THE SCENT: Episode 21 – The End

??????THE SCENT????????
(WHEN A RICH MAN FALL IN LOVE WITH A BEGGAR ????????????????????????)




I drove at high speed to Dwayne’s mansion.

I just can’t afford to lose my son.

“Please save him!….God!…save my son!” I keep praying silently.

I got to his mansion and drove in.

I got out of the car in an haste, quickly pressed his password, and the door flew wide opened.

“Dwayne?” I called loudly when I got inside.

“Dwayne?”I called again but got no reply.

“Mommy is here for you son!”I said with a broken voice.

I was about to walk towards his room,

And then,

I saw her!

I saw them!

My baby!

The baby I went in search of earlier.

Right here in Dwayne’s house.

Destiny cannot be debar!.

“My baby?”I called uncertainly.


“My baby!”I shouted and ran to hug her.

No way am letting her go anymore.

People would criticize me! I know they would say sort of things!. Like how greedy I am! How selfish and wicked I am! But I don’t care! In as much as I can have the forgiveness of my baby. I won’t care!.

I know how confused she is right now because I can feel her body stiffened.

Just as I was about to disengage from the hug, I saw the door creaked open. I look back and saw Dwayne.


Nothing is wrong with him?


I left for home immediately my mom called. She mustn’t find out about Alex and Amelia.

I drove at a little high speed. I got home and


She arrived earlier than me. How am I going to face her?.

I got in and, The sight I met was confusing.

What’s happening?

I expected to meet more delicate sight! But the position I met my mom was a very confusing one.

I looked besides me and saw that W!TCH!
Why is she here?

I told my eyes to mom again and she already disengaged from the hug.

Why is she hugging Amelia?


“Mom?”I called when I saw how teary her eyes was.
“Mom!”I ran to her.
“Mom!…why are you crying?”
“As you can see am okay!”
“So quit all this act and stop crying!”I rushed.

“Am sorry!”
“Am so sorry Dwayne!”
“Oona”she abruptly faced Amelia.

Who is Oona?

“Please forgive me Oona!”she cried and I gasped.


Isn’t that the name of the little girl my mom always took me to see when during my childhood?

“Mom!…who is Oona?”I asked out of curiosity.

“She’s Oona!…she’s my baby!”she said and I gasped again.

No wonder!
So that scent!
Now I remember!

That scent was my childhood memories.
My childhood friend Oona!
Oh my!
I thought as much!
I should have think deeply about it.

But wait!

“Your baby?”I asked to be sure of what I heard her say just now.

“Am so sorry!….Dwayne!…Oona!…Am Soo sorry!”she pleaded again instead of answering my question.

“Mom I thought I just asked a question?”I directed at her lowly.

Hoping is not in anyway what am thinking.

“She’s my daughter!”
“She really is my daughter!”
“I exchanged you guys!”
“I’m sorry!…. I’m seriously sorry!”she rasped and I scoffed.

She must be joking right?


I’m confused! I really am in a state of dilemma!.

Am her baby?
She exchanged us?
Who and who did she exchanged?
She’s even calling me OOna.

“Have we met before?”I asked her confusingly.

“Yes!….yes Oona!…am your mother!…. forgive me please!”she begged sitting on the floor.

I looked at sir Dwayne and he also has the same confused look.

“Mom!….I don’t seems to understand anymore!…yes, you said she’s Oona!…the daughter of your friend then, my childhood friend also….the daughter of that po…”he wanted to say but restricted himself.

I saw his expression changed to that I couldn’t tell.
I don’t understand anything going on here.

Sir Dwayne is my childhood friend?
Oh no!
Why must I lost my memory in the first place?

“Yes!…she’s Oona!”
“I will reveal everything!”
“I will confess!”she cried out again.

“Okay…just sit down first!…sit and explain!”Dwayne told her and she obliged.

“30 years ago….”she started.

And I balanced and prepare myself to hear her confession as she said!.

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