THE QUIRK OF FATE : Episode 1 – The End


Written by Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu

Episode 1

My tummy was on fire!

My laps and my body shook so uncontrollably.

The sweat on my face, if it was oil was enough to fry a whole crate of egg!

What just happened to me was just a bad dream. It’s a dream that should end so quickly!

In a twinkling of an eye, I just lost my v!rginity!- not to anyone, not to Edwards but…a filthy…

It was the eve of my wedding day.

I had just come back from a prayer meeting and I went into the bathroom to have a cold shower because of the intense heat this season- I even had some heat rashes on my skin already.

I came back to Nigeria yesterday from Germany where I was working as a nurse for this great occasion after which Edward and I would just go back there. He also worked as an aeronautic engineer in Germany and we really loved each other!

My parents’ house was a stone throw away and the merriment was ongoing. I was there in the afternoon and I saw different activities of the cooks there with my mum and her friends doing the supervision. The look on her face was that of excitement and joy as her voice rose above the sounds of the grinding machine, bleating of goats, mooing of cows, honking of the cars and the music of the Disc jockey.

‘’Please, cut the fish a little bigger. There is a surplus. Please, no managing” she was saying to the cooks.

My mum had looked forward to this occasion for a long time and even yesterday when I arrived Nigeria, she had pulled me into her room and spoke softly.

“I hope you are still intact o” she asked in a very delicate manner but I feigned ignorance.

“Mum, what intact?” I had asked. She shot me a look that made me to burst out laughing. She looked on clueless.

I had always loved my mum…she was a combination of a caring, loving, prayerful, cheerful and godly mother plus she was a real comedienne, always making me laugh my a$s out!

She had told me to move into the compound but I was to have a prayer session with Edward on phone through the night and I knew the noise in the compound would not allow me so I decided to have the prayer in my own apartment and then go back home afterwards.

The light wouldn’t be restored and the darkness was permeable but I didn’t want to put on the generator so I already got my lamp ready.

As I mopped my body with the towel, my phone rang and it was Edward. I smiled and my heart tingled happily.

“It’s just tomorrow and he would be fully mine” I thought to myself as I picked the call

“Hello Princess” he said

“Hello my prince in shining armor” I replied and we smiled

We started the prayers with a period of thanksgiving and we were really engrossed in that when there was a loud noise at my door.

I trembled.

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