QUEST FOR LOVE: Episode 21-30

LOVE ???

?(Do love exist??) ?

?Episode 21?

By Debbie


Aidan’s pov :

The week went so fast, although it was stressful due to the contracts. It’s Saturday already and It’s 5am in the morning, I decide to wake Mason up so that we can go for road walk after which we will go to the gym.

I went to his room and saw him sleeping peacefully with the blanket covering him well. I moved closer to him and smiled. He has been a good friend to me even though sometimes I can be so annoying.

I opened the curtain and let the ray of sunlight touch his face. That’s the perfect way to wake either of us. I saw him moved before opening his eyes. He yawned and sat upright staring at me as if he had seen a ghost.

“Aidan?!” he called and I rolled my eyes

“Hey, stand up let’s go for road walk” I said but he kept staring

“Aidan?” He called again

“Of course it’s me. Don’t tell me you are still having a hang over?” I asked but he was quiet

“Wait, are you kidding me?” I asked again

“Aidan!!!” I heard him say in thunderstorm

“Dad?” I shivered

Ever since we came to the earth, dad has not spoken to me. Why did he decide to possess Mason today?

“Is that you dad?” I asked trying to be sure

“Yes son, how have you been?” he said

” fi…….fine dad” I stuttered

“I can see you are fine, it seem you do not want to come back home again” he said

“No dad, I want to come back home but I can’t. I… I…. I am yet…yet….to fulfil the quest” I answered fearfully

I might look very strong, fearless and bold but I fear my dad so much.

“Look son. You have less than 100 day starting from today to fulfil the quest or I send you to my brother Abbadon in the underworld ” he said angryly and i flinched

“But dad you can’t do that. You know how wicked Abbadon can be. Dad I promise I will fulfil the quest, just don’t send me to the underworld, please dad” I pleaded

“And don’t think you will get punished alone. Mason also gets punish if you fail to fulfil the quest”

“But dad he’s innocent”

“I know he is. But because he’s your friend, I have a special punishment for him. If you refuse to fulfil the quest I will send him to the forbidden cave”

“But dad you can’t do that. Mason is innocent. You can’t send him there. Dad just send me to the underworld if I refuse to fulfil the quest. Please leave Mason out of this” I pleaded

“Like I said you have less than 100 days. It’s your choice to fulfil the quest and it’s my choice to send you and mason there or not” he said in a calm voice

“Dad please I will fulfil it I promise” I said

“Good bye son” his voice withered away

I sat down on Mason bed and watch him sleep peacefully. Poor thing, I made him come to the earth, I made him lost his power. I shouldn’t have gotten angry that day.

If I hadn’t, we wouldn’t have been in trouble. We wouldn’t have been sent on this impossible quest. Mason life won’t have be at risk.

The forbidden cave can only be visited by a god or demigod. If Mason goes there he won’t survive. He definitely won’t

“How can I fulfil the quest in less than 100 days?” I thought. I stood up and walk towards the window

I have been here for more than two years, I have not succeeded in been free with females not to talk about liking them.

“It’s not possible, it’s not!!” I thought pu.nching my hands on the wall

My hands were bl.eeding but I don’t care. I kept hitting the wall, pouring out my frustration.

“Aidan!” I heard and I flinched

I turned and saw Mason beside me.

“Are you ok?”he asked worried but I couldn’t utter a word.

“Common, what’s wrong?”he asked again

“Dad possessed you and he wants me to fulfil the quest in less than 100days. Mason less than 100 days” I blurted out

“Common 100 days is a long way to go” he said

“That’s what you think?” I asked

“Common Aidan, I know we can fulfil the quest before then and if we don’t we face the consequences together” he said holding my bl.eeding hand.

“Thanks min. What will I do without you” I said

“Of course nothing, what will you do with this your empty head” he said laughing and I joined him

He sure knows how to make me laugh ?

“I will get the first aid kit” he said and left

I went back to his b.ed and sat down. Mason has really been a good friend. I so love him and I don’t want anything to happen to him.


How can I tell him that my dad has promised to send him to the forbidden cave if I fail to fulfil the quest. How?

I can’t even imagine, the agony he will experience there. The pain, sorrow and how gradually he will continue melting until the final hair on his body disappear.

He came back few minutes later, and helped me dressed my hand. I watch him work on my hand like a skillful doctor.

“Done” he said and he stood up

“I need to think fast” I thought

“Let me go get prepared” he said jolting me out of my thought

“Ok” I replied and watch him walk away

“What will I do?” I thought

“Why don’t you consider the cr@zy btch” my subconscious mind said and I shaked my head

“No, no , no, she’s too rude and sassy. I can’t consider her not even in my dream” I replied

“What about you consider Violeta” it said

“Violeta?!.” I asked no one in particular

“Yes, she seems to like you”

Yes I think I will consider Violeta

After all she is beautiful, and I will be leaving after fulfilling the quest.

“Hey don’t tell me you are thinking” Mason said jolting me out of my thought for the second time

“Shouldn’t I?” I asked

“Common stop thinking about what dad said. We sure will fulfil the quest” he said and I smiled

“We should head out” I said and we left

I have to fulfil the quest no matter what. Even if I won’t do it for anything, I will do it for Mason.

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