HEAD BOY – Feathers: Chapter 1 – 10

?Head Boy? Written by Feathers. Prologue! Alice had just had a heartbreak from one of the most handsome boy at school who recently broke up with her. She’s frustrated, dejected and going crazy! Raymond is the Head boy of Kochi college. He’s by far the most brilliant, handsome, wealthy and feared. Female students crushed on … Read more

HAUNTED : Episode 1 – The End

? HAUNTED? Episode 1 By: Feathers Nathan’s Pov: I sang along with the song playing from my headphones which was driving me cr@zy. “Oh….yeah, yeah,yeah. “You’ve got the pum pum pum “You’re just the perfect ride….” I had no idea mum had been calling my name for long. I finally got to know when she … Read more