TO LIVE FOREVER: Episode 11 – 20

? To Live Forever ?

? Chapter 11?

Written by: Tamara Blair

A week later.

? Claribel’s P.o.v?
“Aww, Jack Frost is so so cute” i squealed making Adrian groan in annoyance.

We were at my house watching Rise of the guardians, it’s a animation movie.

Adrian wanted to watch something scary but i forced him to watch this instead,he has been passing rude comment about the characters in the flim.

“Clary, you do know that Jack Frost is a cartoon character?”

“Yes, I know that,so?”

“You can’t possibly have a crush on someone that isn’t real” he said and i rolled my eyes.

“Jack Frost is real and he lives in my heart”

“You get crazier by the day”He said and i giggled.

“You know,you actually remind me of Jack Frost”I blurted out.


“Yeah,i mean you also have white hair and deep blue eyes like him”

“First of all,my hair color is beach blonde by the way”He said proudly,i just rolled my eyes

“And am nothing like your stupid Jack Frost,am more handsome,even you know that”

“I don’t know anything about you being so ‘handsome’ ”

I did air quotes on handsome.

“Admit it, Clary,you find me super attractive just like the other girls do”

I bursted into laughter making him throw a pillow at me.

“What’s so funny,Miss Johnson?”

“The fact that you think that i find you handsome”

“That’s because you do, Claribel,i catch you staring,am irresistible,babe”

He called me babe,part of me is screaming so loud that he called me babe but the other part is confused on why i was so happy he called me babe.

“You are not irresistible, bonehead” I said and he moved closer,so close that my heart started beating so fast.

We were interrupted by the sound coming from outside,i stood up to check.

“Oh God, it’s my dad,Adrian,you have to leave,now”

“No, am not leaving you here,i won’t let him touch you”

“Adrian, please leave, I can handle him”

“No, Claribel”

“Leave already,He is going to hurt you” i said trying to push him through the back door but he holds my hand.

“Follow me”He whispered in my ears.

“To where?”

“To my house, let’s go now before your father walks something for yourself for once, Claribel”

I smiled at him.

“Let’s go”

We used the back door before my dad could enter,we hopped on Adrian’s bike and zoomed off.
“Let’s go in”He said as we arrived at his house.

I never actually been to Adrian’s house,he just never suggests that i come over.

“Claribel!!”Adrian’s mom beamed as she saw me walk in with Adrian.

“Good day,Aunt”

“You look beautiful as always”


“Mom,I and Claribel will be in my room”Adrian said and he dragged me upstairs before his mom could reply.
? Adrian’s P.o.v?
No one apart from my family has entered my room because i really like my privacy but somehow Claribel makes me do alot of stuff.

“Woah”She said as we entered my room.

“Your room is amazingg”


She walked around my room,she stopped when she got to the shelf.

“Adrian Coleman,you read novels and you didn’t tell me?”

“You didn’t ask”

“The hottest guy in Forcados high school reads novel”She said and started laughing.

“Laugh all you want”

“Am really surprised, you don’t look like the type of person that reads even read novels from Darcy and Heathercliff… they are my favorite authors”

“Me too”

She walked closer to me and folded her arms.

“Wow,Adrian Coleman,you have really blown my mind today” She said and i chuckled

“Oh, please,i blow your mind every day, Claribel Johnson”

? Claribel’s P.o.v?
I can’t believe he reads novels just like i do, Adrian always has this bad boy appearance, who could have known that he actually likes novels.

My eyes caught something scribbled on the wall,it was like a quote.

“She took my hands and led me through the darkness and showed me that to love….”

“Is to live forever” i and Adrian said the last part together

“Why did you write that on the wall?”

“Because it means so much to me”

“Is it like a quote from a novel?”

“No,i wrote that myself”

“It’s Nice”

“Claribel”He called out and moved closer to me.

“You once asked me what do i do that takes me to a different place”

“Yeah but you didn’t tell me”

“Well, it’s drawing,i love to draw so much,i feel like the only way i fully express myself is through drawing”

“Can i see your art book?”


He brought out a book from his reading table and handed it over to me.

I opened it and i saw drawings of different things,it was so beautiful.

Then i saw a drawing of his mom and dad, then of the garden we secretly go to.

“They are all so beautiful”


I placed the book back and i saw another art book.

“Can I see the other art book?”

I tried to reach out to it but he quickly grabbed it.

“,you can’t,this one os really personal to me,so you can’t”


We ended up talking about novels and music and just having fun.
The Next Day.

I was in history class with Shannon, the teacher wasn’t around yet so the class was kind of noisy.

“Why is there an extra chair beside you?”Shannon asked,i turned and there was an extra chair.

“I don’t really know”

Adrian walked into the class with Isaac,he wore a beanie over his head making his hair cover his eye a little,he was so handsome.

He winked at me making me smile so wide,then he walked over to his seat.

“Urrgh,just admit that you like this boy”Shannon said,while i rolled my eyes.

History teacher walked in with the principal.

We all greeted them as they walked in.

“The principal has an announcement to make”

“Good morning, Students,i came here to tell you that you have a new student today,his name is Derek”

Immediately his name was called,he walked in.

He had piercing on his lip and eyebrow,he had a really black hair and deep brown eyes.

He had the real appearance of a bad boy,his eyes never left me as the teacher introduced him to the class.

“Why is he staring at you?”Shannon asked.

“I don’t know but he looks really creepy”

“You can sit beside Claribel”

He walked over to the empty chair and sat down,he winked at me but i quickly looked away.

“Derek,you can choose whoever you want, to show you around the school”

“”I want her” he pointed at me

Holly Molly, The creepy guy chose me but i don’t want to do it.

“Good choice, Claribel is a brilliant student,She will show around school”.

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