Compulsory Marriage!

Season 2 Episode 21

SK: We eliminated him on Tuesday
Me: U mean kay is dead?
SK: Yes…so, i don’t know how you are going to escape what is coming to befall you tonight
or tomorrow
Me: Ahhhh moku oooooo
SK: You are not dead yet sha..i seriously pity
you sha
Me: But where exactly is this place, where am I?
SK: well, you are in Edo state…Naoka to be precise
Me: have never heard of this location before…….
SK: well you have heard of it……………….
Me: and who are you girls?…
Sk: I cant disclose that to you for now and i think have heard enough already because girls
will be worried about what have been doing here, if they should come inside, they might
want to f–k you and what you need now is a strength for the challenge ahead..just continue to pray to God to help You…..
Me: Thanks so much……
SK: I will check you up later to give you update….
Me: No problem..thanks so much
As she was going, i drag her back and gave her emotional hug, i don’t know why she
responded to me but she did and i could feel her heart beat on me, i looked at her and was
surprised she was not ready to look at my face, I drew her face closer to my side and what I saw was amazing, tears were full in her eyes and didn’t take up to 2 minutes before they started rolling down her cheek, she released herself and stepped out of the room….

The atmosphere in my room was tensed as I don’t know what will happened next, it was
late in the night and have not heard of them, it was so unusual as the door was locked for the first time, i was not hearing voice like that,
they didn’t bring food for me and i didn’t see someone that look like SK too. The fear for my death was high, i couldn’t sleep until suddenly when the door opened, it was SK that walked in with a bag over her sholder..her body was
smelling of alcohol…
SK: How you dey? You go think say we don forget about you abi?
Me: “trembling”..what happened, where have you been?
SK: don’t worry, your death has been postponed till next week
Me: “Relieved”…….What happened?
SK: Well, Mama called that they asked her to start coming home, her mum said it was an
emergency, they didn’t tell her what happened, she travelled to Lagos from town
this afternoon….she called back that her mum had little accident that she will be coming back on Monday or Tuesday…she said she
want to be the one to kill you herself
Me: Ahhhhh…Mo ku
SK: Girls are tired already, they have started
grumbling that they couldn’t wait much again so please if you still want to extend your life till that Tuesday, don’t do anything that will
infuriate them
Me: okay…but is this the way am going to end my life?
SK: Just be praying to your creator……and don’t ever think of running away, this place is
over secured, in fact some of our guys are around right now, we are just coming from a
joint where we went to enjoy ourselves…..guys
have occupied the rooms with the other girls so i just decide to come here
Me: Come here for what?
SK: Don’t worry, we bought noodles for you…
so, you better eat at least there is nothing to
fear..i wan shower abeg.

The noodles was the worst i ever tasted in my
life. It was not even a surprise that she pulled off
her clothes in my presence and made her way to the bathroom in the room. She came back like
15 minutes later with a small towel, she started cleaning herself in the room, she
brought out another top and a short track from the small bag she brought in and put
them on..

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