Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 21

I told my aunt every single thing; everything I could recall that transpired between me and her husband including the fact that Frank knows all about it. By the time I was done; she was almost convinced; all she needed was proof. She asked if I recorded any of my calls with Femi and I told her that my phone doesn’t even have that function.

So what then is my evidence, she was definitely going to ask Frank; he’s my only witness and I just hope he won’t disappoint me.

THE UNFAITHFUL HUSBAND : EPISODE 21 – 30. Thingscouplesdo


Frank’s POV

My mom was in Esther’s room definitely questioning her. I quivered in fear of what my mom’s reaction may be after listening to Esther. There is no doubt that she will believe her after she explains in details what really happened. Their conversation lasted close to an hour; from all indications, Esther didn’t leave anything untouched. She really wanted my mom to know everything.

I tried eavesdropping on their conversation but I couldn’t get to hear anything meaningful.

Finally, my mom left Esther’s room but with a face that read hurt, dolefulness and heartbreak. She sat on the couch in the living room with her hand placed on her cheek; she looked weary and her expression was very downcast.

“Frank” I heard her call.

“Yes” I immediately responded and walked hastily to her.

“You sent for me”

“Sit down” she said placing her hand on a spot just beside her. I sat down and faced her.

“Is anything the matter?” I asked like I didn’t know what was going on.

“Esther gave me some information about your dad which she said you know about. If she is right; then I expect you to understand what I am talking about. So I want you to tell me what you know”

“Mom I have no idea what you’re saying; what exactly are you talking about?” I peered at her with a very puzzled look.

“Are you saying you don’t know if anything has been happening between Esther and your dad?” She asked with a raised eyebrow

From the look of things Esther must have told my mom that I’m aware of what happened; there was no need pretending anymore. The truth was already out.

“Actually I do know”

“What do you know?” She asked just to be sure we were on the same lane.

“About how dad has been pestering Esther for…you know what”

“So she was saying the truth?”


“And you knew all along even before what happened at the hotel?”


“Why then did you not tell me, Frank such a thing has been happening between your dad and your cousin and you couldn’t let me know”

“Mom, I’m sorry” I said “I did it for the family, I didn’t want the both of you to end up getting divorced that was why I refused to let you know”

“Frank you are supposed to inform me, keeping it a secret wouldn’t do any good; rather it would end up causing more havoc. So what if he actually succeeded, what if Esther agreed and it expanded into a relationship? Don’t you know that she would have began disrespecting me and may even succeed in sending me out of my husband’s house”

“Mom I’m very sorry, please forgive me. I never reasoned that things could actually turn out that way”

“There’s nothing to apologise for, afterall the deed has been done. It just surprises me that Femi could do such a thing to me, even though I suspected him I never for once thought that he would be able to carry out such wickedness”

“It’s okay mom, you just have to forget about it and move on with life” I tried consoling her.

“Do you know that this is a sIap on my face; first of all he forced himself on my niece; someone who he ought to take as a daughter and secondly this is someone who I have promised to cater for; to further her education and provide her needs.

Now after giving her family hope for a better future; I’m left with no choice than to send her back to her parents”

“Why?” I asked “she doesn’t have to go back, she can continue living with us”

“So that it would happen again?” My mum immediately replied “Besides; your dad will never agree, infact the bottom line is that she must go because even I may go”

“What do you mean” I asked stunned by her statement.

“Just leave, I need some time alone” my mom said

She stood up and left to her bedroom while I went to my room. If I really understand what my mom’s statement implied that means she intends on going separate ways with my dad. I warned Esther but she only thought about herself; two wrongs can never make a right!


Jennifer’s POV

I just wanted to rest and clear my head. It was just so shocking to imagine that Femi would do such a thing; for him to do such then he definitely had other lovers. No wonder he seldom has sx with me; so even the day he asked me to give Esther some documents to send to him he was just playing me for a fool. Now I know why she came back late that day.

Ah! Femi you don’t have conscience; is that how strong your sxual desire is that even if you want to cheat on me you decided to do it with my niece. You are a ba$tard, Femi a very big one. My emotions were shattered and my heart broken beyond repair; how could a man who I loved and cared for despite his excesses, do such a thing to me.

If not that I don’t take alcohol, I’m sure I would have drank to stupor by now. The pain was just too much for me to bear, I needed to share my problem with someone.

Afterall they say “a problem shared is a problem half solved. I picked up my phone to dial my elder brother’s line. If at all I am to let anyone know then my elder brother should be the first person I should tell.

My elder brother has being the father figure in my family since my dad passed away, he was one of the few people that could give me a suiting advise for my present situation.

Sending him a voice message on Whatsapp would be more suitable, I wouldn’t be able to answer any questions from him talk more of engaging in a conversation. All I wanted to do was to let him know what was happening in my home.

For the first time in my life; I recorded a fifteen minute plus voice message. I took my time to explain everything in details to him, there was no iota of happiness in me but after pouring my heart to him I felt a lot better. I went to bed so that I could just sleep and forget about my problems.



I awoke from my nap, stretched my hands and gave a wide yawn. I looked outside my window and it was almost dark still Femi had not come back home. I would have called him earlier but I didn’t want to talk to him about anything on the phone.

I was still in between thoughts my door opened and Femi walked in.

He entered inside and behaved like he didn’t see me, I was very annoyed by his behavior; I had been out of town for more than a week and he couldn’t even acknowledge my presence. I too refused talking to him hoping he would speak.

Femi pulled off his clothes, had his bath and even changed into new clothes still he acted like I wasn’t even there. He tried preventing him from seeing what he was doing but I was able to see him put some clothes and his toothbrush into his bag. I couldn’t take it anymore; as he was about leaving I finally spoke up.

“Femi where are you going to?” I asked

He immediately paused but he refused giving me an answer.

“Why this silent treatment, Femi I asked you a question; where are you going to?”

“Look, I am not obliged to tell you where I’m going to, so I have no answer to your question” he finally spoke up.

“Femi what do you mean by you are not obliged to tell me where you’re going to? Are you saying your wife isn’t supposed to know your whereabouts” I said sitting upright on my bed

“See I am not ready for any drama this evening, as you can see I am in a hurry”

“Your hurry will wait” I shouted “we have something to discuss and we must handle it before you leave to anywhere”

“Jennifer what is it”

“Femi, Esther told me everything; Femi how could you do this to me”

“So you still went ahead to believe her; I don’t want any trouble so if you know what is good for you, you better don’t mention that issue”

“Femi you wanted to sleep with her by all means; you even wanted to rappe her, Femi you don’t have any atom of conscience”

“Woman you are trying me o, you are trying me. Don’t make me deal with you; it’s like you want to see the other side of me”

“If at all anyone is supposed to raise their voice here then it should be me. Look at you; a fourty-nine year old man forcing himself on a girl of just nineteen years; someone who you are old enough to be a father to and you’re the one shouting. Femi you should be ashamed of yourself, you should…”

Femi landed a very big bIow on my jaw before I could even finish my sentence.

“Since you have refused to respect me you better get ready to leave my house, nonsense!” he said panting heavily. He hung his bag and immediately stormed out of the house.

Tears flooded my eyes and slowly dropped down my cheeks; I placed my hand on my terribly hurting jaw and I wondered how I got married to this man; he was an angel before marriage but after then he turned into something else. I felt pains no word can describe

Now I know why they say the biggest mistake one can make in life is getting married to the wrong person.


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