THE MIRACLE I NEED SEASON 2 : Episode 1 – 10

THE MIRACLE I NEED SEASON 2 : Episode 1 – 10


Kimberly smiled to herself happily as she received the call from one of her clients, “Good evening Mr Mike,” Kimberly greeted politely.

“Kimberly I’m not pleased with you at all. Your men did a very poor job in the house, and my wife is very upset,”

“Upset? What is wrong?” She asked in concern.

“You need to come over to the house and see for yourself. The kitchen sink is leaking, and then my kids are complaining about the furniture in their bedrooms. Look, you need to come and see for yourself, because my wife is really upset and you know how dramatic she can be,”

Kimberly glanced at her wristwatch, “I have an appointment I need to catch up with, can I send Prisca over? You know her presence is as good as mine,” Kimberly pleaded.

THE MIRACLE I NEED SEASON 2 : Episode 1 - 10.

“Fine, just send her over immediately. I’m not at home, but she will meet my wife.”

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you very much for your understanding. She will go over with some men at once, I promise.” Kimberly said before hanging up.

It was obvious Prisca wouldn’t be able to go with her to the hotel for the surprise engagement gig. It was going to be very strenuous on her, no doubt, but it wasn’t something she couldn’t do. Kimberly thought as she dialed Prisca’s number.

“You’re done with the meeting already? How did it go?” Prisca asked, glancing at the wall clock in her office. The time was just some minutes past 12 PM.

“Let’s talk about that later. Mike just called to complain about his house. I thought I asked you to send Ola and some men over to his house last week for a final check before he moves in?” Kimberly asked, sounding slightly upset.

“Yes, and I did just that. What are the complaints?” Prisca asked with a slight frown as she took out a jotter to write it down.

“He mentioned something about the furniture in the children bedrooms as well as the kitchen sink.”

“You know some of these mistakes can only be observed when you put these things to use. I will ask Ola to…”

“No. Not Ola. I already told him you would come with some men yourself, so please just head there immediately before his wife starts dragging us on Instagram and Twitter. You know she is well known for things like this,”

“But I’m supposed to go with you to the hotel for the engagement job.” Prisca reminded her.

“Yeah, I know, but this is more important than that. I will just give Amaka a call right now, and head over to the hotel so I can have a head start on it since I’m working alone. Then once you finish at Mike’s house you can just come down to the hotel to join me,” Kimberly suggested.

“Are you sure you can do all of that by yourself?”

“Sure. Just leave now so you can finish on time and meet me, please. And don’t forget to get something nice to butter up Mike’s wife. Chocolate and cold stone ice cream if possible. Hurry, you hear?” Kimberly said before disconnecting the call.

THE MIRACLE I NEED SEASON 2 : Episode 1 – 10


Less I forget, let me take you back to Kim and Chuka again.

“I feel like I’m straining my voice talking to you from the distance.” He explained as he sat down beside her and moved closer to her, while Kimberly adjusted uncomfortably. What did he want? Why was he coming so close? He knew she was married to his friend Eric, right? Eric! She thought and quickly stood up. He had said he loved her, and the last thing she wanted was letting her weakness get the best of her today. She wasn’t going to embarrass herself or Eric by doing something shameful with someone he called his boss and friend.

“Is there a problem?” Chuka asked when she stood up abruptly.

“Not at all. I’m just not comfortable with you coming so close to me. Why did you want to see me in your house?” She asked, trying to sound polite.

“Isn’t it obvious? Because I want to spend sometime alone with you in private… If you know what I mean.” Chuka said, making her frown.

“I don’t understand…”

“Come on Kim! You’re an adult and I’m sure you know how these things work. I’ve seen your business proposal and it is really nice. I just need a little incentive. Something that would motivate me to take a closer look at it and come to a favorable decision for us both.” Chuka said as he stood up and moved closer to Kimberly who was looking at him like she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I am your friend’s wife.” She reminded him.

“That hasn’t stopped anyone from doing anything before, has it?” He asked, looking her over as though he could see through her clothes, “Come on Kim, you’re a very attractive and sexy lady, and I want you. I could approve the contract you want and even get you some other good contracts from my friends if you give me what I need. I could even buy you a property of your choice if that is what you want me to do. What can your husband do for you? He has nothing to offer. He doesn’t even need to know anything.” Chuka whispered as he moved closer to Kimberly who was standing very still unable to look at him or say a word.

‘It’s not like you’re a vrgin anyway. You’ve been with countless number of men in the past without even taking anything from them, right? You can get everything you want and more from just this one and Eric doesn’t have to know. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, would it?’ a voice in her head said.

“Come on Kim, I’m not asking you to leave your husband if you don’t want to. But I really do like you from the moment I set my eyes on you. I’ve desired you despite the fact that I know you’re married. I really want you for myself. I want you to share all this with me.” Chuka continued while watching the struggle on her face. He couldn’t tell if she was being tempted by his words or if it was just about the sx.

‘God please help me’ Kimberly prayed silently since she knew she was going to mess up if God doesn’t intervene. Just then her phone started ringing and she quickly reached into her bag for her phone, to her relief it was Kathleen. “Excuse me!” She told Chuka before going to the side to take the call.

“Good morning. I hope I’m not interrupting work? I just wanted to see how you’re doing and find out if you’ve started reading the book.” Kathleen said, reminding Kimberly of all she had read.

“No you’re not interrupting. I’m okay, and I’ve started the book, thanks.” Kimberly said, wishing she could give Kathleen a hug at this moment. Kathleen obviously had no idea how she had just been used to help her.

“Alright. Let me know if you need me to explain anything to you. By the way, Thursdays are Faith Clinic in my church, would you like to come with me?” Kathleen asked without even planning to.

“Faith Clinic?”

“Yes. Prayer meetings.” Kathleen explained.

“Why don’t you give me the details later in the evening? Maybe we could chat on WhatsApp and I can tell you how far I’ve gone with the book.” Kimberly suggested.

“That is fine. Have a lovely day then.” Kathleen said.

“Thank you very much for calling. I’m grateful.” Kimberly said before hanging up.

“So?” Chuka asked as she joined him again.

“Thanks for your offer Mr Obasan, but you can keep the contract.” Kimberly said, with all trace of warmth and respect out of her voice.

“Are you sure you don’t want to take some time to think about it?” Chuka asked.

“I don’t know how much you have heard about me that made you bring up such an offer, but it’s all in the past. I love my husband and I won’t do something like this with or without his knowledge. I feel very disappointed that you would do this to him when he speaks so highly of you. You should be ashamed of yourself.” Kimberly spat out before picking up her handbag, “Enjoy the rest of your day.” She said before walking away.

THE MIRACLE I NEED SEASON 2 : Episode 1 – 10

Chuka had a big smile on his face as he watched her leave, and collapsed on the couch in relief immediately she shut the door, “Thank God!” He exclaimed as he took out his phone to dial Eric’s number, but stopped when he heard Wumi’s voice.

“Why do you look more relieved than Eric?” Wumi asked with a big smile as she climbed down the stairs, making Chuka look at her suspiciously.

“How long have you been in here? And how come I didn’t know?”

“I come and go as I please. And maybe you didn’t know because it’s not your house.” Wumi said as she dropped on the couch, “She didn’t fall for it, did she?” Wumi asked Eric who she was face timing with, feeling very happy for both Kimberly and her brother.

Eric had been watching it all through his phone, since he could access the CCTV camera in his house through his phone, “I didn’t think she would.” Eric said, and hung up immediately. He needed to talk to Kimberly. He knew she probably would be feeling very upset and disappointed about it.

“You have been the one stealing all my snacks from the refrigerator.” Chuka accused when it finally occured to him that she was the ghost in the house.

Wumi sighed, “I should get going now.” She said as she stood up and headed for the door. She needed to trail Kimberly all through the day and make sure she was alright.

“Where are you going to?” Chuka asked curiously.

“Not that it concerns you though, but I need to keep an eye on her until Eric returns.” She called out as she stepped out of the house. She watched as Kimberly reversed the car and drove off, before getting into a black BMW and following her.

Kimberly’s hands were shaking as she drove, and her mind was filled with different thoughts. Would Tunde deny Eric of his job now, simply because she had turned him down? She knew she had done the right thing for herself and for her relationship with Eric by turning him down, but she didn’t want it to affect Eric negatively now that he had agreed to take the job because of her. How was she going to tell Eric that someone he had called him friend was coveting his wife? Perhaps she could ask her father to help her find another job for Eric?

Kimberly glanced at her phone when it started ringing, and she quickly connected it to her car’s bluetooth speaker before receiving the call, “Hey!” She greeted, trying to sound natural.

“You’re done with your meeting I suppose? How did it go?” Eric asked, feeling guilty that he was doing this. But he quickly shook off the guilt when he reminded himself that he would be telling her everything by tomorrow morning. He would fly into Lagos first thing in the morning and then take her out on a date, there he would tell her everything about him before going to represent his father at the award ceremony.

“Uhm, he didn’t like my proposal, so I don’t think I’m going to be working with him,” Kimberly lied.

“He didn’t like it? How can he not like it when he already told me he liked it? What did you both talk about? Should I call him?” Eric asked, pretending to be confused.

“No. It’s fine. I’m no longer interested in the contract either, so let’s just forget about it. How is your father?” She asked, wanting to change the subject.

“He is fine. Do you have any important meeting tomorrow morning?” He asked, allowing her change the subject like she wanted.

“None that I know of. But if you’re thinking of setting up another meeting with him, the answer is No. I’m really not interested in meeting with him ever again,” Kimberly hissed.

“No. I just want us to go out on a date tomorrow morning after I return. I no longer want to wait until two weeks to tell you everything,” Eric explained.

“You will be back tomorrow morning?” She asked, sounding very excited.


“And you will tell me everything?” She asked again.


“I can’t wait! I should pick you up tomorrow. Where can I pick you up?” She asked with a happy smile, forgetting all about what had upset her earlier.

“You don’t need to pick me up. I will meet you at the office and then we can leave from there. Just don’t wear something too formal. I miss you so much and I want to kiss you and hold you close to myself,” Eric confessed, making her heart race.

“I miss you too,” Kimberly confessed with a shy smile even though she knew he couldn’t see her face.

“When are you going to the hotel for the job your stepmother gave you?”

“Once I get to the office I and Prisca will get to work.”

“I don’t have a good feeling about this… Can you promise me that you won’t eat nor drink anything there?”

“You sound like someone is going to poison me or give me winch.” Kimberly said jocularly.

“Just promise me.” Eric pleaded.

“Okay, I won’t. Don’t worry.” She promised as she glanced at her phone when she received another incoming call notification, “Can I call you back later? I have an incoming call from a client,” Kimberly explained.

“Alright. Talk to you later, I love you,” Eric said, and hung up without waiting for her to respond.

THE MIRACLE I NEED SEASON 2 : Episode 1 – 10

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