THE TRUE LOVER: Episode 21 – The End

Written by: Rose ? of Sharon

Episode 2?1?

“Sir Alex, ” a nurse called

Alex jerked out of his nap worriedly, “nurse, how is Beloveth ” he asked feeling scared

“you don’t have to worry much sir, the operation was successful ” the nurse said smiling at him

“Really! “Alex exclaimed… “Can I see her now ” he asked feeling anxious

“yes sir ” the nurse said leading the way….

His heart skipped a thousand beats, when he set his eyes on pale Beloveth, his lips went dry when he saw her face and body… Just a day accident she looks like a dead log…

Wiping away his tears, he kssed her palm.. Moving his dry lips on her forehead giving it a sweet juicy kss.. He felt a movement on his hand
“she’s waking up, “he thought starring at her face weakly and worriedly

Beloveth couldn’t open her eyes at once, but actually open it slowly, blinking her eye lashes simultaneously ..

“Alex! ” she called weakly, a drop of tears fell from her eye

“Beloved! ” he called, anyone that see them at that moment, one will think they lost something precious to them

“I thought am going to die, I thought I won’t see — she was cut short when she felt a lips on hers, Alex place his lips on hers, kssing her tearfully, Beloveth could feel his pain, emotions, in the kss… In as much she craving for his lips, but she couldn’t kss him the way she wanted..

Opening her mouth gently for him to gain entrance in her tasteless liquor mouth… Alex kssed her deeply letting his emotions, his emotions took control of his mind, after what seems like forever, he disengaged from the kss..

Starring at her face lovely “how you feeling “Alex asked starring at her face curiously

“am fine, my condition stressed you out, right, ” Beloveth asked

“yes, I was scared, I was loosing my mind.. I won’t lie,, thought I won’t see you again… ” Alex said confessing his fears

“am here, am with you this moment, am going to be with forever, ” Beloveth said sweetly

“it’s fine beloved, am with you today and forever… There’s something I want to tell you, I know it might sound awkward due to how the situation is.. But I think this is the right time I do this “

“do what Alex??” Beloveth said looking straight in his eye, searching for answers, but found none..

“am in love with someone ” Alex said

“(shuttered),, you,, are,, in,, love,,” Beloveth stammered

“yes, am crazily in love with you Belovet,, am,, am,, I — I don’t know how to express my emotion and feelings.. ” Alex confessed…

“you love me!” beloveth exclaim springing up immediately..

“hy!! Hy! Hy!, be careful “Alex cared worriedly

“am fine, but this is a great news for me… I will finally have a boy lover.. “beloveth said closing her eyes dreamily, feeling the sanction…

“I will give you some time to think about it, let me know your reply.. Just hope its positive ” Alex said standing up on his feet..

“are you going, so soon” she pouted

“am not leaving, Just want to check up on Chloe ” Alex said not realising his mistake…

Beloveth heard Chloe’s name, immediately pull off the drip from her hand same goes with the oxygen on her forehead… She stood up her feet but her body failed her… She feel back on her feet weakly… Everthing happen so quickly, Alex didn’t get the chance to stop her silly act.

“take me to Chloe “she screamed, having tears on her face..

“calm down beloved, she’s fine ” Alex pet her calmly

“she’s not Alex,, what the hell happen to her “Beloveth asked shaking her head visibly

Some nurses rush in after Alex pressed the alarm button ,running another drip for Beloveth..

“Alex tell me what happen to Chloe “she asked with a pleading face

“she fainted, due to your state when she rushed you in here ” Alex said…

“sir,, you will have to excuse us, we will call you when we are done here.. ” the nurse said politely

“okay ” was his replied and he left the ward..

Beloveth was given a sedative,, she dozed off seconds after Alex departure..

“tell the press I will like to address the nation tomorrow” Mr derrick said to his assistant..

A call came in on his phone “better half “

“hello sweetheart ” Mr derrick called sweetly


“hy! Honey are you alright “he asked worriedly

“(lost in thought) should I tell him or not “

“Sarah,, “he called emphasizing the word “Sarah “
“it’s nothing much, I just feel like crying “

“ha ha ha, here she comes, always ready to light up my mood, ha ha ha ” Mr derrick burst into a round of laughter..

“did you think it’s funny “she finally let out her tears..

“oh! Geez! Sarah am sorry,, I didn’t mean it that way,, where are you, I wanna come over ” he said picking up his file hurriedly

“don’t — Mrs Sarah was trying to say something when she felt her breath seized ,she couldn’t speak, it’s pointless fighting it.. Mrs Sarah felt her eyes were closing slowly ..

“hy Sarah! Sarah!! “derrick called panicking

“tony! Tony!! Tonyyyy,” he called in anger

“sir, ” his assistant rushed in fear …

“are sick upstairs “Derrick cursed

“sir “Tony asked with a confused feelings

“do you want to retire, is like you are not taking your job seriously… I called your name three times between five seconds “derrick said with gritted teeth, lashing out his anger

“am very sorry sir, “

“get the car ready, have tracked Sarah’s location… “

“tracked madam location for what sir “tony asked still confused

“get the car ready!!! “derrick yell hitting his hand on the table angrily…

“derrick ” Mrs Sarah called, finally found her voice..

“Sarah, calm down,, am coming, did you take your inhaler “derrick asked… He didn’t get a reply only a crashing of objects and other equipment… Derrick could hear how difficult she’s finding it to breath…

“Sarah, hang on.. ” derrick said, having tears on his face.. He rushed out of his office, he almost fell down at stairs….

Everyone at the first floor of his office were starring weirdly at him. Murmuring fill the company..

“what’s wrong with his Excellency ” was the question on everyone mind….

“I can’t loose you Sarah,” derrick thought, sending tony out of the driver seat, he took over and ignited the car, hitting the highway roughly….

I think mrs Sarah is asthmatic… So sad…

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