Franklin haven’t said a single word to Anna since the yesternight, the fact that his wife was fked in the parking lot was too much for him to take in

Anna on the other hand doesn’t even know how to face Franklin let alone the world, she wondered how the person she called her friend could do such a thing to her, because of the problem going on in there home

Their son Bryan has to stay with franklin’s mother, Franklin has tried taking down the video but it’s impossible, Anna was live on the TV show and the video went viral


Franklin went over to the car and brings out all the bags of money stock there, he started checking them all online to discover that they were all fake

“Anna, who did you say give you all this?” He asked

Anna didn’t know what to say for him not to get angry and use violence, she just keep quiet

“What did you say happen to the money I gave you?” He asked again

“I….em…I” She stammered not knowing what to say

“Did you suddenly lose your tongue? I said what happened to all the money I gave you and where did you get all this from?” He yelled

“Franklin listen……”

“Try calling that name again, no just call that name again,” Franklin said as he fold his fist standing in front of her

She kept quiet and didn’t say a single word

“I thought as much, if you know what’s best for you go and find a way and get all the money I gave you if not I don’t think this house will be enough for the two of us,” Franklin said going out

“Am sorry,” she managed to say

He stopped and went back to her

“You are sorry for spending the money I gave you to keep, or for fking a stranger in a dmn parking lot, or what? What were you thinking? The video is everywhere and I believe your parents must be proud of you by now,” he said to her face

“It wasn’t intentional, I was deceived by a friend,” she replied

“I pity you,” he said and left going to their room

Anna turned on the TV to see that her video is still trading, almost on every channel with the tag THE CEO’S SLVT WIFE

Just then her phone started Ringing, she checked it to see her mum calling

“Am finished,” she mumbled




“Vera I don’t like what you are doing now, to be honest with you I don’t like it,” doc Fiona said coming into Vera’s room

She has been crying all through yesterday

“It’s my fault, am very stupid, I should have told her when you asked me to,” she said still crying

“But at least she knows now, just give her space she will come around,” doc Fiona replied

“You don’t know Lupita, her heart is like rock, once she hates someone nothing will make her talk to that person again,” she said

They are not sitting on the bed, she refused to go out in the morning

“But you are not just someone,” doc Fiona replied

“You don’t understand, she’s….”

“I think you are being hard on yourself and is not good for your health, you might lose your sense if you continue this way and I don’t want that,” doc Fiona cut in

“She’s my sister and she’s all that matters to me now, I don’t care if I leave or die,” she said

“Them who will take care of Derek and Mona? If you die what will I tell them? Just because you travel the other day and they didn’t let me sleep, they were singing your name like a song and now you are thinking of dying, so you want to leave me?” Doc Fiona said sadly

“Mum don’t start, nobody is dying,” she replied

“First you refuse to get married and now you want to leave me, all alone in this big house, you know that your head is still not tolerance to pain or heavy thought and you want to think too much so that you will leave me,” doc Fiona said already sobbing

“Mum please not now, can’t you see that am in pain,” Vera said

“I love you so much and I don’t want to lose you, I will talk to your sister,” doc Fiona said making her face light up

“Really,” Vera asked

“Anything for my pretty lady,” doc Fiona replied

“But I don’t think it will work, Lupita is always hard like I have never seen anyone like her,” Vera said

“If it’s the same person that was crying that day, then she will forgive you, cos with what I witnessed that day I don’t think she’s bad, she only lacks love, nobody showed her love and affection according to what you said… but she’s a lovely lady that always cared for people around her, so don’t worry too much,” doc Fiona replied

“Thanks, mum, you’re the best,” Vera said and lay back on the bed while doc Fiona lay beside her

“I will do anything to make you happy sweetie, but you have to get married soon, cos my kids need a father figure in their life,” doctor Fiona replied

“Am fast at sleep, I didn’t hear you,” she said and cover her ears as they both burst out laughing



Lupita have already submitted her resignation letter to the company and was coming out when she received a call from the big boss

“Boss,” she called

“Lupita my honey, it’s been a while… I have sent some guys to you but it seems like you don’t want to come home again,” he said

“I don’t belong there anymore, I want a different life now, what you’re doing is wrong and…..”

“Easy baby, you’re mine Lupita and nothing will change that, don’t forget that am the big boss and I get whatever I want,” he said with a smirk

“Not this time cos you won’t get me, not again… Not ever,” she replied

She laughed ev’lly

“I wanted to do it the hard way but it seems like you haven’t changed, you’re still the rock heart girl, let’s see if you will keep being the rock heart girl after seeing the pictures,” he said and turn it to video

“No….no….no,” she said immediately as she saw her children lined up with other kids that were about to be sold

“They will make good money hope you know that?” He asked

“No… Not them is me that you want to live my kids alone,” she said

“Why should I? I wanted you in peace but it seems like you were delaying so that you will show me these beautiful creatures and guess what? The buys are in the way, they would have been here by now but their car broke down,” he said

Lupita ended the call immediately and called Diego

“What’s this? How could you do this to me, Diego? Why are you like this?” She asked instantly

“Am sorry but I was following orders,” he replied

“Following orders, Diego he’s going to sell them, I will never see them again,” she shouted into the phone

“I can still help, just agree that you will marry me and I will arrange a buy, I will buy them with my money and they will be yours again,” he replied

“I will kll both you and your boss,” she said pacing around

“Lupita, I know you don’t love me but lemme advice you, don’t come back here cos he’s going to kll you,” Diego replied

“You’re…….” Someone h it her head from behind and she lost consciousness

A few minutes later

She woke up to see that she was tired, she tried to adjust to the light when the big boss speak up

“Lupita, welcome home,” he said stocking her hair

She tried to break free but the rope was too strong

“Easy baby girl, you might injure yourself,” he said and snap her finger

A guy come from behind and tore her clothes from the back, since she was standing in the middle of the room she could see everyone except the one behind her

“Get the kids, the buyers want them to learn some Technica before buying them,” the big boss said

A guy went out and after a while, he came back with the kids, by then Lupita’s back was bIeeding due to the wh!pping they were lashing at her

“Mummy,” the kids called and made to run to her but were stopped

“Str!p her, it’s time to lean work,” the big boss said

“I will end you, Armstrong,” she said weakly

“Let the kids watch cos it will soon be their turn,” the big boss said and the kids were forced to look at their mother being str!pped nked

“No please, they are just 10,” Lupita pleaded

“That makes them more interesting, did you ever think that you will hide them forever? I will pvnish you in a different way” he replied

“Mummy, what’s happening?” Izzy asked looking around

“Grandma said people in the city are evil,” Lizzy added

“No, they are lovely… you are about to watch an interesting act so make sure to copy everything cos it will be your turn next,” the big boss said

And they pvshed Lupita onto a small bed, they chain her legs on the bed stand and also her hands


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