By Author @Ayo

Episode 1

Sophia leaned on the chair, and eyed her image facing her. She sighed as she tried to adjust the newly purchased Peruvian wig, that was arm length, she then looked at her dress, it was the latest fashion and style if you were the small b—m type. Empire waist line that’s what the sales lady called it, it was gorgeous. It hugged her body and flowed to her feet. He was going to drool today.

She stood and walked to the standing mirror opposite her bed. She looked at the dark chocolate skinned girl, she was tall for her age and she remembered when she was in primary school, her nickname was chooba, the long thin chocolate sweet loved by her schoolmates.

She had grown but to her dismay in height and her hips. She tried as much as possible to hide her hips, her coursemates often teased her that she was rivaling Kim Kardashian.

She sighed and looked around for the gold wedge sandals, she bought for the occasion. She slipped it on, with a smile as she remembered how she met Gabriel Onaife.
Yes her one and only boyfriend, who held the key to her heart and she had fallen for him during her gce exams.

They met at the centre, he went to accompany a friend who was writing the exams. He was already in his second year and bam it was love at first sight.

Now they had waited long enough, she was done with school, she was waiting for her deployment to NYSC.

He had encouraged her to do her marketing degree at university of Nsukka. And he was ever attentive and helpful. She had introduced him to her parents and friends even her roommates knew him.

He worked in a booming architectural firm and he had a house in Lagos. Well she had come back to Lagos. Thanks to her father’s connection, she knew she was posted here.

Enough school matters, today was their six year anniversary. All her friends envied her, as to how she could get a man who would stick by her all through the years and yet not ask for back payments.

She picked her handbag, as she applied a new coat of lipgloss and blew a kiss to the mirror.

She was going to make this anniversary very memorable, she had gotten a beautiful package for him and when she’d get to his house. She’d make his best food. After all they say the way to a man’s heart is his stomach.

She got out of her room humming happily and went down the stairs after saying goodbye and telling her dad where she was off to.

She went out, the day was beautiful, she would stop at the market to get some more ingredients.

Sophia was overjoyed, when she saw his car. “Good he’s at home, he must be sleeping, they overwork him at that place.” she said, as she entered the living room. She had the key, she went to the kitchen and started cooking. She sang happily, a woman in love.

She decided to wake him up, it was already seven in the evening. She set up the food and some romantic candles. She dimmed the light, humming to herself, she went to his bedroom.
Not even bothering to knock. She opened the door.

Lo and behold, she met Funke, her best friend on top of her boyfriend. She screamed and ran out. Gabriel struggled out of the bed but Funke held him down. He eyed her and wore his trousers hurriedly, Sophia didn’t wait, she walked towards her things. She wasn’t in a right state of mind. She felt like burning his house down, but when she heard him calling her name, she ran out and decided never to come back.

Sophia was a shadow of herself, she was lost, her only hope, her joy, her life it was lost.
She avoided her parents and siblings, she ignored her phone. She was tired and she began contemplating suicide. What was wrong with her? Maybe it was because he believed she was naive since she never allowed him to touch her.

Or maybe the side chicks matter was what kept him from complaining. She sat in her worn out jeans and food stained shirt, she even ignored the emails that her university sent her. She was tired of this life, so this was love.

Hmm. She began sobbing, to put herself in a worse condition, she had been playing adele’s songs on her mp3 till it died.

She began weeping for the player and then she started crying at her foolishness.

She was like that for two weeks, till her friends Georgina and Vanessa, the twins that were her childhood friends came to see her.

Ness was appalled at her state and they began operation “recuperate from breakup”.

They took her out, they went to see movies and advised her to move on and stop moping before the NYSC came.

“Look babe, I know what you need.” Sophia looked at Ness with anxiety, “Relax, just chill and lets get you ready. There’s a new club with free drinks for the ladies.” Ness added with a wink.

“Ness chill ko, ice block ni. You are saying she should go to club 98 in Bariga abi? Eh…” Gina shouted at her twin.

“Shut up, what do you know, baby! For your info, em Dugbs boy is going to perform.” Ness said happily, as the two girls sat up.

Gina was suddenly smiling. ”Why did you not say something eh? And see what I’m wearing. This girl you are evil.” Gina eyed her twin.


They all agreed to go even if it was to see the handsome musician.

Ness was already dressed in a dark blue body con knee length dress. She was typing on her phone furiously as her twin helped her with her makeup.

“Ness which one is it that you are typing and pressing your phone like that, is there a problem.” Gina asked her, as she tried moving her neck to apply the blush.

“Yes oh, they have sent batch B oh, that means tomorrow we have to leave.” Ness said sadly, as she continued typing like she was furious.

“tomorrow? I thought it wasn’t until next week.” Gina dropped her brush and folded her arms across her chest. She was an embodiment of African style and culture. She never went to university after her secondary school, instead to the dismay of her parents. She went to study Fashion and Design in France, then did her intern as a African designer and makeup artiste.

She was now a self employed designer although she still did a part time programme in business and finance.

She was the fairer between herself and Ness. But Ness was the beauty queen, she was light but not like Gina. They both possessed two things that made them stand out.

Firstly was their love for fashion, their craze made the likes of famous celebrities drool. Anyway their parents could afford it, be it Gucci or Dior or Victoria Beckham.

Although now Gina was all for African designs, she travelled whenever she had a break to her design houses in south Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana.

She had contacts almost everywhere she went, she was a hard working girl. And she loved her job.

Secondly was their voice and eyes, many people claimed they had a voice box operation, as if it were possible.

They sounded so seductive even when they were innocent and little. This gave their parents a lot of concern as people always called them aside to get rid of their daughters “bedroom voice”. Then their eyes were strangely cat like, light brown too and people often wondered if they had surgery.

As if surgery could make such eyes.

“Look sit down there. After the party, I have to pack and also call Sophia to stop crying and start packing. She should stop worrying over that tart, Funke and her useless ex. She is still young and beautiful.” Ness said, as she stood abruptly trying to balance on the killer heels she put on.

Gina smirked and said “Sha don’t fall, Miss i want dugbsy boy to notice me.”
Ness stuck out her tongue childishly and started taking selfies.

“hmm selfie queen. Okay oh. I want to go and dress up too oh.”Gina said, as she left her sister who was still taking pictures.

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