Trillionaire Surrogate.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 21

Jason’s POV

I sat outside the house restlessly. Anyone can easily get to me and kidnap me now.

My bodyguards had been kidnapped. Angela is not around neither.

I just hope she succeed in bringing back Sam and Dan.

One of my car drove in and Angela stepped down from it. I gave her free access to go out with any of my cars.

I was expecting her to step down with Sam and Dan.

I walked to her restlessly. “Are they dead?” I asked her.

“The security there was very tight, I couldn’t get in.” She said and walked pass me.

I caught up with her. “Hey! Angela, why don’t you risk it? ” I asked.

“Really? You want me to risk my life because of Sam and Dan? Are they not just bodyguars meant to protect you, why are you acting like there is something more?” She asked.

“Common Angela , there is nothing more to this. I trust them and I want them back. They are my body guards, but they are human beings too. Plus I told you they got kidnapped while trying to protect me.” I said.

“I can’t help you Jason, I’m a pregnant woman. You can send someone else.” She said and walked inside.

I was so sad. I guess they will never release both men for any reason.

I picked my phone and called my dad to explain the situations on ground to him and he said I should not worry that he will get them out from the enemies camp.

I walked to Angela’s room.

“How is your baby?” I asked.

“Our baby.” She corrected.

“Okay, how is it?” I asked.

“Doing well, I have few months left to deliver him to you. I will drop the baby with you and will no longer be a burden to you because I will leave. Just accept my baby.” She said.

“Sure, I will accept your baby. ” I said.

I felt so uncomfortable when she said she will be leaving me after she had delivered her baby.

I felt like I need her around me not just because she is a bodyguard but…

I don’t know, I don’t think I will love to see her leave me anymore.

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