(No lower class needed)



Avril Banaras is the only daughter of the current president of the country.

She lives in the UK where she studies, after her masters she returned to USA.

She is a no nonsense arrogant chick, but then she doesn’t give a fk!

She has a boyfriend, Ishmael Abdul the third son of the great Khan of Pakistan.

When she returns back to USA, she expects herself to rule over the people like she used to and command with power however, the reverse became the case because her heart was commanded instead by her BODYGUARD.



(She is the boss)


(Welcome home)

?Episode one?

?Avril POV?

The plane landed in the airport and I heaved a sigh.
Home sweet home.

I came down from the plane and look around for the entourage dad sent to welcome me.

The name Avril Banaras was held up tight and I walk towards the signpost amidst the chanting of the citizens.

“You must be my guard, right?” I asked the old man. He nodded with a smile.
I pointed at my bag and he hurriedly went to pushed them to the car and placed them inside the trunk.

I got inside the car and heaved a sigh of relieve.

“What is your job, Mister?” I asked, he doesn’t drive good for a driver then why is he here.

“Ma’am….I…I’m your driver.” He replies, he really wish.

“Park the car, now!” I commands, he parked the car and I got out then go to the other side of the driver’s seat.
I unlocked the door and pulled the old man out of the car.

I placed a bunch of money in his hand and his eyes widened.

“Go and find something else to do, driving is just not yours.” I told him and enter the car then drove off.

I wonder how many people like him are still serving in the white house.
He is old to be anyone’s driver, like wtf! He need to be driven by others and not the other way round.

I pressed the horn and the giant gate to the white house opened.
Guards were bowing down as the car drove in.

I parked the car at the garage and walk out.

“Hey you!” I called a young man walking towards the gate.

“Take those bags out from the trunk to my room.” I told him before walking inside the house.

I met mom and dad inside the living room and rushed towards them.

“Dad, Mom.” I said happily as I engulfed both of them in a hug.

“Look at you, looking all beautiful.” Mom compliments. She wasn’t lying though. I work more on myself back in the UK.

“Thanks mom, both you and dad ain’t looking bad.” I said and winked at her.
She led me to the couch and helped me sit down.

“I’ll really enjoy it if I take a fresh shower first then come back to chat.” I told them, my b0dy is hot as h.ell.
Right now what I need is a ice bath.

“No problem sweetheart, take your time.” Dad said and stood up then walk outside. I took that as a clue to leave and climb up the stairs.

I pushed my room door open and smile. Almost everything are still the same. Just some of them are different.

Home sweet home.

I wish Ishmael is with me here, it would have been perfect.

I sat down on my bed and removed my stiletto heels. My leg was already aching.

I rang the bell beside my nightstand and a maid walk in.
“Run me a ice bath.” I told her.

“Right away, your excellency.” She replies. I’ve told them not to address me as such, I’m Avril Banaras still Avril Banaras.

An hour later I was through with my ice bath, it makes me feel refreshing and super good.

Now it was already 6:50pm, ten more minutes and it will be dinner.
I pick up my phone and dial Ishmael number then placed it on my ear.

?Hello, sweet vanilla? his husky voice sounded from the other side. I blushed and removed the phone from my ear before placing it back.

?Hi Ishmael, I miss you.”? I told him, I really do miss him.
The distance is just too much right now that he went back to Pakistan.

? I miss you too love, but don’t worry I’ll be with you soon.”? he said. I nodded and chuckled,

The door creaked open and a maid walk in.
“Your excellency, dinner is served.” I nodded and shooed her away.

?How is Pakistan? I really wish I went with you.”?

?Pakistan is good, don’t be hard on yourself. Be good for me, okay?”? He said and I unconsciously nodded.

I stood up from my bed and opened the door then walk out of my room, climbing down the stairs.

?I am having dinner with Mom and Dad, will call you later. Yes?”? I told him. He chuckled and I bite my lip.
Shts would have happened if I was there when he chuckled.

? I’ll call you later Avril, I love you.”? he mumbled, I blushed and glanced at the phone.

?I love you more, bye.”? I hanged up when I got to the dinning table. Guess they were waiting for me.

“Sorry for keeping y’all waiting parent, was talking to my boyfriend.” I said calmly.

“Avril I want you to meet your personal maid Serena Lopez and your bodyguard Ace James, he is also your driver.” Dad said. I stare at the girl who is my maid, she might be the same age as me.

Then my bodyguard, he is so h0t. So h0t to be a bodyguard, his flexible muscles were visible through the light shirt he was wearing.

There were tattoos in his hand, many tattoos actually, he is handsome.

“Hi, I’m Avril Banaras. It will be a pleasure working for me.” I said and smirk.

“I hope so, your excellency.” He said.

His voice!
d@mn, he must be an outspoken one.
This will be fun.

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