seat.


“What did you tell him? What did he say?” She asked anxiously.

“I told him before you got married, you were referred to as Senator Abamba’s daughter, but now that you’re married you’re Eric’s wife. PeopIe would talk about your marital status before they mention who your father is. And as such, you’re my responsibility now. So until he understands you’re no longer a kid, we won’t be coming to see him.” Eric said making Kimberly gasp.

“No you didn’t.”

“Yes I did. I doubt his wife’s father would just call his wife randomly and he would let her go. So why should I be any different? Because he is a senator? Or because I’m not rich?” Eric asked, turning to look at her.

“You shouldn’t have done that. You’re just going to make things more difficult for me when our one year comes to an end.” Kimberly said looking distressed.

“No it won’t. I’m trying to make him see that he treats you carelessly and I don’t like it. Just trust me and relax, okay?” Eric said as he reached out to touch her face.

“If you say so.” Kimberly said with a soft sigh before she realized Eric wasn’t driving in the direction of her house, “Where are you going to?”

“Let’s see a movie before we go home.” Eric suggested, “And don’t worry, I’m paying for it.” He assured her. He had taken one of his debit cards when he got home earlier, since his father had given him the go ahead to repossess all that belonged to him.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 91 – 100

Kimberly smiled but said nothing as he drove into the parking lot of a cinema, he got down before she finished unbuckling her seatbelt and held out the door for her. After she got down he held out his arm for her and she took it and they headed for the cinema together.

“Is there a movie you want to see?” Eric asked curiously.

“You brought me here, so I’m assuming there is a movie you want us to see.” She pointed out.

“I brought you here to see a movie and relax.”

“Okay. Let’s see Ocean’s 8 then. I think it’s still airing.” She suggested.

“Alright, I will go get the tickets.” Eric said, and left her. No sooner had he left before two young men walked up to her.

“Hey Kim! We saw you walk in and wanted to say hello.” One greeted.

“Sup Kim?” The other asked with a grin as a young lady came behind him and stood next to him.

She looked at them in confusion, wondering where she knew them from, “Hi!” Kimberly greeted with a polite smile hoping they would leave after saying hello and not cause her any embarrassment. She didn’t want to ask who they were for fear that they might react like Ali and call her names for not recognizing them.

“We heard you’re married now. Congratulations.” One said.

“Yeah, congrats.” The other echoed while the young lady beside them kept watching Kimberly with open curiosity.

“I’m sure you don’t know us. We have just heard so much about you from our friends you’ve been with, you know? And then we also saw the clip from that club, hence we decided to get acquainted with you.” One said to Kimberly’s relief. At least she hadn’t slept with these ones, it was a huge relief.

“So we are curious, does your husband really know the details of your lifestyle?” The other one asked, making Kimberly stiffen.

She could tell they were trying to make fun of her and insult her while sounding friendly. And she couldn’t afford to be rude since she didn’t want them to create a scene, “…”

“Yes I do. Why?” Eric asked, coming up before Kimberly could say anything, and slipped a protective hand around her shoulder before glancing at the lady beside them with a polite smile.

“I suppose you’re dating one of them or perhaps you’re related to them?”

She smiled at him as she raised her hand to show him her finger, “Engaged actually.”

“Good. I guess he met you as a virgin?” Eric asked still smiling at her, but her smile faltered now.

“What?” She asked in confusion and embarrassment.

“I’m just wondering why your fiance and his friend are so interested in my wife and you’re standing there watching them ridicule a fellow lady when you should be stopping them.” Eric told her with disapproval lacing his words, before turning to the guys, “Do you know how many guys she has been with before she met you? One? Two? Ten? Come on, tell me and then I will gladly tell you about my wife and what I know of her lifestyle. Then maybe we can trade notes.” Eric said, smiling coldly at them and they all looked away in embarrassment.

“Eric…” Kimberly pleaded quietly.

“You see her? Even if you marry your fiancee or wives as virgins, they can’t be half the lady she is. Her worth isn’t attached to men. Now get lost before I’m forced to do something crazy to all of you.” Eric growled at them and they hurriedly walked away, before he led Kimberly away to a quiet corner where they could seat while they waited for their movie to start.

“I’m sorry you had to put up with that.” Eric whispered to Kimberly, and then kssed her forehead.

“Eric…” She called weakly.

“Yes baby?”

“Maybe we should just go home.” She suggested, feeling her eyes burn with tears. She couldn’t understand why she had to face one form of embarrassment or another everytime she was out with Eric.

“I’m going to keep taking you out and flaunting you every opportunity I get until everyone learns to mind their damn business and leave you alone. Don’t let this bother you, okay?” Eric said, and then kissed her lightly on her lips.

“What happens when our one year ends?” She asked before she could stop herself. That was what she kept thinking. He was being so nice to her and defending her so much that she couldn’t imagine what her life would look like without him after a year. Who would stand up for her and defend her? Yes Prisca had been doing a good job of it before now, but it was different having a man stand in front of you and claim you as his own.

“You’re thinking too far ahead love. Who knows? Maybe if I play my cards right, you might not want to let me go at the end of the year.” Eric said with a teasing smile even though he meant it and wanted it to be so.

“Is that possible?” Kimberly asked, looking at him with an unreadable expression.

“Is what possible?”

Kimberly swallowed, “Would you want to remain with me after the one year if I ask you to? Regardless of everything you know about me?” Kimberly asked looking at him anxiously.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 91 – 100

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