THE SCENT: Episode 11 – 20

*??THE SCENT ??*



Throughout my stay in office today, my mood was very different from the playful Dwayne I am.

I was harsh with all my workers even with my secretary.

“Dwayne is there a problem?…if there is, you can tell me!” She had said but I gave a ” nothing is wrong”look.

How would I tell her that am bothered about those two beggars? I would sound like am stupid right?

It’s our company’s closing hour and now am on my way to our family’s mansion. been a while I went there last.

If not because she called me this afternoon to inform me that she’s organizing a dinner for me, I don’t have any intention of going there for now.

I wonder what she’s planning for me with this sudden call for dinner now.

I arrived at the Mansion and drove in.

I found my mom in the sitting room with one woman whom I think should be in her late 50’s just like mom. She must be a friend .

But she said dinner right?

Why is she sitting here and not in the dinning?

“Hi Mom” I greeted going over to peck her on the cheek.

“Hi ma’am” I directed at the other woman.

“How are you my baby?” She asked smiling,with her two upper and two lower teeth outside.

“Am good mom. am sorry for not calling to check on you all this while. Am just so busy with office matter” I explained and she gave me a understanding look.

“It’s okay son. I should have also called but am so busy too” she said and I chuckled.

“So busy you can’t call your handsome son?” I asked teasingly.

” Oh! such a naughty son” she replied playfully and I smiled.

” And yes!, Meet Mrs Smith. Lucy’s mother.”

” Hi Dwayne!…how are you doing?” The woman asked with a genuine smile unlike her daughter.

“Am good ma’am!” I replied her simply.

But wait!
Why is she here???
Am confused.

I was about to ask but a soft knock on the door stopped me.

Who is it?

“Mom are you expecting somebody?” I asked confusingly.

“Go check out dear!…go and have a look yourself!” She replied confusing me the more.


Where is all her maid that she’s asking me to go open the door? She can be annoying sometimes.

“Okay” I said shrugging.

I got to the door, opened it and there she is. The bitch!

But wait! she’s with two more people.

“Alex?… Amelia?” I called unbelievably and I could also see the surprise look on their face.

They ain’t wearing the tattered cloth anymore?

Alex is putting on a very nice shirt and trouser while Amelia is putting on a blue long gown dress.

I couldn’t have recognize them if not because have been thinking about them a lot and now I have their image stored in my memory.
But what is happening?

Even though she isn’t putting any make over, she still look pretty. More prettier than any other lady have set my eyes on.

I looked at the bitch and she was also putting on a surprised look.

“Dwayne!…let them in!” My mom half yelled at me.

” Co…com…come…in” I stuttered short of word.

” What’s happening?”I asked myself again inwardly.

” Hi Mom!” The bitch said to my mom while squatting to hug her.

She’s calling my Mom, Mom?

“How are you my dear?” Mom asked disengaging from the hug and I saw her eyes went over to Alex and Amelia.

“They are my friends Mom… I was with them when Mom called me that the dinner is taking place today, so they asked to tag along”

This is making sense now! I now understand the sudden call for dinner! So she came here and fed Mom with her lies right?

“Oh it’s okay dear!…that’s also a good idea…and by the way…she’s pretty”my mom complimented directing at Amelia.

” T…th.. thanks Ma” Amelia stuttered in reply.

” Okay! Okay! Let’s move to the dinning!…the dish are set already!” My mom said already standing up with the other woman trailing behind and also Alex and Amelia.

That b!tch turned and smiled at me with that ugly face of hers before following behind. Confused about it all, I slowly moved my legs too.

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