“THE SCIENTIST’S GOD” : Part 11 – 20


©?Opeyemi O. Akintunde


“The Virus Which is gradually becoming the cause of a global pandemic has to be curtailed. Therefore, since we are yet to find the cure for the Virus, after much consultation with experts in medicine & science especially from Miss Ruth Waziri, We have been advised to Shut down the nation to reduce less traffic and congestion of people in public places. Hence, all citizens are to stay indoors from Monday, the 22nd of June, which is in two days time. All public offices and privately owned businesses that do not offer essential services should please shut down so as to help curtail the spread of the Virus.
Tourists who can return to their countries within the next 48 hours should Please do, and those who can not should stay in their hotels for the period of time it will take the government to get a lasting solution to this pandemic. My hope is that other nations will follow this Shut down measure advised by the International Health Organisation. We all thought this was just an epidemic, but now we can see it has crossed nations becoming a pandemic and therefore responsible nations need to work together as one to fight….” President Brian said on National TV.

Chief Larry had watched the news from his room. He knew what that meant. He and his staff had to return back to Nigeria. The holiday was over. He placed a call to the airline asking for seats to return the next day, but unfortunately all the seats had been taken.

“ Wendy, I told you, some wicked people are up to something. I told you they will keep people indoors..” Massai said to Wendy

“ Massai, This has nothing to do with your fake theories. This Virus will fade away some day, we should be responsible enough to stay indoors. What we should bother our heads about is this emergency packing of our stuffs and returning home. You know how much I hate packing…” Wendy was saying and before she could wrap up her statement, Massai was gone ….

“ Where has he gone to now?” Wendy said very frustrated

Stone was speaking with Emmanuella over the phone.

“ What do you mean you don’t know when you will be returning, ELLA… get on the next available flight. You know I never liked the idea of travelling during the Virus Outbreak, but you insisted on going…. that was why I told you to take your daughter with you….So, tell your boss to get you down here before Monday.”

“ But there are no more flights…” Ella said calmly

“ I don’t care…” Stone Said

“ You don’t care?… Stone why are you always thinking about yourself, you just want me home so I can wash, cook and be opened any time you like…”

“ You want me to get a replacement..?” Stone retorted

“ If you think that is what is next!” Ella said madly

“ Fine…” Stone replied before hanging up…

Silence enveloped the room like a huge presence, Rejoice could tell her father must have shouted on her mother as usual.

“ Does Daddy think we don’t want to come home?” Rejoice thought silently…

Folabi was happy at the news that they had been shut down in Bribia Island, he wanted more time with Emmanuella.

Sharon was so happy they had to remain in Bribia, She could see Folabi was proving hard to get, but she knew he needed more time.

Henry had been squatting with Xavier. Xavier had heard he was stranded, and was waiting for his father.

Smart couldn’t believe that he was going to be shut down with his wife much longer than the days he had been bearing. He had been surviving the past few days, he couldn’t wait to return to his country and meet his side-chic. He and Seun had not touched each since they got to Bribia Island. They were good at pretending…

4 days later

Rejoice started throwing up…. Her Fever was high… Emmanuella wished she could swap places with her daughter.

“God, I hope my daughter doesn’t have the Virus…!”


To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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