UNDERCOVER MAID : Episode 1 – 10


By Godsmercy

Episode 1

Kimberly’s p.o.v

“Kimberly!” My ever rude and annoying boss’ wife shouted from upstairs.
I seethed with hesitation before I replied.

“I’ll be there ma’am” I responded slightly annoyed.
I knocked and opened their bedroom door and met her at her usual spot. Make up table!
Just then my boss came out of the bathroom.
He tied his towel showing his chest.
I looked away immediately and swallowed hard and concentrated on his wife who I believe was watching me from her dressing mirror.

Now don’t take me to be one of those maids who are husband snatchers.
I’m different, I was just here to do my job. In fact its very personal.

“Check the meal timetable and make sure break fast is ready” she clipped.

“What a lazy woman!” I remarked in my thought while giving her a disgusted look.

“Dismiss ” she odered. I looked at my boss and he rolled his eyes.
I understood him and left to the kitchen.

My boss though a rich and influential business tycoon.
Owner and CEO of Bergson’s Incorporated to be precise is simple unlike his arrogant wife.
He doesn’t really have problems with me.
He’s only mad at me when I make mistakes otherwise he doesn’t really care.

I prepared and set the table for breakfast.
My boss left with his cute son, Bryan after breakfast.
Bryan is 3 years old, how I love the cute angel.
It’s now remaining his wife and I in the house.
It has been two months now since I resumed work here as a maid and I’m yet to achieve the sole purpose of my being here.
Mrs Bergson is always at home and that has frustrated my effort to get the needed information in the mansion.
There is something suspicious about that pink room.
But can someone help me tell her to at least go out for a walk once in her life so I can have access to that stupid pink room?.

My friend Diana warned me that the mission is too risky for someone of my age.
But I’m the curious type that doesn’t give up just like that.
I must get to the bottom of what happened that night and that I’ll start with my boss’ wife.
I saw her driving out through the gate. Wow! For the first time.

To the pink roommmm. I wouldn’t say I ran but I flew to the pink room.
Great opportunity. Now utilise it well. I told myself.
I unlocked it with a master key and soon I found myself in the room.
I switched on the light but was taken aback at what I saw.
What the hell! Mrs Bergson? A Dracula in human form.

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