Trillionaire Surrogate.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 15

Angela’s POV

-At Night- Same day-

I had been perplexed since morning that I had been in Cynthia’s house. I wish I can leave Jason with the kidnappers so he can learn his lessons.

After all, he chased me out without caring for where I may have gone to. That’s inhumane, those who made him send me are those who couldn’t protect him.

Shame on them all.

At a point, I couldn’t take the perplexity again, I can’t just watch the father of my baby die in the hands of the kidnapper.

I changed into one of Cynthia’s cloth and walked out. I find my way to Jason’s house and I was surprised at what I saw.

I saw Sam and Don drinking at the compound of the house. That wasn’t what I expected.

How in the world can they be drinking happily when the person they are meant to protect is being kidnapped.

I walked up to them angrily. “Really? Where is Jason?”

“Still with the kidnappers, We can not kill ourselves.” Dan said and I felt like knocking him on that small head of his.

“Why are you guys heartless? Why? The person you are suppose to be protecting is in custody of the kidnappers yet you are here drinking.” I scolded angrily.

“Hey! Are you alright? Who are you to scold us? We have been searching for him since morning and haven’t find him. What you have you done?” Sam asked.

“You are asking what I’ve done? Didn’t you make him send me away? You aren’t even aasahmed of yourselves for coming to me to help you. Shame on you.” Sam stood up angrily.

“Don’t let us deal mercilessly with you, pregnant woman?” Sam warned.

“Leave her , Sam. I don’t even understand why she is pained.” Dan said and drank more.

“I’m ready to help.” I said.

“Now , you are talking. We have been able to locate the enemies hideout but the guards there are heavily guarded.” Sam said.

“Indeed. Do you have the map of the place with you?” I asked and Sam signalled to Dan.

Dan stretched the map of the enemy’s hideout on the table and we discussed on how to sneak in.

“I’m scared mhen!” Dan said.

“I hope we don’t die saving this rich kid?” Sam said but I ignored.

After agreeing on how to penetrate the enemy’s hideout for few minutes. “Are we guys ready now?” I asked.

“Sure.” They both nodded.

Dan drove us to the enemies hideout.

We climbed into the fence from the backyard of the house.

“Are you sure this will work?” Sam asked.

“Trust me.” I told them.

“Sam, we can not trust this pregnant woman.” Dan said.

“I’m thinking the same too.” Sam said and he climbed out of the house with Dan leaving me alone there.

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