THIRD PARTY IN MARRIAGE : Episode 11 – The End



Richard: “What happened and where are you going to?” he said without starting the car.

Ophelia: “My parents sent me out of the house” she cried out wiping her face.

Richard: “What? For real? On what ground would they send their only child out of the house?” he said with his eyes popping out of their sockets.

Ophelia: “They watched the video of me proposing to you. The video seem to have gone viral…”

Richard: “Damnit! I told you…I told you this could happen. Do you see it now?”

Ophelia: “I don’t need you putting blames on me now. What I need from you now is your moral support and probably a place to crash at?”

Richard: “Let’s go back and plead with your parents, tell them know you were only being childish and naïve. Tell them we planned the whole thing together so we could get popular?”

Ophelia: “No way! You don’t know my dad. He is a stubborn son of a difficult mother. You should have heard him raging even my mum could say nothing, she just cowered at a corner like a deaf and dumb who had no inkling about what was happening” she said sarcastically.

Richard: “Don’t talk about your parents with such disrespect ma’am. If you don’t respect your parents how will you be able to respect your husband later on?”

Ophelia: “I am just angry dear. I can’t believe they could throw me out by this time of the night. All my dad cares about is his reputation and honour. One will think he is the only Professor in the world. Please can we just get out of here? I am getting scared already”

Richard: ‘Where will you want to go to now? A hotel or my house?”

Ophelia: “Your house will not be bad” she replied strapping on her seat belt.
He sat opposite her in the sitting room eyeing her suspiciously. He wondered why she was at their house with her clothes and feeling so comfortable as if she was at her home. ”She even slept in the same room with my dad. I just dislike this lady with passion” he mused.

Ophelia: “Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked with a smirk on her face.

Sammy: “Why did you come to our house?”

Ophelia: “I am in your house because I am going to be your new mum from now onwards”

Sammy: “You are never going to be my mum because my mum will be back soon. So you should better go back home aunty”

Ophelia: “How did your mother even bring this boy up sef? How can you be so rude to someone who used to be your teacher?”

Sammy: “Well I guess it’s not my mum who failed in teaching me well, it’s you!” he blurted out rudely.
Hell was let loose in the home of the Harrisons when in the morning, Ophelia was nowhere to be found. Obiageli called Gloria to ask if she was there but she replied in the negative and even went further to say she hadn’t heard from her for three days. Prof. Harry kept barking orders in the sitting room, heaping accusations and threats on his wife.

Prof. Harry: “Shameless mother and daughter. How can she leave home without telling anyone in the middle of the night? I know you both planned it together, to spoil my good name in this neighbourhood” he kept fuming.

Obiageli: “Nna anyi take it easy. She could have gone out briefly this morning, besides we all ate dinner together last night and there was no ill-feeling whatsoever between us last night. Maybe she went on her morning workout?”

Prof. Harry: “Why are you acting so dumb? Weren’t you the person who reported to me that some of her clothes were missing too? Do you exercise with a traveling bag on your head? This is the price I have to pay for marrying an illiterate” he said, giving her a look that could send a soldier into hiding.

Obiageli: “What are we g…Premier Naija Inspirational Blog!oing to do now? Heei this girl is trying to send me out of my husband’s house” she started crying.
One of the servants in the house ran into the sitting room with his phone, watching something. He handed it over to the professor who became dumbfounded and speechless.

Obiageli: “What is happening?” she went closer to peep into the phone and what she saw also weakened her legs. She took some steps back and slumped on the floor, crying.

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